Green Irish Tweed by Creed
“Often imitated, never [somewhat] duplicated.”

Hey everyone, Manny the fragrance vlogger here! Hope you guys are enjoying review on Green Irish Tweed by Creed! Let me know in the comments what thoughts you have on it! Anything complimentary or any constructive criticisms will be most welcomed on my end. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, and subscribe if you want to see more. Thanks for stopping by!

SCENT: 01:22


‘Lune’ by Y&V [provided by NoCopyrightSounds]

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KooL KeitH says:

I don’t own any Creed frags. I want to but having a hard time deciding. I want Aventus but eveeeerbody either has it or talks about it. So what is your recommendation. For guy like.myself getting his first Creed fragrance..

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

Best review and presentation of GIT on YouTube hands down

صلاح عبدالله says:

عاوز اشتري عبوة كيف يتم التعامل

djentleman57 says:

Your reviews are extremely accurate and well spoken. Awesome.

KillaFrags says:

Green Irish Tweed is like magic to me. Every time I smell it I get transported to the middle of an Irish meadow lol Amazing review man! 🙂

dexxhunt says:

What’s happenin Boss?Solid vid as always man.I been subbed to you for several months,your vids always hold it down with superb editing & analysis.Wow crazy timing….Just today I copped my pops a 4 oz GIT bottle for his fathers day/b-day present.Then I log on youtube and check my subs,you and Al both uploaded GIT related vids.I guess great minds do think alike huh lolz naw??Right on fam….Peace/Bless.

Mehdee Yaghoubee says:

I have both GIT And Tres Nuit . with out a doubt the longevity and Sillage of GIT is more but it will be great if you take a look at Tres nuit and make review for that.
really i was expecting to see a comparison review from you for these two

Scott's Ronnie says:

This wonderful scent has been my signature scent since 1998…I recommend shower with Taylor’s of old Bond Street bodywash, combined together the smell is wonderful and lasts way into the next day. Compliments are often, and nice, but a man owes it to himself to smell the best he can…expensive you may say, look on it as an investment in yourself.

Kok Jia Wei D2 says:

i hate creed because i cant afford their fragrances but i want to try em 🙁

sbarbul60 says:

Do you have any fragrance by Roja Dove or have any experience with the house?

Troy Smythe says:

GIT is at an interesting spot in its history. At 30+(!!) years old, the fact that it’s still being talked about and appreciated is impressive. The similarity to Cool Water will matter less in a few years because the people who wore Cool Water and loved it for the price point were (like all of us at some point in our lives) riding a trend, a trend set by GIT. They remember CW, but no one else does. As the neo-oud and gourmand phases settle into mainstream, they will eventually become the new nostalgia mongers. And CW will be forgotten.
As a relevant perfume,scent program and idea, GIT will continue to inspire.

Nick Kenner says:

Great review man. Quick and to the point and I loved all the pictures you used when you were describing the scent (especially all the cool water bottles lololol).

rahul dabhade says:

Great….i like your style of reviewing. Interesting to watch more videos

Kocc Barma says:

Awesome review for my favorite Creed ever!

David Torres says:

If that is some Oakland A’s gear you’ve just become my favorite reviewer. GIT is a favorite of mine and I do like Cool Water as well. Only a fragrance hobbyist  will tell the difference between this and cool water. Its been over 2 years since I owned a bottle of GIT. I think Coty Aspen’s scent has more similarities to GIT than CW. As much as I like GIT for the price their are so many other unique fragrances one can purchase. Nice review Manny

Herman Goldstein says:


L8bro says:

this was a fantastic presentation.

Ralph Strickland says:

Love your videos! Can you do a review on bond no9 scent of peace for him?

Henry Puente says:

Great vid, GIT is a classic! Would love to see more Creed reviews or even some Tom Ford Private Blends.

Olov Johansson says:

I seem to be the only one not being a great fan of this fragrance. To me it initially smells a lot like floor cleaner (not in a bad way though). My girlfriend doesnt like it at all, she said it smells like “turtle”. I guess she means it smells like the ocean, salty seaweed or something. I kinda can see what she means, but the saltyness is not a big player I would say. When I watch reviews I almost think I got a fake sample, sure its good but not that good? Or is it my swedish taste?

