Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne | Fragrance Review

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ForeverYoung says:

this is probably my biggest compliment getter, ever. this one is hard to over apply because its somewhat transparent.. for what it is, high quality. this is the 90s version of Ck Eternity. Thats what the lavender and citrus reminds me of.

porkchop express says:

08:20 LOL nirvana & all that grunge shit was the worst thing about the 90’s…

Ike Does Stuff says:

What happened to your Brother?

Mobilesquad22 2 says:

Mine was 80$ wth

theprzmostfin3zt says:

One of the best colonge for men smell good

Kid Jay says:

What’s that orange thing on the top of the cologne bottle coz mine has it to, just wondering if it’s to stop as much coming out or what someone inform me

dracdoc says:

Youll have to find it online most likely

Jay Ford says:

I used to love Curve. Great vid !

TheBatman777 says:

In middle school i was more of a Mambo guy. I hated Curve. I like the black and light blue versions though. Now i hate all Liz Claiborne. Lol

Club Soda says:

where did you get that cool glass display case??@dracdoc

dylan5590 says:

shiiiiiiiittt, should have ask them to rate it w/o them knowing what it was. I too wore curve since back in 2004 and right before I stopped wearing it in 2011 just because I wanted to try different things I was still getting compliments on that original curve scent.

Shawn Postal says:

I still like this colonge I gotten so many compliments wearing this back in the day every once in awhile still wear have this in my collection so many memories

dracdoc says:

Finally I just did..but I just did. CAn’t believe I did not before

dracdoc says:


Yudah El says:

Curve been around forever, whenever u smell it you know exactly what it is

James M says:

Is there any scents similar to the original Lacoste red that lasts longer any suggestions?

U M says:

Where can I find Dior Homme Intense? I previously search at Macy and Sephora and was unsuccessful.

Carlos Sosa says:

what can you tell me about claiborne for men and claiborne sport 

Simplymatt937 says:

I use to love curve back in my high school days, but can’t stand the smell of it now. My girlfriend’s mother bought me a bottle for Xmas and it is still in the gift box behind the dresser.

thebransnipeD says:

this is the best cologne i have used, but i have used only a handful of colognes. i had one girl at the gas station say its like hormones in a bottle, some girl i worked with would always mention the smell, etc. i wont switch.

Uncle Pepe says:

This smells more like alcohol now

Rico Baca says:

My brother wore this back in the day. It stank.

Tj haze says:

well crush but I just remembered the black bottle so…yeah

Zeltoid says:

I wish this cologne was priced a little higher it’s really a unique scent.

jakc3d says:

What is the best cologne to wear around winter? Also, what other fragrances would you personally recommend in general? Do you happen to know of any cologne that smells like soap?

Marcus Brown says:

Curve is my all time favorite will always keep a bottle of it.

So Ronery says:

This scent smells better in the air; not up close.

Rashad Sims says:

how about curve appeal does it stay on for a long time and can u get compliments

Step Smith says:

$5 where at

Todd Swetcoff says:

Don’t forget your tim9 code.

Lion Heart says:

What do you think about “Candies Men” ? that was my favorite from Liz Claiborne’s fragrance line

Webster Kollie says:

every girl ex probably worn this, wouldn’t recommend it.

The Last Sifu says:

Your ratings are always on the low side. I’ve worn a lot of colognes, and I always go back to Curve because I’ve never had as many compliments on anything else. Women love it, and that’s really the point. 4 out of 10? When considering the affordability also, it’s 10 out of 10.

Levar Staples says:

I might go back to it, that was the first cologne I ever had

Jesika Russell says:

I looooooooooove curve it smells amazing

Zak L. says:

How many sprays should I use for this and where should I put x amount of sprays?

Miles Davis says:

Love the “throwback” reference!

Phantom Bison says:

WTF? Every single time I wear this I get compliments from women on it. I’ll take that over someone’s opinion off a piece of paper any day of the week.


Great review

Redolessence says:

Another excellent review, Cody!

Cuban Legend says:

Who’s signature scent wasn’t curve lol. This was the ultimate wingman back then. girls went crazy for this

Dice562 says:

Every dude in the hood smelled like curve back in the day and I was one of em. I didn’t wear the original like most cats did tho, I wore curve crush.

parker hoffer says:

Fuck yeah my dude

Tj haze says:

I searched for curve black…I got what I asked for

Danthony Thomas says:

Dude looking like Randy Jackson from American Idol lol

Louis-Philippe Noel says:

women goes banana over this one! bought a bottle last week lol! still a classic!

lindsey607 says:

have you reviewed curve black?

Bawel Pendiam says:

i am looking these perfumes, unfortunately they can’t shipping it to indonesia hiks

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