Green Irish Tweed by Creed | Mens Fragrance Review | 2017

In this men’s fragrance review video I share my thoughts on one of the most Iconic NIche fragrances ever made, Green Irish Tweed by Creed. Thanks to an amazing subscriber (A2), who shared this scent with me, I was able to fully delve into the scent and test it in a more in depth way. Green Irish Tweed (GIT) by Creed is one of Creed’s most conceptual men’s fragrances and it’s also very simple. Where does this fragrance land on the page?

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Angelo Sinders says:

The sizing of the bottle is a 4oz going down to a 3.4oz. While increasing the price

Michael Jerro says:

Man I love how this smells! Great review E!

Des420 says:

Did you get your eyebrows waxed or some shit?

Dhana Sekar says:

i didnt smelled GIT. But i have Armaf Tres Nuit.I completely agree i also love the smell more in rainy time.its a different feel cant explain by words

SHANER says:

for me i get consistently get 9 hours of longevity with this fragrance. it’s my heaviest hitter in my wardrobe. i got aventus but it’s a weak formulation so i’m bummed about that.

Catherine Fraser says:

A classic

Tyler Jones says:

Which batch do you have? I have 16F01. This batch does not seem to have as much green but more lemon verbena compared to other batches. Still an amazing frag.

dreww1818 says:

Thanks for the review on GIT. Agreed that the discounted bottle route is the best path.

Jim R says:

Outstanding review…and I loved the film clips you inserted throughout the video. LOL! Green Irish Tweed is one of my favorite work scents and, surprisingly, it gets me crazy compliments. For a brief while I tried wearing it at night, but it just didn’t seem to fit as well…it’s a daytime scent IMO. Just like with Aventus Clones, there are ton of GIT clones on the market…most are very nice, but none can duplicate that rich lemon verbena, violet leaf and ambergris accords found in GIT – they all smell cheap compared to GIT.

As far inexpensive clones go…Raghba for Men is the best followed by Armaf Tres Nuit. I’m not a big fan of Cool Water…it’s nice enough, but there is just something synthetic that I don’t like about it. Cheers!

maywthrfan says:

Does Coty Aspen remind you of GIT at all?

Tommy Saito says:

awesome review brutha… Green Irish Weed… definitely worth smoking *cough* lol

Guinea54 says:

Very cool… You deserve it ! glad to hear your take on this classic.. Thanks man.

Rafael Balarezo says:

The King needs a Heist, Aventus needs GIT! Great and Clean Review like always E!!! Thanks for Sharing!!

Red Salmon says:

When I come upon another tester I’ll repurchase for sure! Fall is just months away…

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Tremendously honest review E! Great scent, artistically a great master piece. I love it! The price on an all Creed is highway robbery. Whats the best selling green fragrance in your opinion? GIT still has a cult following among old heads

Johnie Duran says:

hey e, where is your actual bottle that you own, or don’t you actually own any bottles of colognes, if you do, where is your video of your fragrance collection

C Snodgers says:

Overcast days is the best time to wear GIT !

Winston Sedgewick says:

awesome review keep up the good work

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

Feelings matter bruh

Scott Piper says:

I find that men generally appreciate Green Irish Tweed way more than the ladies do. I don’t get the hype for this one, though. For a fragrance that has been done before and doesn’t garner compliments (for me, at least) that much, it’s confusing. I also think Creed’s newer formulations have performance issues compared to previous years. Plus, there’s the price, so when my lady thinks it’s just Irish Spring soap, it’s an easy pass when it comes to buying a bottle now.

David Galarza says:

King of the green! Nuff said…. The only downside is it’s cost. Great review man.!

Tony Jax says:

Green Irish tweed is the niche equivalent of Brut meaning it will always be around, it smells amazing sure there are other fragrances out there that compete with it even smell better than it but it will never die because the smell is amazing everybody loves it and I won’t have a bad word said about it

darrshan darrshan says:

a mdern classic a legend real manly scent

sorooshusa says:

I think this is over hyped. everyone gives a 10/10 even tho they admit its over priced, and its poor in performance department.

Abdelhak Marouane says:

It is a meh fragrance totally doesn’t deserve the price.

An Autumn For Crippled Children says:

GIT is definitely one of the best Creed’s ever produced, if not the best. A classic masterpiece… will always have GIT and Tres Nuit in my collection. Great review, E!

On a different note, Alex Jones is a certified clown.

Ignacio Salazar says:

This is a definite go to frag during the warm season!!! It’s one of my go to’s! Love it to death!!!

Steven Sproat says:

Awesome review Bro, agree this is a delightful frag

Josh Hoke says:

Really enjoyed your take on this one man. Usually when a reviewer does a frag that’s been talked to death already I’m like “bo-ring!” But YOU took one of the oldest and most talked about and brought fresh perspective that actually made me consider things I hadn’t before. It’s what you do well homie! AND ANOTHER ONE

Jorge Sosa says:

Great review E.Very well done you are becoming one of my go to guys when it comes to fragrance review and advice i like your style and the way you present what you are reviewing. I also have a problem with creed prices but to me creed are one of the most sophisticated scents makers in the fragrance world.If i would have to come up with a new name for creed it would be sophisticated because that’s what creed juice are in a bottle.I currently don’t own GIT but i do own Aventus,Royal Mayfair,Millesime Imperial and Royal Oud. GIT coming soon to a spot in my small collection take care and keep those videos rolling bro you doing a exceptional job god bless you.

kwaaddo says:

I have tres nuit and a 30ml decant of GIT. Tres nuit smells better and lasts longer imo

Shaf Serious says:

A2 smashed it. Im ordering this today!
Have you reviewed orginal santal (creed)
– if older bottles last longer isnt that a good thing, as you may purchase for high price but can keep the bottle for a very very long time.

Julius tims says:

One of the best creeds, that price is just a killer!!!

MrDeon1405 says:

I don’t get the cool water comparison at all. To me it smells like Irish spring soap.

Abdul Kahar says:

Creed GIT sophisticated timeless classic, signature scent, must have in any collection – #legend

Der'Ral L. says:

Chez Bond? Or GIT ??

Miguel Ángel Cabrera says:

Very honest review. Thank you.

It's Dawson says:

I love how fresh this is, but terrible performance on my skin which is to be said for most Creed fragrances.

Not worth £170+ IMO

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