This is my comparison/cost saving tip on Creed’s Green Irish Tweed and Armaf’s Tres Nuit. SUBSCRIBE!!! and that you so much for watching!!


Tommy Henrico says:

Tres Nuit actually means “Very Night”…. not “3 Night” or else it would be “Trois Nuit”

Tiger C. says:

Hey bro .. u have been talking a lot about ur wife… Get her over . Ask her for an opinion on this smelly stuff . Hope she is hott as hell like u hah?

Tru Dat says:

Nice review mi amigo. You make me laugh every time. Peace

Tyree Branch says:

Great review! You’re right Tres Nuit smelled better than Green Irish Tweed. Good looking out!

The Scentsmith says:

got tres nuit on the way. cant wait

bigdaddyshane says:

My question is how long does Tres last?

Mohsin Asif says:

breast implants, hahahhaha

Glenn Studdard says:

Great review bro.Thanks.Just ordered Armaf because of your recommendation.

Paul Hegarty says:

Nice review and funny. Only other reviewer I think is funny is Lex. Anyhow, well done, you’ve convinced me, I’m gonna buy some.

Ajay Kusumo says:

thanks man, i’m your new subscriber, now i’m gonna buy this armaf

A Sally says:

Great review playa, I recently blind bought tres nuit based off your recommendation. Playa, I have GIT and I’ve been rocking this lately and I’ve gotten more compliments from tres nuit than GIT. Go figure..

AntonioKowatsch says:

I really like your attitude, man. Keep it up.

Kamal Saleh says:

great video man, just subscribed , you are so funny i am thoroughly enjoying your video. keep them coming.fantastic

Chirag Kaku says:

Patronizing bastard! Great review though…

Tomas Av. says:


Dee Kuz says:

One question? How is the longevity of this?

Mikes World says:

What type of longevity do you get off tres??


bro does their longevity same …??
or is their any difference

RealJoshTv says:

One of the first reviews! This is great but you’ve also improved some.. keep it up!! FUTURE FRAGRANCE KING right here!

ThatGuyOverDur says:

How’s the projection and longevity of Armaf’s Tres Nuit? Awesome review btw

Dose Mulero says:

That juice is smooth my bro

Austin Bruck says:

Just bought because of you!

Hooman Seresht says:

Ordered a bottle of Tres nuit and a sample of GIT. Arrived tonight. Sprayed both on. Both smelled amazing at the start. Tres nuit very very close…arguably as you say even nicer. Very nice bottle too. Was feeling very smug with myself. One hour later…the Tres nuit has completely gone!!! The Creed is still there fine.
Oh well…that old adage…you get what you pay for.
I’m seriously considering getting the GIT. Such a fresh, classy fragrance.

Victory2571 says:

just say no to druuugs ahhahah

Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality says:

fragrance review with an attitude hell yeah!!

Greg Wilson says:

you funny man subscribed lol

likeris subruknem says:

yes. for you ARMAF TRES NUIT is perfect!

bongkoy mil says:

98.385% tres nuit closer to GIT lol.
got the bottle man and beginning to like it.
looking forward on your clone reviews for aventus besides club de nuit.

The last Cat says:

Jeremy you are a big genius, thanks man.

The last Cat says:

Jeremy you are a genius, thumb up for you.

thundacat00 says:

love this guy. awesome review im picking up this juice ASAP!

Rise Robert78 says:

Are you related to John Leguizamo? You have the same personality.

Joseph Allen says:

so far this guy is my fave ..hahaha fuck outta here hahaha

Vishal Singh says:

Yo Cuba. You’re Genius. I started following you from a week I guess bought it after your review and it is amaazingg. it just cost me 14 USD here in India. Thanks man.
P.S Mind for my English.

jerichowalls33 says:

Bro i gotta say i love the charisma gave me a few good laughs and good info 😀 will b trying the Tres Nuit

guywittamic says:

Yo, but what’s the longevity on this cheaper stuff, and what’s the project like?? Cause I just got a decant of the Irish Tweed and this shit PROJECTS

miggs80 says:

You should have gotten into acting. Your natural ability to improv would have landed you something. I can picture you in a television series.

bongkoy mil says:

you made me buy that juice man! great review very funny!

Freddy Dominguez says:

insurrection pure 2 cologne all so smell better than some of the creeds .

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