Ex Nihilo Perfumes First Impressions

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Ex Nihilo Perfumes First Impressions

These are my first impressions of the Ex Nihilo Perfumes house which is based out of Paris, France. I picked up samples from Ex Nihilo in Paris last two trips to Paris and have been meaning to put up a video for their fragrances. This time I discuss and offer my first impressions of 5 Ex Nihilo perfumes. Those 5 Ex Nihilo perfumes are Cologne 352, Bois d’Hiver, Jasmin Fauve, Rose Hubris and Oud Vendome. 5 excellent releases from a very new perfume house. Very niche, very Parisian. I recommend this house!!

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Jean-Pierre De Vent says:

I just tried Jasmin Faux here in Ghent (old Post building on the Korenmarkt at the entrance, they have Creed there too) and it smelled not a bit artificial, very flowery and classy, perhaps a bit sultry nostalgic but so definitely nothing there of a “dirty jasmin” smell at all. Even now at home I can still smell it. It’s unisex so I informed for the prices which seemed not indicated anywhere but they were actually on the back of the boxes and all what they have there is really more expensive than in ordinary perfumeries but on the other hand this is Eau de parfum. I tried only three things but this was the strongest.

Alejandro Vespa says:

Yes, let me know if you need Ex Nihilo samples.

Scent Sessions with Christopher EL says:

Thanks for the review. I received my samples today! Right now the Vetiver Moloko is in 1st place! with Oud Vendome in a close 2nd. The Oud Vendome smells almost identical to Bois D’Oud

Ginny Giniver says:

Would love to check this collection Sebastian. I’m off to New York for the holidays so I hope to sample. Thanks for the video as always.

Alejandro Vespa says:

I can send you samples and more info if you want (Ex Nihilo)

dexxhunt says:

Good video bro.I been intrigued by this house since I discovered them at Scent bar here in LA awhile back.One thing that caught my eye about this house is the superb quality of their compositions.Agreed on the Oud Wood comparison with Bois d’ Hiver.Pity too cause I really wanted to buy it,but since I own Oud Wood,I decided not to pick it up(for now at least lol)one thing that bugs is having two frags with striking resemblance.Have you tried Ex Nihilo’s ‘Vetiver Moloko’?It has striking resemblance to Creed’s ‘Royal Mayfair’ as well.Right on man…Bless up/Peace

Michael Greene says:

thanks for the video sebastian i’m curious about this brand…

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