Fragrance Review – New Release – Dunhill Icon Racing 1st Impressions

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Ben Champion says:

Crap was hoping this was gonna be a powerhouse inspired frag esp with the racing motif. Sounds like another generic snoozefest. Like you I love the original. Cheers

Steve H says:

I need to get my nose on this new flanker. From the reviews I have seen it appears the females appreciate the smell better then the guys do. Maybe this will be another sauvage generic smelling goodie.

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review.. I can’t say I am a big fan of the original icon.. i liked it at first, but the more i wore it the more I felt it smelled like a cheap fragrance.. It really reminded me of one of those swiss army fragrances.. heavy dose of synthetic notes etc. If this smells like le male superman or bleu edp etc.. its a great fragrance to me.. cause usually dunhills are very cheap.. so it would be a good alternative

Marco F says:

Really good jokes!!!

Der man says:

Every single human have different pick nose . What perfume is cool to your nose doesn’t mean is going to be cool to my nose lol. I prefer Dunhill icon racing 🙂

Cody Kanz says:

The Jeremy fragrance reference LMAO

Jim R says:

Icon is okay, but Absolute and Elite are both better fragrances…sadly, performance is shit in that they last 1-2 hours on my skin – tops! I’m looking forward to buying Icon Racing simply for the fact I’ll have to something heavy to throw should Avenus not work to get me laid. LOL!!! Cheers!


Another great review Mr. Smelly. I’ve not tried Dunhill Icon yet so it’s now on my list!

BustaNut InUrMom says:

I want to know if you still pull out and spray over smurfy’s back pretending you are a human bottle of Aventus. 🙂

120ml says:

How do you think Icon compares with Aventus? I find them to be similar in some ways.

Craig Hill says:

Appreciate this honest review – dunhill icon is one of my favourites, shocking how under hyped it was/still is

Paul H. Kircher III says:

I’m hearing rumors in the community about a new Oriental Yarson Unleashed.

Luciero says:

Prada luna rosa carbon or Dun hill icon racing?

Albie Omara says:

great review thank you

Derek Borow says:

I had a BMW Z4 in British racing green. So I was interested in this because the name, bummed to hear that it is meh…

antar buchanan says:

U the best man, Carlos & Jeremy reference was crazy

anhduy phan says:

I liked Dior Sauvage very much, i wear it evryday for my style. I need another one, if i blind buy, I had to pick one with: Dunhill Icon, Dunhill Icon racing and Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extremme?? Thanks Mr Smelly !

Edward van Berkum says:

Nice review! Thanks! Is the original icon a redundant fragrance if I own terre de Hermes? Been eyeballing it for a while, but I have Hermes.

Manoj Varghese says:

Thanks for the review Mr. Smelly. Re the Icon EDP, it reminds me some aftershave scent but in a good way. It creates a scent bubble around you. It is a masculine fragrance with a silencer attached to it.

Smells Good says:

This year has been same as the last for fragrances, just very ordinary releases, including the Creed.

Lycosa says:

Hopefully Danhill Aikhon hasnt been reformulated (Dunhill Icon).

Leeroy Brown says:

You’ve overtaken Greggieboy76 in the subscriber stakes. UK’s no.1


Great vid as usual. 🙂

Wahid Khan says:

Excellent review… you covered this including all the Icon flankers n’ the original one… Love it.

Diego Castillo says:

Thanks for the review MrSmelly. Sucks to hear that it’s nothing special. I own and love the original icon. I just recently bought elite, I love the smell more than the original but the performance sucks and on that note will be looking to sell a 3.4 Oz bottle of Dunhill icon elite for a great price. I’ve used it 3 times with 5 sprays each time. Let me know if anyone is interested.

richard rohloff says:

When the price drops I will probably get this, as I have the other 3 and love the bottles. Thank you for your review I’ve been waiting for someone to get to this.

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

what a shame about the flankers… Everyone was hoping for a good flanker:-(

Keith Montgomery says:

After a review like that, I don’t think I am overly keen on giving it a try. If I run in to it when in a fragrance shop, I will probably spray it on, but I won’t go out of my way to look for it.

Adriano Bello says:

Damn, when I saw the reviews on fragrantica and the votes comparing it to Creeds Green Valley, I thought it may be something special. Great review, thank you for letting us know !

anotherFragranceReviewer says:

that intro man…spot on hahaha

Chris Hunt says:

You’re on the verge of breaking into the top 3 fragrance reviewers online – it’s good to listen to your thoughts…makes a change from listening to others whinging.
Good work.

This frags a pass for me though – SOTD Black Afgano.

Scent Land says:

Very dapper, very humorous and informative! Cool job man!! Disappointing juice though.

razscott says:

Quality mate, will try this out if i see it anywhere, i like me some icon, lasts well on my skin.

limchoonteck1 says:

That means no blind buy! Really sick of savauge kind if smell stuffs.

No Way says:

I love the bottle though.

David Peters says:

Oh wow a great honest no nonsense review, very refreshing good job Mr smelly

Tal says:

The bought subs…can’t stop laughing. You’re the best, Dan-o

Riz Kler says:

I tried this the other day in a suit late on after work time and it worked OK… thanks for explaining the BRG I’m an MGF owner!

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