Greggieboy76 says:

Great take Manny!!

goudy says:

manny wer do u buy creed fragrances which r legit …..n if we want to buy from phillippines which store do u prefer for it…..

Matthew Crain says:

I have the same batch number, it smells really good.

Red Salmon says:

I live in Alaska and this scent works perfect year round! Cold rainy day this bottle comes out.  I’ve only ran into one person who wore cool water in the work place and there is a huge difference between the scents.  I always look for testers when it comes to Creeds and at $120 for a 4oz is a good price that I am willing to pay.

Brandon Fragrances says:

This review flows so nicely

Johnny Bravo says:

I get alot of love for this fragrance….I hear alot of…wow…I like that one alot

Louis-Philippe Noel says:

review prad luna rossa sport

Frechter Almog says:

I love it!! great video

Barry Conway says:

Best reviewer with good videos . Great quality detail . thanks

Bombasticated 2 says:

Green Irish Tweed (I don’t want to exaggerate but I think to write it in acronym should be illegal, please give the fragrance the respect it deserves ) is the best fragrance in the entire world, at least for me. thats all I am gonna say.

Vazcular says:

I’ve literally gotten thousands of compliments from GIT since 2002.

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

I don’t know what to think about GIT and other Creeds. I’m really disappointed with the house. I own 4 bottles, which I brought from a reputable source. While I enjoy their fragrances, they underperform. Their longevity and projection is pathetic. I feel like I’ve wasted $. What are your thoughts

Kevin M says:

When did Creed change the bottle top?

Avante Edmonds says:

Are there any female equivalents

The Canuck Shaver says:

another great one. Never smelled GIT but it is one that I am looking at getting a decant of. Is Cool Water worth grabbing in your opinion?

Maurice Sas says:

It’s a good scent but green scents don’t work for me. There are cheaper alternatives and average joe could not tell the difference between GIT and Coolwater. You are right about the presentation. It looks a bit outdated and there is nothing wrong with a classic bottle but a normalbottle with green juice gives a better impression of the fragrance.

wakanga obombobombobobobobobo says:

thanks to the IFRA standards perfume houses losing their ballls to green irish tweed is now as of february 2017 a watered down version of what it used to be it actually last half as long also. there is a basenote missing too. so long git it was nice knowing how beautifull you were. we have entered dangerous times. i feel bad for those that will never experience what the real perfumes such as git were. boycott fake perfumes buy illegal perfumes when you can those will be the gems. by the way this is all going on quietly i am here to warn you all. save your money

Jo Co says:

Hey Manny. GIT is a classic to me and can’t go wrong. Cool water smells very similar; I’d call it the cheaper and synthetic version of GIT. GIT is much easier on the nose and has a nice dry down.
btw, you do a really good job in your videos. Do you rehearse or read off of point notes? I can’t tell. You are so thorough and detailed, yet the flow is very natural in your voice. anyways, I always enjoy the content. Good job!

Jose Ochoa says:

Aspen is 99% GIT!

Gulam Allie says:


MrOz says:

Great review! For the longest time I dismissed this because of the opening until I wore it for a full day and was amazed after the first 30mins. The opening still gets me but the anticipation of what comes after makes it worth it! Thanks for sharing!

MrSmelly1977 says:

Great review. I agree that the black bottle doesn’t suit the scent. Not that that would deter me form buying it. The 75ml that I have actually looks better with its green label. I love this scent and your description was spot on. Good summary as always and always good to see GIT reviewed.

Marty Drury says:

Green Irish tweed does have another bottle which is more akin to the feel of the scent. I dislike this fragrance a lot as it smells old and musty on me like someone died. Not for me but I’m glad others like it. The price tag is insane when the clone makers have shown how easy it is to make this smell for less. Not the same quality but I’d rather save hundreds of pounds and go for a clone than mortgage my house for the original. Great review as always though.

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