Grey Flannel By Geoffrey Beene Fragrance Review (1975)

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MultiMrMiles says:

i have two bottles, 120 and 240 ml, an awesome scent…not for whimps but for men who understand elegance. i would say, this scent shows whats wrong with all new stuff….namely scary empty ish, 70/80s stuff was saying something


très bonne parfums

Justin Allison says:

Just bought this today since it was only like USD $10. The first time I smelled it I didn’t like it, but once it hit the dry down I found that I loved it. It definetly isn’t for everyone, but if you have a like for natural smells this is great. I think it has a very distinguished scent to it. I don’t know why there’s so much hate for it. I think it’s great. You do have a point about it not being a complement getter. This is certainly a scent you’d wear for yourself these days.. especially here in the west where I live. Nevertheless, cheers to those that can enjoy such a scent!

Michael Knight says:

I had a chance to smell a bottle of Grey Flannel in the 90’s and to me it smelled like lint from your jean pockets.

joe pesci says:

Strong and strange scent, but i have to admit that i have gotten many many compliments from men and women on this Fragrance when i wear it …I like it very Much….Very Unique !!!

Mohammed Almonje says:

Hey joy .. Can u try al wissam day from the house of rasasi ??

Jordan Smith says:

This is what my dad used to always wear to tuxedo / dress up events. Very very strong scent. It’s nuclear.

Mr. Cheap Scents says:

I bought this fragrance from Ross just because of a reviewer that talked good about it and I sprayed this in my truck with my kids in there and we all had to get out. It was so strong and smelled dated and for men the age of 60 and up 100 years old. I gave it to my stepdad and surprisingly he liked it.

Jason Vegan says:

Think I’m in the “hate it” group! I used a whole bottle when I was 12 or 13 as an amateur fraghead but now that I’m more experienced, can’t bring myself to buy again.

Fardeen says:

From 2 video
I became your fan …
tons of love and respect from Kuwait

Utsav Gupta says:

Thik bolechhen, ekta purono din er vibe achhe. Jara modern release er shathey etar tulona korbe tara kichhu tei etake bhalo bashte parbe na. Aar absolutely eta love it or hate it category te pore.

Matt’s Classic Fragrances says:

One of my favorites , I really love , the vintage is so amazing , nice to hear your thoughts on this classic

shaker LT1350 says:

Just subscribed! I appreciate your take on fragrances! Painting/explaining a smell is difficult. And your one of the best! Enjoy the videos.

Dwayne Alexander says:

Very classic, mature scent. Ideal for colder seasons. Solid review!

Richie Jayson Tiu says:

Hi Joy! Just bought this yesterday used it same day. Man, that opening! Drydown is really great. I really like the smell of flowers/forests mixing together. Definitely an acquired taste this perf. Nice review, bro! Keep it up.

Manuel Perez says:

Hello all. GREAT review. I have used both Grey Flannel and Givenchi Gentleman since 1975. You have given an accurate wine, cigars, and a serious masculine man. Recently, I made the decision to try new ones…such as top rated Acqua de Gio for mornings mostly…but despite the reviews, with Acqua just being a newer scent, Grey Flannel stands to the test. It is both fresh for the morning and serious for a morning business meeting…I know, I know …it is like showing a kid a 1960’s Mustang Hatchback or a YES Lp…the rep at Boston store told me Acqua has been the best seller the last 15 years…anyway…trying to decide…let me know what you guys think…Ok…for the night out I ahve decide to change for Ives Le Nuit d’ Homme…any thoughts!

Mas Tun says:

One of my all time favs. Such a beautiful scent.
The Prada Infusion fragrances remind me of it actually. As well as some of the Hermes edcs, and even GIT

amir sabbagh says:

first 🙂 hey joy

J Claxton says:

What would you chose for a clean, year-round, old-school, masculine work scent with great longevity? And why.
– Grey Flannel
– Sung Homme
– Jaguar for Men
– Bogart Signature
– Van Cleef & Arpels

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