Creed Viking Fragrance Review | Is It Worth It? | Is It Good?

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Hey everyone! Today we’re looking at one of the most anticipated fragrances over the past year, Creed Viking. Is Viking better than Aventus or Green Irish Tweed? We’ll touch on that. Creed Viking is on the very expensive side of things ($495 for a 3.3 oz bottle), so it has to be amazing to be worth it. Let me know what you think about Creed Viking if you’ve smelled it.

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RyzFragz34 says:

Great review man!!

Mike Sousa says:

Great review man. You put on some muscle too holy fuck

Bodie Broadus says:

Retail prices are for chumps.

SeniorEng says:

I really enjoy your review and hope to continuo your videos with a short period between them

Baer17 says:

Just too expensive for me

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

I wonder if this will be a let down simply based on the amount of pre-release hype it received. I think maybe a lot of people (myself included) were expecting something earth shattering like when King A came out. Maybe an unfair expectation on my part.
I went to the creed counter at the department store this weekend and all she had was the small scented tile. Said they’re getting bottles in October and will likely sell out quickly.
No way I am paying 5 large. For this (or any fragrance for that matter)
Great seeing you back.

Keith Montgomery says:

I got a sample and on my skin I get a lot of mint and very little if any rose. I’m going to need some time to decide where it place on my hierarchy of Creed fragrances.

Serg S says:

Welcome back! Still waiting on the sample(s) to show up..

J-ROYL says:

Putting on sizeeeee

david d says:

welcome back, great review and u have been pumping up. awesome. keep it up.

Tony Montana says:

Welcome back Ashton, I would like to buy decants of some fragrances I have in mind. Can you send me the information. Thanks

Julius tims says:

Gettin swoll fucker!!!

tommy karoutsos says:

This smells great. I get the pink peppercorn and the spices. I think it’s great. As far as the price, most colognes aren’t worth the price.

Gabriel gaciu says:

Got my sample today and it’s a huge huge huge fail smells like toothpaste mixed with spice and seawater

Joseph Thomas says:

When I went to sign up for a sample, they were out of stock, but was put on waiting list, so don’t know if I’ll get one or not

Cologne Conscience says:

Maybe a haircut

Biz Kindred says:

Glad to see you’re back bro! My sample of this is in the mail 🙂

Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

So it’s a damp squid… and they’re asking 400$ for this… what a joke

Marvin Leach says:

Dayum dude! U look swole… gym taking up all ur video making time…lol! Good work

Todd Smith says:

Is it a modern take on old spice? The bottle art and now many scent descriptions have me curious about that?

christopher jones says:

i think the entire concept is a bit cheesy. “VIKING” is just a lame ass name for a fragrance. Naming a fragrance anything like that(soldier, warrior, etc) is corny. This year is flooded with corny names man. “stronger with you” ” beach hut man” lol

Kurt Baker says:

Well…after you suggested using decants on “high ratings” (99% plus) at Ebay I got a small decant of Millesime Imperial…. I like it a LOT!…Thanks for the decant suggestion!…That definitely minimizes the “blind buys”…Thanks!

Eric Dunthorne says:

I was debating whether or not to watch yet another Creed Viking review because this is probably the eighth one that I have seen. Can you explain how they decide on a name because the fragrance in no way reminds me of a vikings?

CascadeScents says:

Missed ya, fam. Great take as always! =]

I am with ya too though. While it’s a welcome, mature addition to the Creed lineup, it’s a hard ask at MSRP for the new bottle sizes. #OhWell 😛

Scott Piper says:

Roids! Roids! Roids! Just fucking with you! Nice gains bro. Fuck legs.

Kip Diskin says:

Sounds like they tried to make a refined version of the original Shulton Old Spice.

guitarphil11 says:

Does it compare to Royal Oud at all, and which do you perfer?

Savy Voeung says:

Good to see u bud

Jay Roth says:

did you become an aerobics instructor?

Jean -Luc says:

Miss your “This week in fragrance” news broadcasts.

tom clyce says:

Fine job sir

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Glad to see you back Ashton! 😀

Xuan Cong Nguyen says:

Welcome back man

Smelly Vision Productions says:

A sample like everyone else on earth

Not if in the UK lol I’ve just asked creed why this is .

Wastavo Molinaro says:

Excellent video Ashton and welcome back dude! Miss your Sundays videos, you need to get that going on, I need my discount codes lol!
So going back to the fragrance I already requested a sample but according to you looks like this one is good but not a 450 dollars good. Great review and keep them coming.

Jeff Denham says:

Bro do more 80s fragrance reviews. And you should also do 90s ones. Plenty of gems from that era while you dress up like a Baywatch lifeguard or something. How about Fahrenheit then vs the reformulation you get today for 80s and there’s a million 90s ones you could do

AGentlemansJourney says:

I am looking to trying this out when I head to NYC in a few months.

Shahid Khalil says:

Good to see you back man.

Rafael Balarezo says:

Hahaha the closing of your review was the cherry on top!! Great review Ashton!! Im glad to see you back my friend, As Spice and Wood is my favorite Creed Yes I have to buy Viking, Definitely Viking and Elysium will be the next Love and Hate on the community. Thanks for sharing.

Nick Zee says:

Great review, thanks!

tpietropaolo01 says:

Shits wack.. bottle is beautiful that’s bout it.

JahReviews says:

Damn the reviews aren’t that good.. Seems like an expensive fragrance that doesn’t cut much above the average mark

Tal says:

Making a top 10 creeds list is not really an achievement, for me at least. And at that ridiculous price and in that kitschy bottle – no way in hell. Thanks for sharing your take, Ash!

Nicky T says:

Getting my bottle tomorrow but judging from the sample it’s amazing stuff. Smells like a fiery spice and wood but more contemporary .

pandora p says:

The best thing about your review on Viking is that I will not feel so bad on not being able to test it and buy it sooner. That may be your last pre-release sample from Creed ha ha.

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