Diesel Green Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Hey friends! Technically this one is discontinued, but it isn’t in “Gone But Not Forgotten” status. This is available as of now for super cheap on some of the online discounters, but that’s for a reason. As always thanks for watching and like/comment/subscribe!

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Eric Dunthorne says:

I’m pretty sure the bottle is supposed to resemble an old grease gun that mechanics used to use.

Euler says:

Cerruti Image has a similar spray mechanism.

I really enjoy your videos, thanks.

King Metta says:

I actually have the vintage bottle that isn’t transparent

Oscar Perez says:

Thanks..I smell so good.Been meaning to grab it.Damn it always sold out on Fragrance.net.Not payin retail…

Joe N says:

Props to you for shedding light on these overlooked scents. Nice to see something different even if they aren’t the best scents.

Michael Sanchez says:

Unique bottle.

YungGBone124127134 says:

what cologne does this smell like??

Patrick Echevarria says:

Never liked any Diesel frags. They all have tacky bottle designs. Tried and tested a lot at Kohls where there are a lot of the flankers being sold,none suited my liking even the Diesel Fuel For Life where many fragheads seems to like.Not just for me.You are right,maybe this was created with the high schools being the targeted market. Pass.

Mark Ayres says:

Neat sprayer. I’ve never heard of this one.

MrMatt C says:

i knew you where going to give it a bad review

Mark Ayres says:

I like the bottle. It is unique and interesting.

carlos casillas says:

nice video,something different,lol, mosquito repellent bottle.

Oscar Perez says:

Heard that..never do

mike acord says:

Don’t know this one.  Sorta dig the bottle though.  Very retro!

Des420 says:

Oil can. A play on diesel oil. This cologne is the best ever. One of these things is not true.

Oscar Perez says:

Yeah def for the younger dudes.Got Diesel plus plus..aint bad.Sotd..Encre Noir..gloomy,cold day here in Chi-town.

Bob Ono says:

Lol. Thank u A.

xXxrootxXx says:

Damn son ole school,never tried tho,this looks like weird windex bottle, had a bottle of diesel plus plus masculine got it for a fiver,wasnt horrible,also i have diesel otb tattoo grabbed for cheap its not too bad for younger crowd, really fruity and has sweet shisha tobacco note ,definitely bologna cologny woulda loved this if i was a teen still 🙂

Chris Schmidt says:

Another great review, what a strange bottle.

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