Dunhill Icon Racing | Cologne/Fragrance/Perfume REVIEW

My take on Dunhill’s latest release from late last year (2017). Dunhill Icon Racing pays homage to the vintage British speedsters in the famous British Racing Green…This fragrance is the epitome of freedom, refreshing and youthful scent.

Have you tried this scent? What are your thoughts on this and on the house of Dunhill? Comment below.


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javy8229 says:

Great review! Legit site and how was shipping?

ifishares says:

The Icon line is very solid. Great review!

xlnt_17 says:

Dunhill Icon Racing is a BEAST! Bye Bye 2018 Invictus Aqua.

Kingdom Athlete says:

Never smelled any of the icon line, as a matter a fact all I’ve smelled is desire I think it is called.

John Wen says:

Not gonna buy this one , try it , just another J channel flanker hipe , this is totally for average joe’s day dreaming , BTW i know this is hard in ur massive collection , but I would like to know ur most unforgettable flirting compliment experience in ur whole fragrance journey list, ur professional taste is much worth our time than that Model in scene hipe train. tks Max forti

Chris says:

Those ICON bottles must look really nice all lined up on a shelf

TheChazas says:

Jeremy did a video and one girl liked it that means hype? maybe when everyone else goes after the video to make a video. Nothing new, nothing unique, nothing to hype, while original is miles better in every way.
For me, it is really similar to GIT and Tres Nuit just sweeter and bubblegumy with a minty touch, while having a really good performance.

TheAsadali19 says:

Awesome vid

Walt Pollock says:

I ordered from Perfume Click like 15 days ago and still haven’t gotten even a notification from USPS that they’ve received it
It’s pretty pathetic and their customer service is atrocious

Buck says:

Doesn’t Perfume-Click sell fakes? Surprised they’d be selling a brand new fragrance that just came to the US at half the price…

Gregory Alston says:

Literally walking out of Nieman now and I’m not impressed…

Mark Mark says:

Damn everyone ordering this
I ordered mine two days ago
Great minds can feel the next best thing !!
I’m new in the frag game I’m glad a boss youtuber is on the same train I am. I knew it felt right

Just Add Light says:

Max, check out Zara’s Teahupoo (2018). It’s an excellent inexpensive clone of Invictus Aqua 2016 and probably a better alternative than Icon Racing. I’m definitely a fan of the original Icon, with that peppery grape neroli, but it almost seems that perfume houses have lost control of the flanker phenomenon. Next up will probably be Icon Intense or Noir or something :S. So long as there is quality, I’m not really fussed. Appreciate the review.

chris malone says:

it really good last a long time. Super easy to wear.

Serg S says:

I like the original so must check this one out.

Atlanta Artist says:

Everyone reviewer keeps saying this is hard to find, but I’ve seen it on shelf at my local Nordstrom for quite a while now. Should I buy several of them and resell them if people are having that hard of a time finding it?

Ozzy says:

I smelled this before all the hype and i thought wow this one is under the radar but not anymore. It deserves the hype a great scent

Tommy Moore says:

Good review Max. I have the original Icon. Can’t wait for warmer weather. Looking forward to trying this one as well. Peace and be well my friend ✌

Fat Boy says:

I feel like the original Icon is more like by the Frag community because it’s different not “generic” sorta thing whereas the Racing is Dunhill’s “mass pleasing” scent in the Sauvage Dylan Blue Invictus Aqua all those but I feel Racing is different to those. I’ve smelled it 4 or 5 times now and am impressed every time I really enjoy it will absolutely pick up a full bottle its great and I feel if you’re not too worried about it being in that mass pleasing class it’s a safe blind buy. Can’t see somebody disliking it. Honestly I’m impressed excellent scent

Bart Diaz says:

I used to have a bottle of Dunhill red I think I bought it in 2010 it was a red bottle that looked a lot like a whiskey flask not too different from the CH men Prive bottle. It Was such a unique and refreshing scent. It was on the sweet side but I can’t really tell you what the notes are because it’s been awhile since I’ve smelled the fragrance and I don’t really remember.
so I’m excited to hear that Dunhill is making a comeback

jeff smallwood says:

All I’ve got to say is that I received around 30 compliments in two days from my students!! They all loved it!! Definitely a winner for the $$!!

Moedub216 says:

I’m becoming a big fan of the Icon Collection. I own Icon, Absolute, and Elite. Heading to my local Nordstrom to try Racing!!

Sardar Slick says:

#first 😛

Edwien Gusmantara says:

Is it because of Jeremy Fragrance reference? LOL.

Sunny Pon says:

You said that it lasted 8 hours. How many sprays are you putting on?

Le PotatOverlord says:

how azzaro chriome compares to this?

Adam Sandoval says:

For me personally it even smells a lot like the new 2018 Invictus Aqua and it also smells like Ultra Male with a hint of Dylan Blue. I did blind buy it, but for me personally I love Dunhill Icon more, as its more unique. Definitely a crowd pleaser though, great video Max and love the take on this from you.

richard rohloff says:

Waiting forever for delivery from perfume click but excited to add to to my icon collection (own the other 3)

Jeremy Hinze says:

Great video I personally love the original icon and once its more widely available in canada I will more than likley pick this up also.

Mike Ward says:

Thank you Max Forti, I wonder in comparison how this would hold up to Hawas by Rasasi? Maybe a comparison review on old Invictus Aqua, new Invictus Aqua and Hawas and Icon. Bring on the battle Max Forti!!

Talha Ansari says:

People need to stop riding the Jeremy train just cuz he likes something doesn’t mean it’s a must buy

Neal Francis says:

It’s nowhere near as good as the original icon

Northern Gardening says:

Thanks Max…I wrote it down to put in an order. Looking toward to using it!

Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

Terrible performance ..not more than one hour……

Rayshawn David says:

Definitely a amazing scent but the price is to high right now but if they want the clone of this try Armaf hunter intense

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