Creed Green Irish Tweed Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

Creed Green Irish Tweed Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review


Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Green Irish Tweed from the house of Creed.

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J Kahn says:

GIT gets me more compliments than any other fragrance I own. It dwarfs Aventus and SMW when it comes to unsolicited compliments.

Serge Rabaev says:

Lol you read my mind
I just thought about getting it
The armaf one is good but I think GIT is better .
What do u think bro?

Apollo says:

Other than Aventus the only other Creed I want to try and maybe get is Himalaya.

yoga pangestu says:

Ppl in my town spray git on a dead guy.
They ruined it.

blinked025 says:

To me it is exactly like cool water but with better ingredients. Do not like it personally, but really digging these short reviews.

Taiger M. says:

Yo can you make a video on the difference between eau de parfum & eau de toilette . And what you think is better. Will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

verge5384 says:

I love it and it definitely garners me plenty of compliments

Derrick Palmer says:

My favorite Creed

Ali Zakat says:

Aventus and green irish tweed best fragrance ever

MrShird says:

For whatever reason GIT works better on my skin in the fall/winter months. But it’s a classic! Great reviews BBB! Keep bringing them my brother!

Rudolph Leake says:

We back Aggaaaiiiinnnnn!! Salute BBB!!!

noah stump says:


Likki Likki says:


Joey Rey says:

I’ll pass on this one

D. M. GAMBLE says:

This one is a banger .. first creed I ever tried was Aventus followed by Viking then silver mountain water next this and I must say this is up there with SMW if not betta. Maybe this is 3rd but SMW 1st then Aventus then this. Well Aventus numero uno depending on the day… BBB KEEP with the bangers plz.

E U says:

Where you finding this for $150-160?

Shaf Serious says:

Do a review on Bleu de channel


Your intro is whack son…. too many damn B’s

Tdpowers24 says:


Alex Gumbrell says:

Green Irish Tweed is a Creed I can get behind! My very first 120 ml bottle (RIP to those bottle sizes) and certainly one that I absolutely LOVE! I mean, what’s not to love? It is a great green, fresh scent that overall has that very manly, very sophisticated, very regal smell. You can’t go wrong with this one fellas. As BBB said, worth the price even going the retail route, which I have gone for all the Creed’s I own. I own about 5 bottles of Creed fragrance. I am happy I heard your take on this one BBB, I’d love to hear your take on Creed’s Bois Du Portugal if you own it!

Jesus Verdugo says:

Whats the song name?

Buck Junkie says:

Have you done a video on Tom Ford Grey Vetiver? I finally bought a bottle of the edp. Instantly moved to my top 10. Smooth, clean, class in a bottle.

miggs80 says:

Not a fan of GIT personally. Just smells like Cool Water and nothing more. I’m not buying Creed’s description about the “walk in the Irish countrywide” either lol. I enjoy your channel and your reviews though and I think you’re really good at it.

dachucktaylor1 says:

Green irish tweed is my shit!!

marlonious76 says:

I like Creed Vetiver better than GIT. My VIW is the one women walk up to me and hump the air.

Tired of Fools says:

Can’t go wrong with Creed GIT. Love the dry down.

Brandon Kollaja says:

Cool Water for them broke boys like me.

1ce0maticPlays says:

Love the review !! <3 I'm a broke ass student so i got cool water instead......I've smelled GIT and personally love the scent, I just don't got the mula to blow on this :/ Any chance you'll review Molecule 01?

Icedout churchin says:

Can you review B*MEN?

Paintersly says:

Better than all other Creed’s for me, much more compliments from the ladies.

Calvin W. says:

Personally hate this fragrance, the grass just turns me off. My favorite creed would be virgin island water

illcombustion93 says:

My 1st Creed i purchased

Love Incorporated says:

Honestly, I think GIT is overhyped. I like Original Vetiver more.

Roland Cook says:

Big beard B….can you do a review on Creed original santal. Thinking about purchasing and value your opinion. Thanks

Denny Mishler says:

If you bought it online for a discount, it’s almost certainly fake. It’s one of the highest end fragrances on the market…they’re not going to mark it down to sell it on a website.

JohnSmith says:

All i get is grass

Turkeyy Man says:

GIT is the shit!

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