Creed Green Irish Tweed | Perfect Fragrance | REVIEW + 30ml GIVEAWAY

I Bought mine at Amazon for $155
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Davi Conty says:

I got lots of compliments wearing GIT.

Real Dawg says:

Great review! U are the man when it comes to colognes

RC Jackson says:

Hey Carlos, I’ve never had the experience of wearing GIT, but do own Erolfa in which I love, so I think I might have to try GIT, keep up the good work.

Nick Alli says:

Love git but my favorite is silver mountain water. Can’t help but respect all creeds tho.

Joseph B. Davis says:

Great fragrance. A masterpiece for sure.
could you please let me in the contest.

Wael Abdellatif says:

great review ..hope i can buy it someday

Mohamad attar says:

GIT is the best ever…
Thanks CARLOS…
WE all love you in Lebanon…BEIRUT…
We believe in you and we like your sense of humor…
God bless you…

Emilio Oliveira Cruz says:

GIT is a must have in any collection Wonderful fragrance.

JFlagle says:

I’ve always loved this fragrance. It just makes me feel perfectly content.

jack rynczak says:

love GIT timeless like you said

toobalkain says:

I’ll take it.

Fragrance Bros. says:

It’s alright. 😀 lol.

Darren De la Pena says:

Another great vid Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, keep doing your thing.

I first bought Green Irish Tweed as a blind buy about a year ago. Going on all the great things I heard I knew this would be worth every penny. I sat down for a coffee in the mall and decided to give it a test. I sprayed twice behind the ears.

I asked the waitress for the bill, as she came over she took my payment the said “you smell really nice”.I knew from that point this fragrance really did live up to the hype.

Then I made my way down the escalator an elderly lady behind me said “hmmmm, somebody smells nice” it had been 5 minutes and I had 2 compliments, THEN! to top it all, I’m standing behind a couple at the ATM machine and the girl turns around, her eyes widened and her nostrils flared, although she did not say anything I knew what she was thinking, I’ve never experienced anything like that from a fragrance before in quick succession.

Ever since then GIT has never failed to get me compliments, and thats when I turned into a frag head.

Troy Smythe says:

Carlos how many sprays do you use of GIT? I love it, too.

Dustin Gaspard says:

GIT I think is the most versatile fragrance around. Still strong unlike some of Creed’s other offerings. Smooth..crowd pleasing goodness. Great review Carlos.

Gmax says:

Hi! Does GIT really come with different neck/sprayer/atomizer? All I’m seeing at Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus is the one with tall neck however the one I bought online is the same with what you have. No offense but is it authentic?

Julio Morales says:

Please count me in. I love GIT.

RammerRank says:

Boy Carlos you are truly late to the party.

richard rohloff says:

Mine is being delivered tomorrow. It’s the only high end niche I have or will buy a bottle of.

Zest West says:

GIT is my second favorite Creed behind SMW.

Kolo Kolo says:

I’ve never tried it 🙁 …

Shaf Serious says:

Im getting the decant!!!!!

Gerson Rodriguez says:

My favorite Creed is GIT. The perfect scent to my nose.

Nicky T says:

i get tons of compliments with GIT, I think the drydown is the best part.

psychoboyhelicoidal says:

I´m starting to love GIT , and I was of those who though that cool water could play that role in any time.. damn!! haha

5ive 6ix says:

Great review

Jonathan Hicks says:

I love this fragrance. It does smell simular to cool water but not as good.

Wagner Oliveira says:

Great video Carlos. I never tried GIT. shame on me.

Timothy Robertson says:

My favorite is Aventus but GIT is a staple in my collection.

George Williams says:

Hey Carlos I love GIT it’s definitely one of the best Creed.

Ruud Peeters says:

I have both Aventus and Green Irish Tweed, but I always come back to GIT. Both fragrances are amazing though.

Paramedica SP says:

The bottle is the most beautiful that creed ever made.

Monique Oliver says:

Great review. I would love to participate because I never tried this fragrance.


hi i like this fragrance better than aventus

Kadu Alves says:

I would love to participate in the contest. I never tried this house.

Alberto Gonzalez says:

Carlos, I had to jump a few of your videos because I want to be in this generous giveaway. I will still catch up on your videos but I would like to include myself in your giveaway. Unfortunately, I don’t own any Creed bottles yet, however, I have sampled Green Irish Tweed and here is my assessment. Instant love at first smell. ❤️ definitely reminds me of fresh spring living out in the country in the middle of nowhere. The opening blast is very rich, elegant, simplicity, clean, sharp. Creed did a magnificent job in creating the juice of GIT. It literally makes you want to lay down on the fresh cut green grass all day long with the smell of the beautiful nature of spring surrounded by trees and leaves. A place, I think, we all want to be at some point in our lives. Green Irish Tweed, a wonderful and supreme fragrance.

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