Fragrance Review – Most Complimented Men’s Fragrance

Making a list of most complimented fragrances is never an easy ask, yet here is my list nonetheless.

In no particular order, becuase that would have been more insane, here we go.

1. New York Oud
2. Aventus
3. Green Irish Tweed
4. Grey Vetiver
5. Florentine Iris
6. Dior Homme Intense
7. Pure Malt
8. Dunhill Icon
9. Jo Malone Dark Amber Ginger Lily
10. Burberry London
11. Mont Blanc Individuel

Honorable Mentions
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
Thierry Mugler Mugler Cologne
Escentric Molecule Escentric 02

Please watch: “Top 15 Summer Fragrances | Sephora Summer List | GIVEAWAY”


Firdaus Yusof says:

you said your most complimented was club de nuit intense in 2016….??

Genesis barbour says:

Great review!

Cornbread says:

Outstanding! subscribed.

Tru Dat says:

You have great style. Your suits are dope. Where do you buy them? Peace

Rami Matar says:

Kevin, you always look great, but when you wear a black suit.. oh lord, just unfair.
PERFECT fit, the accessories, wow. As Aaron Marino would say, “not even fair to other dudes”.

Big E Z says:

Good video

Justin Reily says:

Holy shit, I was shocked when you said you were 47! I would’ve thought you were maybe in your early 30s.

Rob Whiff says:

absolutely great list your taste…a men you could havd not said it better about Aventus , it the compliment master and the only one the gets my mother wife and kids on their toes when i wear it….

William D'Alexander says:

Hello,, can you recommend three or four men’s fragrences that ARE NOT floral….. keep in mind I’m a grown man of 46,,, and I don’t want to smell like a 25 year old…… for a reference, I like spice, fruity and vanilla scents……… NO FLORAL…… thank you,,, I ask you cause we’re about the same age and I respect your opinion……

Timothy Wilson says:


Is there a place online that you would recommend buying fragrances?

BOOTSontheGROUND says:

how do you not have 100k

Chris Calderon says:

It would help if you showed the colognes

chaichana says:

I’m a woman and I just wanted to say, you have soo much class and style! Agree that the ladies like Aventus. Cheers!

Romeo Numberone says:

Nice video but would have been better if you showed the bottles and names. Nice attempt but no cigar.

Tim Wilson says:

Kevin, what season does Dior Homme Intense work best in? Does it make a good office scent?

artemis fowl says:

gotdamn, with that suit you’re like the black tom ford. had to subscribe

FalconsZone6 says:

Great vid bro. Gotta check out some of your recommendations!!!!!

smackroscoe says:

It would greatly help if you could post a pic of the bottle in question. I remember bottles more than names of fragrances. Thank you for considering.

homeaway0 says:

If you show the bottles it would be more attractive

Martin Moore says:

Elegant sophistication! Oh, that applies to the fragrances also. I have a few of them and aspire to others. Thanks. M

Nomo 4u says:

I’m surprised Dior sauvage didn’t make the list lol i always get compliments on that particular fragrance.

Cha da Novelist says:

Hey Kev, I caught the train to bond yesterday to pick up a bottle of harrods agarwood. But when I went inside the lady hit me with a touch of Chez bond and I’m hooked. What’s another good bond fragrance. They’re running a special now and I want to get anther bottle.

Ritankar Sasmal says:

looking sharp in that suit! compliments from a fashion designer 🙂

Nara Casimiro says:

Where are the bottle ?

Chris Stephenson says:

Great taste in scents sir. The suit is tailored well. Would be a good move to actually show the colognes for visual effect & keep the viewers really engaged. Even if you don’t have a physical bottle you can edit the images in. Keep up the good work & an open mind for constructive feedback bro.

Joshie B. says:

Dope outfit. Out of curiosity where do you apply your cologne and how many sprays. Subscribed!

Bohr King says:

Great video, Kevin:)
Would you review the parfum “Boudicca Wode (2014)” from Escentric Molecules?
I’m wondering what you think of it.
It has a raw Opium accord, Black Hemlock and Saffron.

Frank Katsaros says:

Another classy video, bro. Happy New Year, all the best in 2017!

All Man says:

Man you look in great shape at 47 im a bit irresponsible with my diets please can you list some foods a man in his 30s and 40s shouldn’t eat.

Calvin Haskins says:

Hey Kevin nice list, question have you tried kilian fragrance

Twin Turbo says:

I think the all time panty dropper, going out on dates fragrance for men is Aqua Di Gio.. I first baught it when it came out 20 years ago and knew then it was the one women would like and I guess now it’s the all time best selling men’s cologne. The other greats are Eternity by Calvin Klein and Armani Code (original).

Alot of the colognes are really just variations of each other because they use the same basenotes, e.g. some people say Creed Green Iriish Tweed smells the same as Davidoff’s Coolwater, they share similar base notes.

George Costin DOBRIN says:

Why are you wearing the tie bar and the vest? Isn’t it futile?

Firdaus Yusof says:

subscribed brother. Why is armaf club de nuit intense not in here? haha

Lone Rider says:

I also think a lot of your compliments come from the fact your a sharp dressed good looking guy, dress like tramp and wear those fragrances and nothing will happen, good video by the way

GentleGuy says:

Great video as always but it would be nicer if you blend in the name of the fragrances and the place it makes the video more structured

Kologne says:

Enjoyed. Great video.

bnilo says:

Great style!! Very well done! Just subscribed. Just bought me some Aventus last week….definitely a compliment getter 🙂

Onurdegifitness says:

how are you 47 years?? You look fricking 27??

Besto Tom says:

Tomford black orchid vs escentric molecules by molecule 01?

Jamar79 says:

nice video had GIT but didn’t last long on my skin. Chez Bond projects like a beast on my skin

Christhopher Smith says:

Great Video my brother subscribed

silent sir says:

I think this guy works at Neiman Marcus

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