Creed Bois Du Portugal Fragrance Cologne Perfume Review!! (1987)

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Ryan D says:

Great review! I love this one, very sophisticated smelling. What you said about the batch codes is interesting – my Neroli Sauvage doesn’t have one either, it’s an older bottle that looks to have been used so maybe it leaked in the past?

Jim R says:

Bois du Portugal is one of my favorites when I’m wanting to spiffy-up and become an old-school gentleman…yet, not smell dated. It’s one of my favorite Creed fragrances and also one of the best for the Fall. Enjoyed the review; spot-on!

Holly Bronwyn says:

I really love this one.
Might just go ahead with this one (or Tabaróme Millésime or Fleurs de Bulgarie ) which would be my 2’nd Full Bottle of Creed. fragrancenet has all three.
The only one I own is Tubereuse Indiana, which is one of my favorite, feminine scents.
TI is such a beautiful, *all* female fragrance.
As is Crown Perfumery Rose. adore them both.
(not that men can’t wear them … I’ve no such prejudice, but you know what I mean.)

Green Valley is another Creed that I love, it’s not discussed much (or wasn’t) when I was active on MUA.
Also loved Himalaya which wasn’t popular at first. That appears to have changed.
Tabaróme Millésime , also fabulous.

When it comes to Creed, I’ve never tried a one and found it to be something I’d dismiss.
It’s a really fine House … frankly, I’d like one of each. 😉 lol! (that’s greedy, just playing.)
The prices hold me back since I far prefer the vintage versions, which isn’t going to happen. lol.

Have never tried Aventus. lol.
Shhh, don’t tell anybody as it may be grounds for dismissal from the Frag Community. 😉

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

Great video. I just got a 30ml decant of BPD. This juice evokes quality, a gentlemen, regal, class, and sophistication. I’m not overly impressed with the performance though.

greg santos says:

so what you think about it

john savvas says:

nice suit Ryan.

eZiO71389 says:

Nice review. Not sure if this is my style. I’m not quite 30 yet lmao

greg santos says:

how many spray you put on this one Ryz

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

Love this juice for work. Do you think it is reminiscent of Lalique pour Homme Leo?

wakenyc says:

Came here to ask if that was a Green Valley I saw and then I read the comments. I’d love to see that and some more vaulted scent reviews. Great channel!

C Demer says:

I love that suit you wear a great review

Ken Durocher says:

Isn’t this like the one Creed fragrance not made by a Creed? I saw it listed as Pierre Bourdon on all the websites

Anitei Vlad says:

Best Creed EVER! thx for the review!

Steve Schroeder says:

Great review! I really like the low key vibe, not loud and bombastic. This is a great review thanks for making it!

He Smells Like Rome says:

Great video Ryan. To be honest this is my favorite Creed besides Virgin Island water. Definitely one of the first fragrances I will pick up in 2017.


I love this one . complex and masterpiece. on my buy list. you will enjoy it more later.

MrSmelly1977 says:

Great review of one of my favourites. Nice boxing day viewing.

waltherP99BG says:

Don’t know why-maybe it’s my skin or body chemistry , but on me Bois Du Portugal is not mature at all-never was.I was wearing it when i was in my mid 20’s , and i’m wearing it now in my mid 30’s and belive it or not it gets me a lot of compliments from younger girls.One more thing-i’m not even wearing it with a suit.
Don’t think women can pull this one off -to me at least that’s a masculine fragrance.

U Smells Good says:

Picked up a sample of this recently and I find it more masculine and refined than the other Creeds, would love to pick up a bottle in 2017. Thanks for reviewing it.

Zero says:

Another good and honest review brother. I received BdP in mid November (2016) and really appreciate the old world smell, hence the current uniqueness of it. Happy Holidays and thank you for the review.

greg santos says:

on point with you creeds Ryz videos

bhaffar says:

Love BDP but I don’t believe their claim of using Mysore sandalwood

lj6583 says:

I really like this one from Creed. Love the old school scent. Brings about great memories. Thanks for the fantastic review, Ryan!

Kologne says:

Great review Ryfragz this is easily one of the best classic fragrance.

Bigwave2003 says:

First let me say I love Bois du Portugal. The combination of woods and spices makes it an excellent choice in autumn and winter if you appreciate classic masculine fragrances. But with Creed there is always the fragrance itself and the “story” about it. Nancy Sinatra, Frank’s daughter, has said that the only fragrance her father wore was Agua Lavanda by Puig, and that he always smelled like lavender from the scent. So did Frank Sinatra ever wear Bois du Portugal? Even Creed doesn’t claim he did. All Creed says is that Bois du Portugal was “created for” him. What does that really mean? They want to imply that Sinatra was a private client. But “created for” also means created with him in mind, or as a tribute to him. If I mix up some essential oils that remind me of Sinatra while playing his music couldn’t I also say my scent was “created for Frank Sinatra”?

Troy Smythe says:

Great review. I decided to make an addition to my Creed collection a few months ago and this was my choice. It’s rich and bright without overwhelming. I find it actually blends well with other fragrances, too. I like it with Guerlain’s Lupin Voyou, a fragrance I alone seem to like lol.

CC33777 says:

Great review.  Bois du Portugal is my favorite fragrance from Creed.  Definitely has a mature masculine vibe, but just smells gorgeous, a classic!

FragCentral says:

Creed’s BDP, a timeless gentleman. I love this one. It’s classic masculine, spicy, and a bit woodsy to me. Great projection and great performance on my skin. Merry Christmas Ryan!

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