Cool Water by Davidoff Fragrance / Cologne Review

Presentation: 1:03 | Smell: 1:44 | Rating: 4:58

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A fragrance review / cologne review of Cool Water by Davidoff. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 1.35oz, 2.5oz, 4.2oz and 6.7oz
Concentration: Eau de toilette

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Lucas Lakey says:

They have cool water womens

Samad Gharana says:

my farvt parfumes Davidoff Cool Weter

Ad Hominem says:

It’s one of my favorites since childhood.

lockochoc0 says:

yo Steven thanks for another great review! Could you maybe do a review of Acqua di gio or maybe give a comparison between cool water a di gio .

Matt topcat says:

You’d 100% spell unique in a young crowd in a great water is price per book the best scent ever created

Clarence 007 says:

One of the greatest

Czaruje Sobie says:

I’ve tried it in Douglas and it stinks ;d I thought about buying Green Irish Tweed, but if it’s similar then… no thanks

Scott Babcock says:

I just a bottle of this and on my skil it has a very light and doesn’t project all that well and seem to last like 2 and a half hours, or maybe since it’s such a simple sent I don’t notice it after awhile what do you guys think?

U S. says:

hello just came to watch because, I was wonder if men think of it but it’s all different for everyone. To me it is very irritable to smell and makes me drift away as I wear my husband’s tee shirt,when I miss him. Though to be honest everyone’s skin has a different odor so you can’t speak for all.
Cause my man’s skin that spells so beautiful can’t describe so when he wears cool water the smell makes it so hot! It’s so close as Versace Eau Fraiche. So ever since I found out his fragrance signature secret it makes me feel bananas for him:) So meaningful for me that we’re born on 1988 too”)This is awesome only my man smells unique because he has a very natural sexy skin scent:) Cool water for him. He’s mine. I don’t agree that everyone will smell the same.

tsigr says:

Out of all my fragrances,this is my wifes favorite,hands down.

Varun Rao says:

Thank you sir, for this review. I have been watching your reviews for quite a while now and I must say I really appreciate them.

Davidoff cool water was the first ever cologne I wore and it was a gift given to me by my aunt. No doubt, its an amazing fresh scent and a good compliment getter. I just got my second bottle a couple of weeks back and I am still in love with it.

Thank You.

charlieprince310 says:

is there another aquatic cologne similiar to cool water you recommend. this is my go to cologne but it doesn’t have enough lasting power

Tiny Rick says:

This was actually my first fragrance haha

Plant Boy says:

1:49 smell

Ignacio Salazar says:

I really miss the year this frag came out. This was THE frag to own at the time. It was one of 3 frags I owned. Polo Green, Drakkar, and Cool Water. All of these 3 were definite chic magnets!!! Boy how the times have changed…lol!!!

Archie Phillips says:

This is the second fragrance I ever bought and had to return it. Smells like detergent.

Harvey C. says:

I currently wear this and I was born in 1989. 😉

Seraj Wheda says:

Bought it today i loved it From the first sniff

William Aguirre says:

Steven: i like all your videos; and i think that you are a pro about fragrances; i´m from El Salvador, and here we are 30°-40° celsius in summer; i buy fragrances like nikos sculpture and hanae mori and Boom, super cloying for this weather; headache for sure; do you think that cool water, or cerruti 1881, are ok to use here? thanyou.

Brad Marschall says:

Love it. Have that and eternity and derkar noir

kyriakos says:

why they did not come up with an edp?

omar olivera venegas says:

I dont understand why he says , coolwater is an oldie classic , but now people would prefeer maybe acua di gio . Fuck that ! Acua di gio is even older . i belive was from 1985
And its tottaly different . Smells so tropical and frutty . Like a hawai beach or something . i dont really like it . I prefeer CW …

Sonny Etienne says:

You’re young Steven. 1988, what a year for hip hop.

sf2explus says:

One thing it is not as popular as it used to be so the unique factor is coming back with this. in the 90’s to early 2000 this was over played. still a nice scent. i use floris JF as my alternative but CW still has a place with the salty sea charachter that it has

robhova says:

