Creed Green Irish Tweed Re-review! Best fragrance ever?

An updated review on perhaps my favorite scent. It shan’t be flapped.
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The Scentinel says:

Daver, i absolutely agree that Aventus wont be as timeless as GIT. Even a great scent like Bois du Portugal (1987) has dated a little. If anything, i think GIT is having a little resurgence. Great review as always.

CC33777 says:

Great video, Green Irish Tweed is indeed a classic fragrance. It’s amazing how many great fragrances Creed produces.  Have you reviewed Creed’s Vetiver Geranium from their Acqua Originale line?  Vetiver Geranium is another beautiful fresh fragrance for spring and summer.

yakitoriPB says:

geez these numbnut trolls don’t even give a crap about frags. idiots.

going to spray on some GIT

Jeff Loflin says:

Nice Job guys!! Just received a bottle of Armaf Tres Nuit..bought the clone train hype. Reaction to first spray…..Thumbs Down..Its not GIT…So tried a second time and I have the same reaction. Armaf is certainly in the ballpark, but in my opinion not that close. Its GIT or nothing. Apparently Aventus is much easier to clone.

Sener S says:

Has it ever been reformulated?

chriseqisaeqmoi says:

Thanks so much. I like the concept of re-reviews of anything, but especially a classic like this

Ruud Peeters says:

I don’t really get the people stating this is an ‘dad’s fragrance’. It’s fresh, light and green, and to me, that has nothing to do with age (I’m 27). Fragrances, to me, are how you feel or want to feel. Every time I spray it on, I just feel re-energized and ‘ready-to-go’! Out of my collection, this is probably also the most inoffensive fragrance. It’s safe to use in every occasion (the office, after sport, dinners, formal meetings, etc.).

Yes, it’s expensive, but the quality is unmatched and you will notice that it’s nothing like Cool Water once you tried out both. It smells great, the quality is superb and the compliments are many, but you just have to decide for yourself if it would be an addition to your current fragrance collection and if you’re willing to pay this amount of money for perfume.

If the answer to both questions is YES, congratulations, you just bought one of the best fragrances around! 🙂

Nick S says:

I feel like I’m missing something with this one… I’ve worn it in very late Winter and early Spring and I’m just not getting it! Maybe more one for late Spring and Summer? PS I adore Aventus, there’s just nothing quite like it out there.

Beauty Meow says:

I really LOVE GIT! I smelled this for pretty much close to my entire adult life, and I have always loved it!

Bre Positive says:

I bought a sample. Not sure how it should smell or if the sample is authentic. Puts me in the mind state of Old Spice or Brut; something my grandfather would use as aftershave in the late 80’s. Not satisfied with this fragrance

Tribal Khan says:

Bro please make a video of expensive smelling fragrances.

Matthew Ackerley says:

Review Ambre Nuit! It’s being slept on big time!

Red Salmon says:

I wore this on a cool Fall day when I had it! Couldn’t have picked a better scent for the cool wet weather.  Fresh and clean.  Its the only Creed I would repurchase.  I love Aventus but I dig Insurrection Pure II which for me is the closest to mighty Aventus.

FragranceConsultant says:

And the lord sayeth unto them “Thou shalt not flap the GIT”.

Dyler Turden says:

This one has a pretty strong dad vibe thing going on. Which is fine if you’re a dad, but I think I’ll stick with Aventus.

Derek Greene says:

Sheesh!!!! All the dislikes!!! I love Green Irish tweed, it’s a mainstay in my collection. I had people come on to me just for this scent including gay men (not that I’m gay or even have a problem with them) but I always wear this in the warm weather. God bless you and Fragboy Stewie

Shadi says:

GIT is one of my favorite fragrances. I try to hold off until Spring but I just can’t. I wear it year round. It’s that good

Jim R says:

Green Irish Tweed may be the best fragrance ever created in the history of perfume. It was at the top of the list when it was released in 1985, at the top of the list in 2015, and it will still be at the top of the list in 2045 and beyond…unless future generations get eve more stupid. LOL! Enjoyed the re-review of this Iconic scent.

sorooshusa says:

am i the only one who doesnt really like Aventus? it smells so casual. Maybe ive just developed a positive biased towards designer. for example gucci intense oud, versace oud noir, D&G the one roayl night, l’homme ultime, and specially Dior Homme Intense and Parfum. I mean these scents just scream class, money, style, modernism, etc. I feel like someone who is wearing Creed scents smell like old times almost medival ages. not saying its a bad thing, im just saying I dont like to smell like old times. I like to smell like tomorrow, future. I wanna smell like I have a 3000 dollar armani suit at home that im not wearing tonight. I wanna smell like i just stepped out of a brand new luxury car. I wanna smell like I am the face model for armani, gucci, versace, whatvere and im in this night club and i own half of the place. you know. nothing like mobster 1920s. something modern. idk its hard to explain.
for example i dont like DIor Sauvage because it smells like sand sanitizer really. but i like Bleu De Chanel because it makes me think someone who got rich in his 20s or 30s would wear this with a nice fitted suit who takes care of business. D&G The One smells like someone who is willing to take a bullet for his loved ones. nice warm safe and soothing. Creeds smell like my grandma just pulled out a bottle of vintage substance from her old wooden safe that has been passed down to her since centuries ago. not really appealing nowadays. to me that is. I dont want people to assume i live with my old deceased grandies. YES thats what Creed smells like to me. a morg. where they store dead people but keep them fragrant to prevent any odor build up. just like old days where there were no actual sewage system but they had to keep the city smelling well.

