Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bvlgari Fragrance/Cologne Review (1992)

Timeline : 1:18 Presentation * 6:40 Scent * 17:00 Final Take * 22:01 Is it for you? * 22:45 Rating System

Bvlgari’s first fragrance and Mr. Ellena’s first real showing of what he truly wanted to show the fragrance world what he could do.


wagsbass says:

there is vid of Chandler Burr talking about this perfume, very interesting.

mohamed hamza says:

That is a good video. Thanks

Guinea54 says:

Great review


my bottle has some japanese writing on the back of the bottle — i check the batch number and it’s from 2002

Joy Amin says:

im impressed.ill definitely try it. great matching shirt for the review 😉 btw how is that blv in your collection?do you like it?does it perform?

Dark Realist says:

There’s an eau de parfum concentration of Thé Vert, I might look into that

Quadrillion aire says:

cool shirt

Shadi says:

Marc, this is one of your best reviews. Never smelled this one but your enthusiasm makes me want to get it! Keep it up, man.


What a great review. I really enjoyed it. Great content. Thank you

Pierre Gaston says:

Wow man, just wow. This just proves to me that you’re the best fragrance reviewer here in Youtube. Fahrenheit is my all-time favorite scent and wow, good thing Dior changed their decision overnight lol. Thanks for the history.

L8bro says:

Wow what a supreme monster review. Thanks! I love Eau Thé Blanc on my wife, but have never sniffed ETV.

MsLordStorm says:

For men too ?

max diesel says:

Westin Hotels uses Bvlgari White Tea. Vert is a great subtle fragrance!

WildDoveX says:

So interesting about the history of the Bvl Eau Parfumee Au The Vert and composition of the green tea note.

Rainman says:

I thought this was Eau de Parfur again.

Redolessence says:

Fantastic review, Marc! Thank you for sharing the wonderful backstory behind this one!

jazz girl says:


Felipe Ramone says:

Great review! I’ll look at this fragrance with a different point of view now (for better!). Greetings from Brazil!

Neil4Speed says:

I really like this fragrance. It takes me back to staying at the Manhattan Four Seasons back in 2009. Just an immediately calming fragrance.

sabina khatoon says:

How mach

Southsidemayor says:

So do you recommend this, or the concentree version?

WildDoveX says:

I like the original, along with its bath and body line, but it was reformulated c. 2009 like so many other fragrances including the Extreme version. At that point, both went south for me, artistry destroyed, overwhelming basenotes including that awful cheap sandalwood that can take over a fragrance.  It may have been reformulated still again later, but I haven’t checked out the current offering lately.  Bvl Au The Bleu has a very similar feel as the The Vert, and the original herbaceous spices.  The The Vert Extreme used to have oakmoss in the base and was a fan favorite among women and men alike, but most recent reviews are so bad that I suspect the original Extreme was destroyed almost beyond recognition.

kysteelworker says:

Not that it matters much, but Is just it me or is the sticker on the bottle crooked?

Mike M says:

I think Au the Rouge is the best from the line. I think the one you have is the older version. Sadly it’s been reformulated, better looking bottle but worse smell.

IceKake2 says:

Hey Marc, you stay true to your style and thats a good thing. The fragcom doesnt need 10 of the same reviewing style. Keep it up man!

Cornflake81 says:

Marc, if you like this you might also like By Kilian’s Bamboo Harmony. Bought it for my girlfriend, she quite enjoys it.

Joe Smith says:

smelled clean & of high quality, but a bit too boring for me to own

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