Creed’s Aventus for Her 30ml–
Creed’s Aventus for Her 75ml–

I was really excited to test out Creed Aventus for Her and try it out for a couple of days. Make sure to check out my video featuring this Creed Perfume Review and let me know what you think.

Do you own Aventus for Her by Creed? Do you think that Aventus for Her is similar to the “iconic” Aventus? Which do you prefer? Aventus or Aventus for Her? Let me know in the comments below.

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Nelson Lim says:

can you do review about Viking by Creed?

1asturiano says:

My wife uses it… a lot more than our wallet would like. She really likes it a lot and her only complaint is longevity issues with different temperatures. But, she loves it and I really love it on her myself. On her skin, none of the notes overpowers the others,. It comes out as beautiful blend. Granted, Aventus for Her probably is not for women that like very feminine fragrances that are super flowery or sweet. My wife likes fairly unusual scents like Amouage Memoir Woman, Amouage Journey Woman and often dables into my Pure Malt and Fahrenheit (for reference points). So, in comparison to those,, Aventus for Her is pretty feminine. I do not believe it is unisex and would not personally use it. Age and personality may also be a factor. She is late 40’s, very assertive and super confident. Hope this helps

dexxhunt says:

Right on Tiff,glad to hear your take on this one.When you dropped your Aventus vids a few weeks ago,I meant to ask if you checked out Aventus for her.Only smelled it once in a perfume shop in Beverley Hills a few months ago.Like you said it did give off a vibe that was totally unisex,many people been saying that as well in their reviews.It didn’t blow me away off the bat,but one thing I learned is never judge a frag off of the opening spray only,or checking something out only once etc. etc.Wanna try it again sometime.I wanted to maybe pick it up for my mom for her b-day,but after I tried it I was good lol.I ended up getting her a 100 ML bottle of Fredrick Malle’s ‘Dries Van Noten’…She LOVES it 🙂 Looking forward to the next shout out Tiff.By the way have you tried Nasomatto’s ‘Narcotic V Parfume’??Random question haha,but I could def see you digging it.Blessed week ahead and beyond fam.Big up/Peace :))

Hardeep Singh says:

Them lips!

TripleOne says:

more Creed videos please!
It’ll be nice if you show us your unboxing of your Creed samples/bottles and show us your first impression 🙂

MrIFARI says:

I got a decant for my wife and she didn’t like it either (‘too much patchouli’)……I personally thought it smelled great on her though…..C’est la vie…..Now I get to try it.

Ari Bloch says:

You are beautiful!
Your reviews are so honest and informative. Please carry on doing what you doing. Xx

ApplesThatRead says:

I really like the concept of the fragrance and the history of the brand itself… but for 400+ dollars it better blow my mind. I want my vag doing somersaults when I wear a 400 dollar fragrance and this doesn’t do it for me. Nothing I’ve personally smelled from Creed is for me, although I do think their men’s fragrances are the Rolls Royce of fragrances. I just happen to prefer a Tesla. I think if you’re looking at that price point as a traditionally feminine woman who isn’t the princess of Denmark or an actual politician… Tom Ford and Kilian have much better alternatives. Plus I love those little cases the Kilian scents come in, I mean hello vanity decor.
Even Anna Wintours had duds (fun fact, she was fired from Bazaar in under a year as editor before she did Vogue)… and for 400+ this is not something I feel the brand should keep permanently.

Your Two Scents says:

Great review and appreciate your honesty… but I am curious what are your favorite perfumes that work for you? Yes, I have received two scents both from my brother and one was a huge compliment to me as a human being (original Egoiste by Chanel) and the other I tried for a year to like because it was a gift and just could not (Le Male).

kimberly murray says:

I was expecting so much more for this. It was a bit too fruity for me. The current scents I’m wearing are byredo gypsy water and bond #9 signature.

Danielle Elise says:

“it’s not quite giving me the flow of fragrance that I normally command” LOL

Sneakersquared says:

while watching i just think youre gorgeous. nice review tho

Kologne says:

Gifts are always good haha. Thanks for sharing!

A Scented Soul says:

I absolutely loooove Aventus for men and was so hyped to try the women’s version….. I’ve used it several times and I’m not a fan. Especially for the price. But Virgin Island Water I’ll pay for a million times over.

Stacy B says:

Never tried this or the original. Will have to have a sniff. It would have to be mind blowing for that price though. lol

Andy Kone says:

my best reviewer as always nice review

James C. Williams says:

You are correct. I own both. A4H is not feminine at all to me.

RyzFragz34 says:

Thanks for your thoughts on this one. I still need to get my nose on this one.

AGentlemansJourney says:

I was never a fan of the original. It smells good but I never understood the hype but to be fair it also didn’t blend well on my skin.

Lex Ellis says:

Ahhhh so this is what the female Aventus is like…I MUST SMELL IT MYSELF!

Ranks Studio says:

Good work buddy, I left you a like and wish you many more. Make more videos. Please check my channel too. I am sure you will like it 🙂

Omega W says:

Haven’t put my nose on aventus for her. Although I do like many from the creed line this one I can wait on. That being said I know what to get you after our one year lol. Ok I’m pushing it but what are the top three or five on your must purchase list?

Lanier Smith says:

Yes I agree that a man can wear it… as I always say, “Wear what you love and not what ‘they’ say you should like”. It is not a sweet young woman’s fragrance. It is tart due to the black current. Chypre fragrances are dry and austere with the rich labdanum and dry masculine oakmoss This is a Chypre Fruity and chypre here is lacking the oakmoss and labdanum that might have made it more interesting. Here the fruit of sweet apple and bitter, dare I say urinous black current are going to fight many skin chemistry makeups. At least in my opinion.
I have smelled it on a woman’s skin and I found it to be rather ho hum.
I really did enjoy your take on this New Creed. Tell me, how was the longevity. I find many Creeds to be short lived on my skin. Oh well! And Yes I too feel the same way about gifted fragrances. Even if I don’t care for them much I can not toss them! And a few have grown on my thanks to that unwillingness to get rid of them. (Some fragrances take time to fully appreciate, like No.5 or Eau D’Hermes. Cheers luv!

XY ZW says:


GEE CEE says:

I had small decant of this and It definitely grew on me. I really liked it and a man can pull it off. It does have a slight DNA of the Men’s version. It does need some time to really dry down. I would definitely get a full bottle, but not at the price they are asking. It is a good fragrance for what it is.

Barjosa31 Blogspot says:

It’s similar to men’s version!

Exotic Scents says:

Hey Tiffany. Thanks for an honest review. I share the same view. I had high hopes. This is a very average release. Not at all blended well for Creed. I did a review on it without watching a single one. And now I can say you are one of the very few who s smelling it right. Thank you. Cheers

saman216 says:

I like your voice

levan beriashvili says:

Is this. A richer version of aventus? I often feel that I need something morein aventus


Great review as always.. If someone bought this for you as a gift how often would you would wear it.

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