Hiram Green – Slowdive 100% Natural Fragrance Review

Fragrance Review of Slowdive by Hiram Green 100% Natural Fragrance, a honey lovers dream.

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Fatty Boombalatty says:

I’m currently waiting on a 10 ml travel size from Lucky Scent and I can’t wait!

Christie says:

Thanks Peter! I love the sound of this fragrance! I’m glad you thought about the bees. Although I’m not allergic to them, I would definitely run (and have) like a fool in the yard to get away from them. Very embarrassing! I’m sure it would be entertaining for the neighbors to watch though.

Micheal LeBeau says:

I found a boutique perfume store close to me that carries the house and some others you have mentioned
indigoperfumery.com excited to go and put my nose to good use!

Aaron Luke says:

This fragrance sounds so good. After smelling Avant Garde by Lanvin. I have been really intrigued my fragrances containing Beeswax. Nice review btw Pete.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I think the pricing for Hiram Green fragrances are reasonable also.
I have this one and Voyage from Hiram in the bottle.
I believe I have one of his 7.5 . No wait, I have Slowdive in bottle and in the 7.5
I got a deal from Twisted Lily . They added the 7.5 for free , plus I had a 20% discount on the full bottle.
I’m getting a sample of Hyde from Hiram as we speak. It’s in the mail. Can’t wait.
I hope you get the chance to sample more from this house.
Good review

Just Add Light says:

Wouldn’t mind smelling like a bee actually. Because you know what they say about the birds and the bees! They…….they end up having sex I think. Wasn’t explained to me very well as a boy.

dk albright says:

Honey is a cool note but not just as a soliflore. Through tobacco in it and some amber perhaps with some exotic spices. I don’t know. Hiram Green perfumes are generally are top notch..

Rich Mitch says:


R Troyer says:

I wouldn’t mind trying this one, though I generally prefer eating honey to wearing it. Thanks for your review Peter!

imam Baybars says:

I need to check it out, I love honey. how does it compare to xerjofs Mameluke?.?. That’s the only xerjof I like, with honey and oud.

Lara Anderson says:

Did you find the tuberose to be too overpowering in this one? I tried it and can’t stand tuberose so it ruined the honey for me. Found that there’s an amazing honey quality to Aramis Calligraphy Saffron without the tuberose.

Agnes Eva says:

*I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT and I need a full bottle. Hiram sent me all samples and I plan to review it soon too. Beautiful. I actually love ALL of them. ALL Hiram’s frags. I have 2 bottles of Arbolé Arbolé, the travel size and the big one and I need Slowdive too. Can’t be without it and my sample is almost empty. SOOO GOOD! I LOVE honey fragrances. And it performs! Projects! Lasts! I got 6-7 hours from it, which is much on my dry skin, and I had this beautiful honey-tuberose cloud around me for about 3 hours. Perfect. And natural. 🙂 Great review, Peter.*

Will says:

I want to get my hands on some of the frags from this house… Can’t find it anywhere in the states.

Love your reviews, man. You always drop the obscure/niche fragrances.

Stephanie Rensland says:

I love the band so I have high hopes for it. I haven’t had a chance to sample yet.

GluedTechDude says:

The way you describe it makes it sound a bit similar to 18.21 Sweet Tobacco Spirits (which is an absolutely beautiful honey-bomb IMO). Personally I rather enjoy honey-styled fragrances so I might see if I can sample this one out.

Alejandro Guerra Villegas says:

4:10 That was my only question … but I could handle it

Mary McCullough says:

♡ this one!

Marisa Hernandez says:

Slowdive is amazing.

pandora p says:

Got samples of Arbole and Dilettante from this house. Unfortunately, they are not for me. They have this sort of heaviness that was tiring to my nose. You mentioned that Slowdive really performed under very cold conditions. Perhaps Hitam Green’s releases are more meant for that type of settings more than the tropical environment that we have here.

K Hidalgo says:

I bought the 10ml travel size of this about 3+ months ago without sampling, which at US$45 + tax, I consider a blind buy. They must’ve forgotten to add the honey in mine because on both the 1st & 2nd times I tried it, it smelled only of tobacco–the crisp-dried brown kind–with not a hint of sweetness. No flowers either. I was really shopping for tobacco fragrances, but this was too much, and so understandably, I haven’t used it again since. Hearing you say honey, beeswax, and flowers came as a shock to me! Your descriptions here for Slowdive is more like how I smell Kiste by Slumberhouse, except without the flowers maybe..

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