King Metta says:

I totally agree with you Dave. crazy compliments with GIT. I think I prefer it to Aventus as well even though Aventus gets more compliments

270Crunchy says:

Waaarrrr Eagle….Dave I knew there was a reason I liked you…lol Great review!

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

I don’t know what to think about GIT and other Creeds. I’m really disappointed with the house. I own 4 bottles, which I brought from a reputable source. While I enjoy their fragrances, they underperform. Their longevity and projection are pathetic. I feel like I’ve wasted $. What are your thoughts

David Childers says:

With Creed, there is Green Irish Tweed, and Aventus, and everything else.

lj6583 says:

One of my favorites! Absolutely, love this scent and I wear it year round. Thanks Dave & Sai for the review!!!

Juniorverse says:

I’m beginning to think “sillage” and “projection” mean different things now than they did 10 years ago. In the 80’s and 90’s my cologne (Farenheit, Egoiste Platinum etc) would enter a room before i did – THAT’S “projection”! Now, it seems the PC police have destroyed colognes as well – as to not offend anyone. Every superstar juice from back then has been “neutered” down to a shell of what they once were. My clothes smelled of Farenheit a WEEK after wearing it (yes, 7 days later – that’s how strong it once was) until it was washed off in the washing machine. Now, i’m lucky to smell it at the end of the day.
I just bought a bottle of GIT at Bergdorf’s in NYC (to be sure i got the real deal) and disappointed doesn’t begin to describe my GIT experience.
At first spray, it’s nice and “strong”. But on my skin, i can smell it around me for about 1 – 1&1/2 hours. After that it’s strictly a skin scent. 3 – 4 hours in, it’s gone. Which i’m seeing is the new trend – load up the juice with strong top notes to hook a sale at the counter then backfill with weak junk in the middle and bottom to charge the most for the weakest juice.
$425 for glorified eau de cologne strength juice? I have $25 – $50 colognes that out perform this overpriced hype in every way (Joop!, Bulgari etc). But, as the trend of watering down once mighty juices with REAL sillage & projection continues, i should have known better.
Don’t believe the hype, save your $$$ and buy Cool Water.

Rodolfo Bejar says:

Loved the review and totally love the green monster. IMHO you both guys were very cautious about not over hyping this one cuz easily it’s a 15 out of 10! Kudos lol!

hooman irani says:

I would say La nuit de homme !

Ryan Yoder says:

This is my personal 2nd favorite scent but with Coolwater being so close and it being a fraction of the cost I’ll always only have a decant and never have a full bottle…. I do sadly enough receive more compliments with Coolwater

DiseaseOfYourMind says:

And how is the longevity and sillage on Armaf Tres Nuit?

Dee Kuz says:

I agree its one of the best scents ever produced. I get beast mode with GIT. 12+ hours. Cheers:)

namo730 says:

I love GIT the best from Creed DONE 🙂 great review man it made me happy 😉

Abdul Kahar says:

Boss frag!

ForeverFragrantKid says:

This frag is just not my thing. I can’t get on board. I understand the popularity of it if you’re into this style of fragrance though.

I still tune in for a great review and collab though. 🙂 Thanks Daver and Sai!

Deven Longden says:

Hey Daver, Can you review Layton by Parfums de marly? I think you’ll like it! I love it.

drewski5150 says:

I respect this fragrance. Whether I like it or not is another matter. To my nose, it’s very average. I wish I could join the fragcomm in their effusive praise on this, but no, sorry. Still, huge respect for staying relevant after all this time.

Henry Moulds says:

Love this scent, GIT is actually one step up from Aventus which I also love. Both scents are fresh and clean. To my nose both of these scents will shine year round. Also years back have worn Cool Water many times and to me know way does it have similarities to GIT. GIT is a much better fragrance than Cool Water in every aspect!!!

David A. Quiroa says:

The depth of GIT is profound and rich which gives it a luscious effect, simply gorgeous . I have Cool Water too and side by side there is a world of a difference.

beefcurtainz69 says:

Very good idea to re-review! As far as the cool water issue, a lot of ppl make very good points, like you can’t knock off points to git for not being unique because it is so similar to cool water. It should be the other way around if anything. Considering git was 1985.

Aldo Cipriotti says:

Solid review. GIT was the very first niche fragrance I purchased about 2 years ago when I got the bug to start a small collection. That is also when I stumbled onto frag channels on YouTube. Channels like this and several others have been very helpful and just fun to listen to. Anyway I’ve been wearing GIT all week. Love this stuff

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