This was first cologne in the mid 90s my father got a few of them as a gift and passed me a bottle. I got my first girlfriend because of this and my voice. I brought a bottle recently and all those memories starting rushing back to me. It is such a great smell. It doesn’t last long on me so I use it as a air freshener lol. I’m trying to find a fresh aquatic type smell, I have voyage sport, chrome legend, acqua di gio sample which I plan on buying but before I toss 50-60 bucks on that, which of the bvlgari would you recommend.

chrizbie says:

I love this scent, I never had it when I was younger and I just bought a bottle, I do remember it and it is very nostalgic, masculine, clean and fresh all at the same time but yes I’d agree 100% it is very casual and I wouldn’t wear it on a date or even to a job interview, but it’s just a really fun and pleasant fragrance, I’m wearing it all the time at the moment but I’ll provably end up wearing it on sunny breezy days off at the beach during summer, for special occasions I have ysl and for work I have Calvin Klein, works out well

alb furie says:

very accurate review, good job –

Confucius Kong Qui says:

Best review I’ve seen. guy knows what he’s talking about.

Lux Aeterna says:

Pierre Bourdon made most of my favorites. Thanks for the review.

Maxim We says:

I frickin love cool water and because i am 15 the girls around me don‘t necessarily know the scent. For me this is my spring/fall outdoor fragrance because there are better alternatives in summer but for semi-warm weather I adore this fragrance

Matt topcat says:

The only rival I can think of is nautica voyage

Jay Kira says:

Cool Water smells good on me, it will mix with my natural scent. That’s why I love it.

sf2explus says:

i remember someone stole my coolwater from my bag at work it was a sad day for me at 18. back then the 2000 formulation was still not reformulated sad day for me. love cw even though i like git cw has that blue sea scent to it to my nose its closer to erolfa

Raymund Pierce says:

It’s amazing how it doesn’t last long on his skin while in mine, it lasts about 12+hours. Also, this projects much better than my One Million by Paco Rabanne. It just goes to show how fragrances vary on an individual’s body chemistry.

The0to1smell says:

the women’s fragrance is delicious. .and the men never gets old.

Yazeed Titus says:

The Night Dive flanker projects and lasts 8 hours on my skin ……….. Please review

Red Salmon says:

My SOTD! Coworkers say “I smell so good!” I get some of my best compliments from my cheapies than some of my expensive designers. 47 degree day out and i couldnt think of anything better to use for today. I get great projection and longevity with my bottle.

Valium & Flowers says:

I love Cool Water, its a definite classic!Oh what that explains why i love Black Ice air fresheners! Davidiff make lovely cigarettes aswell.

Phrea Spirit says:

I guess the only problem with this one is.. crazy popularity. Other than that, its wonderful. I also absolutely like couple of flankers, including this year’s “Summer Seas”.

Dan Stevens says:

There’s one called “Cool Water: summer seas” .. is that a new one? If so, have you tried it? I do have Cool Water, and it’s awesome! Got it based on your review 🙂 Keep up the great videos Steven!

Lucas Lakey says:

They have cool water womens

LeFrogDog says:

I love cool water and I do hate that its so much of a classic that most know what it is. Do you know any others like cool water? I’m thinking of a “gentleman” smell. Also I notice cool water does not last as long. Hoping for those kind where you randomly walk by me and you get a nice whiff. I have obsession but its not me. Thank you.

Punk rock In the wrong hands says:

Hey man have you tried all of the cool water flankers? I wasn’t aware there are so many. If so, are there any that are worth purchasing just for occasional wear?


how are you not going to smell unique nobody is wearing this

shafi ahmed says:

i heard a lot about davidoff coolwater but purchased one, today i got it as a gift from a friend as he found out i am into fragrances. i found the fragrance good but not as much as the hype. it smells like refreshment wet tissues that you get in the airplane.

Mohammed Zakaria ali says:

Thanx bro

Greg Cunningham says:

I’d rather wear Old Spice than Cool Water.

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