Green Irish Tweed versus Raghba for Man – Fragrance Review

Fragrance Review of Raghba for Man versus Green Irish Tweed
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Wastavo M says:

Well MrSmelly it sounds pretty good but since I’m on the other side of the pond definitely not gonna pay 40 bucks for it, maybe if I can get it for 20 will get a bottle

David Peters says:

OMG, Mr smelly your never fail to give me a bloody good laugh, anywho excellent review as usual a brilliant description of the fragrance. i personally have the tres nuit at the moment, Steven from red said that the tres nuit is the best clone he has smelt i think that it was 95% similar, if you ever get your nose on i would be interested to know what you think of it. Anyway Mr smelly thanks, have a good day

What's The Scents In That says:

I own this and it’s very very good! another great clone is stag black by estiara… Both very good fragrances. Both do lack the depth of git but for the price it does the job! Cracking video…. one of my favourite spring fragrances

Bernie777 says:

How do you find these gems? Thank you for the introduction! I looked it up and it’s about $20-$25 here in the States. Thanks again for the great review!

Rory 2006 says:

Bought a bottle of Raghba after watching your video . I absolutely love it! Thanks Dan.

ramadhan ibraheem says:

I got the new version of is as good as the previous ..very similar to g.i.t

david keery says:

Bought it as a blind buy .. Stinking. Smells like plasticine. Bin.

sérgio Teixeira says:

Lol, the compliment bit made me spill my beer all over myself from laughing…priceless.

Fiction says:

LOL love the wordplay in the intro. Brilliant stuff, as usual.

paranoidace1 says:

Hey mr smelly how authentic is for niche frag ? And thanks for recommending just bought few sample. Great video as always cheers.

Sean Raymond says:

I haven’t tried this – I will now. I have worn GIT since I was 16 in the Mid 90’s. Just love it. I was disappointed with Tres Nuit – that is closer to Bond no 9’s ‘Chez Bond’ – they both have a slight plastic note. It is similar to GIT – but not as much as Cool water. The closest I have found to GIT is ‘Freshman’ by Truefitt & Hill. I am buying this in desperate times because of Mr Smellies recommendation – let’s see if he is right!

Zakir Hussain says:

Creed avantus clone Imperious Pour Homme 100ml from review that plz

by Kevin Samuels says:

Another classic my Dan.

jimmy gunawan says:

I like GIT than Aventus…

I'm Rich Bitch. says:

*Nicely done as usual!*

Daniel h says:

Just bought some of this, fantastic stuff.

Blain N says:

I came for the fragrance reviews, but your opening shenanigans have hooked me.  You’ve brought chuckles to many… Thanks

Daniel h says:

Great video.. Luv green irish but id still say erolfa is the best creed for me.

kingsand999 says:


M T says:

I need a performance beast for less than £100. Best pick MrSmelly please?

Jim R says:

I mentioned 4-5 years ago that Lattafa Raghban for Men was my favorite GIT clone (and inexpensive) yet it continues to fly under the scent radar, which has always surprised me. It’s very similar to GIT…just a bit lighter (slightly toned down lemon-verbena, violet leaf and iris…and less ambery) and lasts around 5-6 hours on my skin verses 7-8 I get with GIT. Still, it’s an outstanding GIT clone. IMO, Raghba for Men is a much better fragrance than Tres Nuit.

Scentventure says:

I considered buying tres nuit, but now I`m tempted to get this one 🙂

Krishna Mullapudi says:

Mother fucker those intro. Love it

persie PRINCE says:

Raghba is amazing I never smelled git, but I had cool water
Hope see a review of pure Tonka and Lolita empricka love to hear from you

Aarya says:

What’s similar to Millesime Imperial?

Jussi says:

You need to get your nose on tres nuit, it has the added note of lavender which I think you might appreciate. And I would love to hear what you think, maybe go full aventus video mode and make a video on GIT and all the different clones.

sankalp patil says:

Bought it after watching your video and lex i got the newer version of this best at this price point it smells to me like greenish cool water

Sir Smell-A-Lot says:

This stuff is great. Cheap as chips. Buy it now! Another hilarious intro btw!

silverss onyoutube says:

They say that Mancera wind wood smells like creed green Irish tweed . You might want to check that out . I’m going to buy a bottle soon.

David Peters says:

hi there Mr smelly, hope you are having a good weekend, as you may remember i was trying out the xerjoff 1861 range, well i decided to be brave and look at some of the others, so I purchased a 3ml test spray of alexandria ll, big mistake it’s smells like nail polish to me. so I think in future i will wait until you review fragrances, before I go ahead and buy, wouldn’t mind it costs £6 approx a ml so expensive doesn’t mean nice, a lesson learnt eh

Paul Hegarty says:

Will give the Raghba a whirl Dan, thanks. Just bought a bottle for a tenner.

Christian Markandu says:

I’ve bought this on your recommendation Mr Smelly!

Zoheb Syed says:

Armaf le parfait is an excellent clone of GIT….. gotta try Raghba

Matt topcat says:

Reminds me of git in the first half hour and then morphs into a sort of joop/santal/individual/git type scent ..ok performance and very pleasant. I’ve had far worse for a lot more money, fantastic recommendation Mr smelly.

Just Add Light says:

Great review Dan. Wish it was available in North America, but luckily I’ve got a sis in the UK. Is online still the best way to get it? As far as the clones go…don’t forget Yacht Man Aventus. That’s actually a thing. $7 CAD. Someone should do a review, just for a laugh.

MrJonathanwant1972 says:

I would like to find an alternative to Creed as I will not buy their products as they are fucking liars apparently they made fragrances for Winston Churchill Queen Victoria Luke Skywalker and the Dagenham girl pipers

5llllle says:

Wow this is super cheap too!

Carlos Bolanos says:

Mr. Smelly ty for the review I’ve had rhagba for almost 2 yrs didn’t know what to think of it but IMHO I love it! I just found it and will be rocking it a lot more now. Keep it smelly. Peace

gman says:

I really enjoy my bottle of Tres Nuit by Armaf. Such a pleasant scent.

sankalp patil says:

The compliment part was funny

pandora p says:

Raghba for Men is a better clone of GIT than the more popular Tres Nuit. But I heard that Armaf has released a new and supposedly better GIT Clone – Enchanted Club.

maxigama ndossi says:

Nice video man
The rghaba is verycclose pleasants to git

Markafa Creative Solutions says:

You never fail to deliver amazing humor besides great reviews, Dan.
Thank you!


Superb creativity !!! Ever worked for an Ad Agency?

Jimmy L says:

Raghba or Armaf’s Tres Nuit?

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