Davidoff Cool Water | 80s Fragrance Reviews | A Return To The Arcade

Hey everyone! I’m back with another 80s fragrance review. This time we’re doing things a little bit differently and featuring a retro arcade with the fragrance. Davidoff Cool Water is one of the biggest fragrances of all time and it bears similarities to one of my favorite fragrances ever, Creed Green Irish Tweed. Cool Water has been a best seller for decades, and if you know fragrances you’ve definitely smelled it at some point in time.

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Brandon Fragrances says:

Coolwater to me,despite being synthetic i would give it at least a 9 outta 10

Albert Wesker says:

Hell nah. That intro was funny

Lion Heart says:

Sick Intro Dude

Ralph Sanchez says:

Have you tried HOT Water by Davidoff, Seen it on NOTINO

Chinh Bui says:

Nice intro music!

Scott Wilbur says:

Flashback! Bally Capt. Fantastic and Tetris were my addiction. I’ve still got a bottle of this from the Dark Ages as well. Thanks for the memories!

Edward van Berkum says:

I love all those 80s posters! But I love everything from the 80s, it just my time! Awesome! Cool water is still a good fragrance. Not unique but still cool 🙂

Man LikeSally says:

Keep the intro homie reminds me of Lex haha

Djuan Boone says:

Love that 80s intro

Cj Hooks says:

This or Tres nuit?

xHibachi24x says:

Holy crap, that intro was dope as hell! Really appreciate the editing ya put into your channel Ashton.

Max Nova says:

Very cool video indeed, and a nice trip down memory lane: hot summer days by the seaside, strong whiffs of Cool Water in the air and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEz1BVeGO2o

Sia Hanson says:

I still love Cool Water! Brings back many good memories with this one

Tobias Mober says:

That intro is dope!!! Cool water was my growing up fragrance. My first ever. I like it today but i loooove GIT always. Great video.

Lex Ellis says:

Ahhh! Medieval Madness! such a fucking INCREDIBLE game. I also noticed some of the pinball machines have been outfitted with ColorDMD displays too, that’s one amazing arcade! :O

Amir Pi says:

Thx for the review Ashton!!cheers

ScentSense says:

I am old…. lol so old

Smooth says:

I careless if it’s even from the early 1800s I love this men cologne and well never change it for anything specially with all the amazing compliments I get from girls how lovely I smell..!

Bruno Giambroni says:

The Simpsons AND Killer Instinct?!?! Dope

MrMatt C says:

I’ve killed a few bottles of it , used to be my favorite a few years ago , now I wear it maybe once a year

1928flash says:

“Relics from the eighties”…..that makes me ancient then 🙁 Thanks for the review. Have to say 15 sprays was going light in those days  🙂

Berkhan says:

Love the 80s synth sound man

YoutubeJJ says:

Great review…Im glad I was alive in the 80s

James Crockett says:

Will always remind me of my Dad, he used to wear it all the way from 1990-2005

Saller Raczmanikow says:

next Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels plsssssssss

necker says:

The 80’s review intro effects and music are EPIC! Yet another bodacious review!

Red Salmon says:

My SOTD! GIT is one of my favorite Creed’s and the only Creed that I will repurchase.  Cool Water is a solid cheapie.  I also have Chez Bond but have used up the last of my GIT last year.  Was wearing green long sleeve for work this morning and grabbed this for work.

Bruno Giambroni says:

Man, that should just be your regular intro music. On the heels of that Stranger Things 80s nostalgia

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