ECO PERFUME REVIEWS/ ft. Ojai Wild, Goop, and Riddle Oil

I hope you enjoy this perfume chat, it’s been a while!
Here are the time stamps for your convenience:
Some housekeeping: 00:00-3:54
100% natural perfume reviews: 3:55-16:56
Mixed Media perfumes reviews: 16:57-30:50

Products mentioned:
-*Perfumera Curandera Cielo:
-*Ojai Wild Chamomile Flowers:
-*Providence Perfume Co Lemon Liada:
-Goop Edition 03:
-*Skylar Capri:
-*Riddle Oil Perfume Sample Kit:

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A.A.P.M says:

I absolutely love riddle oil scents! They are the perfumes I wear. I bought samples last year and I am still using them. Of course I also don’t use perfumes on a daily basis. But I really love santal, original, Sphinx and ex , I like poppy but I don’t feel I gravitate to it as much as the ones I named. It is really hard for me to transfer to clean perfumes bc I just don’t enjoy the scents as much so I settled with riddle oils and I’m absolutely love them

Linda C says:

So happy to see a perfume video ! I’ve tried the sample packs from Ojai Wild & Acorelle & they just disappear on me . I do like OW Redwood Leaves & Juniper Berry, but , they last only a few minutes . I’ve tried all the scents from Skylar & they all have this musky undertone that just doesn’t work with my chemistry . I know that OW are colognes , so , I guess lasting power is very short lived . I see that Providence Perfumes are edps . I might try them . I remember watching your Potion video a few months ago . I never got around to trying anything . $90 for 5 ml is super expensive . I see you can only choose from a list for the custom samples pack . I wish you would be able to pick what you want . Thank you for this video Trish!

4shehadeh says:

Thank you for the reviews Trish. I loved Etheral by Josh Rosebrook but sadly they don’t make it anymore! I will try some of your recommendations. Can you recommend a colon for men?

Jillian Lauren Lisitano says:

Hi Trish, wonderful informative vid, thank you! I have been following you all along but school is back on and I am so busy. Introducing these fragrances was eye opening. I am out of the fragrance loop these days. Skylar fragrances just aren’t for me, too pedestrian… Is that the proper choice of words? That just seem average at best. I would prefer just going all the way an purchase a commercial brand that I adore. I am interested in the other choices you mentioned. Ojai Wild seems too woodsy, at least their original four. I have been tempted by Pink Peppercorn though. Over the years, when purchasing commercial brands, I have been a fan of L’air du temps, the original Chloe, Anais Anais, the original Sonia Rykiel fragrant, 7 Sens ,no longer available, it was like no other, strange, intoxicating and divine. Givenchy Gentleman, Vetiver and Habit Rouge from Guerlain, Hermes Vert, the original Miss Dior, #5, Diorissimo, Annik Goutal’s, Hadrian and Eau de Camille, Aqua de Parma, and last and my final Dept. Store fragrance, the original Bottega Veneta fragrance. Oh, and Sandlewood, Musc and Patchouli and Rose oils, back in the day… Wow, that was a trip down memory lane, as are fragrances, always bringing me back to a time and place when they anointed my body, mind and spirit. Thank you for bringing back to where my fragrance journey began. Love your living room, the new lighting and your hair! ox

dk albright says:

Besides skincare, I am addicted to fragrance. Didn’t you do fragrance videos? I’m completely out of colognes. I stay away from mainstream/mall crap cuz they *all* smell the same. I am into the niche brands or independent ones. I’ve been looking at Arabian/Oud brand which I love. Plus I sample from Luckyscent. I love leathery/boozy/animalic scents myself.
Thanks Trish for this vid!… Oh, I recommended some brands to CJ.

Jillian Ayer says:

One of my first natural perfumes was the original scent by Riddle oil. It always amazed me how many strangers would stop me to see what I was wearing when I was wearing it. They are very generous with their samples as well!

The new ring light is giving you a beautiful old Hollywood glow.

dk albright says:

Thanks Trish. I’m writing down a long list to sample. Here in Pennsylvania fall is here. Cold weather seems to be when I want want to wear fragrances, especially my heavy scents. I love my oud. Animalic, dirty, leather, amber, spicy. Oddly of late on other YT vlogs, I’m making comments but they aren’t showing up but I know because I’ll get that like/love notification. So don’t know.

jen hen says:

Love your videos! I am interested in switching to natural perfumes but find that they do not last on me (the ones I have tried so far have lasted maybe an hour or so on my skin). I love sweet, strong scents and would love to know if you have any recommendations?

A Loomis says:

I’ve been using and loving Hindu honeysuckle by Providence. I plan on having my husband get me Cielo for Xmas

My Life_Wendy says:

Hi Trish!!! I loved this review on these beautiful fragrances! having the baby around I much prefer natural fragrances and you gave me some to look at!! Have a Great Weekend!! Hugs my Friend!!

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