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CREED Aqua Fiorentina The Encore Fragrance/Perfume Review. This scent is for Women of all ages can be worn all year long and smells AMAZING……For all the guys watching this would make a great gift for your Wife/Mother/Girlfriend/Loved one check it out…..I want to Thank Luis once again for taking the time to be in the video your Da Man…….RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE


marc anthony says:

Shut up, al is an very good man, i like him, and him videos, shut the fuck up.!

Juan v says:

hey AL its irrelevant to this vid but i would appreciate yours and anyone elses feed back to my comment>>> i love “d&g the one” but like everyone says, longevity and projection isn’t that great, what is a fragrance that is equivalent if not better to d&g the one without sucky longevity and projection?

Guinea54 says:

I respect these videos. The guys there seem like nice and friendly customer service focused folks. Looks like a cool laid back environment. But almost 300 bucks for a 2.5 oz seems kind of steep for a fruity floral scent. But thats just my opinion, I am sure others probably think i am cheap like brad, or just an idiot lol. Jk brad

curtflirt2 says:

Best advertisement for Creed

ShoGunz1083 says:

who is the girl, whos standing in the background in – nearly – every creed video??

Henry Pacheco says:

can we not take so long to start?

TOP DAWG says:

That stuff is as expensive as Avetus

Daniel Musgrave says:

creed boutique videos are soo great

The Dumb Reach says:

Luis seems like a good man


Yes I’m married

curtflirt2 says:

Creed is very expensive but one thing I will say, when you smell Creed as compared to other regular fragrances, there is a difference and especially if you go to the store and smell Creed Fresh.

Patrikduke says:

Al, your Creed-boutique videos are just AWESOME!!!

Redolessence says:

Fantastic video Al! I love this fragrance. I’m glad to see that it’s getting some attention!

marc anthony says:

More videos in creed boutique al! i like it very much!

indivent says:

LOUIS change your hair part to the left side!

anika t says:

Please do some more reviews like this! Love love love

Eddie says:

He’s married, you asshat.

Aiden Perez says:

Damn, even the way Luis sprays the scents in Boss like. I never though of that. have a look at the following:

Most of us spray exactly as Al did at 04:25 and get a smidge on ourselves, which leads to over spraying as we feel we do not get enough of that lovely juice. 

Luis on the other hand sprays in a sweeping motion at 04:33, thus getting more skin with one spray due to the large area that he is able to spray because of that classy sweeping motion.

Good shit!


curtflirt2 says:

I need to go back there, I miss there.


Thats my niece

k odu says:

Thanks Al for introducing me to the world of parfumes.

crystalmoon81 says:

If you dont mind, I would like to know the fragrances that he recommended…the audio cut off half way through the video. Thanks.

ToonZ91 says:

well I’d offer one man, but you’d probably crush me. lol.

Lord Blackadder says:

Al, just move into the Creed store……you know you want to!!

VirginiaMist says:

Thank You for the video.

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