Fragrance Review – Creed Green Irish Tweed

Timeless masterpiece. Elegant & classic.

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Marcus P says:

In your opinion, do you think Green Irish Tweed is better than Aventus?

Danny Policelli says:

Hi Kevin I bought GIT on tonight for a great discount. How does that website discount Creed so steeply? I also own Aventus and SMW and I bought both at Saks at no discount. Thanks for the heads up on

Mario Duncan says:

Great video I love green irsh tweed

by Kevin Samuels says:

No problem. That’s the reason I do this.

Derrick Palmer says:

Great piece boss, I’ve been following you for about a month so I just go through all your old reviews. I love this scent I’m wearing it today it is a must have. You mentioned a scent from bond no 9 chez, I keep telling people how good it smells and I get funny looks thanks for the confirmation. Keep up the great work

N/a N/A says:

thanks to the IFRA standards perfume houses losing their ballls to green irish tweed is now as of february 2017 a watered down version of what it used to be it actually last half as long also. there is a basenote missing too. so long git it was nice knowing how beautifull you were. we have entered dangerous times. i feel bad for those that will never experience what the real perfumes such as git were. boycott fake perfumes buy illegal perfumes when you can those will be the gems. by the way this is all going on quietly i am here to warn you all. save your money

Phrea Spirit says:

1995?) Overall a really nice review, thanks!

Scott Armstead El says:

Thanks Kevin, extremely informative content your channel offers, different from anything I have reviewed on YouTube! Green Irish Tweed was my introduction into the world of niche.

Shaf Serious says:

Big man frag! Love this.

MrSmelly1977 says:

Haven’t watched this yet. Just saw it and paused it as I have to go out. But looking forward to seeing your take on this as soon as I’m done with my run!!!! Great channel.

fabio john says:

well dressed brother.God Bless.

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

I don’t know what to think about GIT and other Creeds. I’m really disappointed with the house. I own 4 bottles, which I brought from a reputable source. While I enjoy their fragrances, they underperform. Their longevity and projection are pathetic. I feel like I’ve wasted $. What are your thoughts

Jaysin5506 says:

How the hell did you tie your tie like that??

Bruce Neuman says:

the “go to fragrance” whenever you need to impress

Radford Healsworth says:

That was a horrible James Bond impression horrible

MrCalverino says:


Modalsoul says:

Never smelled it , I’m just not a fan of fresh scents or aquatics, I’m more into creamy florals , orientals, dark and spicy fragrances. Good informative video though.

MrCalverino says:

“OH SHIT!!!”

Mr Purser says:

The house of creed is a one trick pony…that pony is Green Irish Tweed, my signature scent along with Taylor’s of old Bond Street bodywash, been a happy customer since 1998 because of that wonderful combo scent.

MLargeKC 7/7/15 says:

Love your reviews man

Aaron Davis says:

Good reviewer. Subscribed.

killerdemo says:

thank you for the content. im learning about style and life lessons.

by Kevin Samuels says:

Good to hear. Did you subscribe and send this to several friends. If not, please do.

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