Christian Dior POISON perfume review!! My favourite perfume in the world!!

Here is my take on my favourite perfume from my entire collection, Christian Dior Poison!

You can buy the current Poison edt here

You may still find the vintage bottles on Ebay.

Hope you enjoy xx


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Zane Torgane says:

hallo, im here from superdacob! wow, what treasures you have!! Is it possible to see the whole collection on fragrantica? Thanks!

themaskedredbandit says:

I used to wear vintage Poison in eau de cologne version as a very young person (I didn’t realize it was passe then ;)). It was heavenly and got me a lot of compliments. I found the current version quite different and I’m not that fond of it.

Tanja P says:

Amy; I bought Narcisso Rodriiguez for her from & it looks real..the box bottle….but I feel it didn’t smell the same. The smell just stays real floral & when I got a sample downtown it was floral at first…but then would turn real nice on me even a bit sweet & fresh. Do you know if they sell fakes? And were should I buy my perfumes?

gina2190 says:

great review, but also the shape or ridges on bottle is because real poison bottles have those ridges for the blind many years ago ! I’m not sure if that was only UK real poison bottles as I’m not up on that ! my favourite is the dab on version as it’s easier to Control 🙂

Giggra says:

This was my first “expensive” perfume that I purchased with my after school job money. I LOVED it. My parents, boyfriend and friends hated it. I also wore Exclamation! which everyone hated as well. lol

Nisa Baiq says:

I like farpum

Bonnie M says:

Grrrr (that’s Gigi gorgeous for girl) you only have a zillion perfumes. Any chance you will make another review video anytime soon? Don’t hold out on us Amy 😉 It’s just that I enjoy your reviews and am eagerly waiting for another… I hope you’re doing well <3

youtubepoop fan says:

love this fragrance!

xDesRosex says:

I know two lads who wear dior poison and they said it drives women nuts. I totally agree. it suits men slightly better 🙁

DearGenevieve says:

Have you tried Cobra by Al-Rehab? I haven’t, just want to know if its a dupe.

Salete Cembrani says:

My mother loves this perfume.(botle green).
I like too!

Love my family says:

My favourite love it

WinnieThaPoo92 says:

so cool that this is your favorite since you have a massive, wonderful collection – i love this fragrance, so groundbreaking and iconic. loved the view for this video, lovely scenery!

gita85 says:

Amy please make new videos, new additions 😉

environut2001 says:

Yessssss! I love this one. Very poisonous…..

Team Hardcorobic says:

I love it ❤️ I agree with you

lacelailaful says:

I thought you would play the Original AD.The black cat and the guy’s thick heavy French accent.haha

lali azmaiparashvili says:

where are you? where is your video? I miss you

Jabou baa says:

Amy, I like all the poisons except this one. Too strong for me.
I love the red hypnotic poison, the green tendre poisson and the white one.

Annie S says:

my mother had the long bottle during the late 80s and early 90s and i absolutely love this perfume!! your description of this perfume is so apt and eloquent! i have been thinking of getting myself a bottle too but like you said, the current version is not quite the same as the previous version. where did you find the vintage bottle? and i remember even Cobra being very popular at the time, it’s quite nice too!

Salete Cembrani says:

Hi Ami!
This is the my mother!s perfume. She loves it.
I like but I love many perfumes…….

Michelle T says:

Where is Ami????? We demand more videos!!!! It’s a crime to have a collection like yours and stop doing these videos! Bring back your sister for another bling sniffing pleaaaase!
Waiting! Thank you!

Chako Adonis says:

My # 1 in the world…i collect and have 6 vintage Poisons.

one love says:

Amy do you have Instagram?

Mairead Offord says:

I just recently discovered this perfume and it is beautiful!!! I find it very polarizing though hehe. I`m only 21 so I don`t know if I`ll do it justice but I love it and will wear it anyway. Your review was wonderful and I learned a lot about the fragrance! Your voice is very calming and easy to listen to, great video!

Sara SmilesLuvsMakeup says:

hiii, I wanted to come by u r channel and show u some love back! thank u for coming by my channel and showing me some love! my auntie only wears poison♡

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