How To Get Perfumes for LESS | My Budget Perfumes

Fragrances mentioned:
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea + Green Tea Bamboo
Aquolina Pink Sugar
The Body Shop Honeymania
Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie
Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana
Revlon Ciara
Estee Lauder Youth Dew
Banana Republic Malachite
Hollister Cali Vibes
Demeter Pistachio Ice Cream

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M.E. W. says:

Did you know the “pillar” Elizabeth Arden Green Tea fragrance was created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian? (❣️- but *not* the other flankers) and it’s truly such a lovely, easy to wear scent. One of the flankers I love is Lavender & Green Tea. Recently found a nice travel size hand cream set w/ the original & four flanker Green Tea scents, including the Lavender (@Ross); layering the lotion & the matching scent makes you smell great all day!

Bianca Berta says:

Hey nice video. I also have Green tea and bamboo and I’ve been using it quite a lot during this summer heat ,it felt really refreshing. Longevity is 3 hours on my skin but who cares for this price,right 🙂

Hoodscentz says:

Great Video!! Everybody loves cheapies. Just to add to a few sites Maxaroma and Perfumesamerica are a few that I use that are solid.. Love my English laundry’s And Elizabeth Arden Green tea finds

The Fragrance Enthusiast says:

The Marshall’s here never have any good selection of fragrances.

Monica Vargas says:

Love the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and Mandarin such a nice light spring summer scent.

Saab Replay says:

So good you are sooo right. I love pink sugar it’s so fabulous. Thanks for your wonderful video I appreciate your work girl. Andy from Berkeley

MartaKr says:

Yves Rocher has many good fragrances not expensive that are often given sometimes for free with your order, But I live in Europe. I don’t know if that’s the same in USA.

Monica Vargas says:

I’m so going to date myself but I’m a sucker for oldie Wind Song everytime I wear it people ask what it is sooo cheap but if you use it just on your pulse points it smells amazing. If you check on ebay there are some very good sellers Perfume-Empire, Meidy, 1-perfumes, universalscents are all reputable sellers that I have consistently bought from with no issues. This was a great video Emmy thank you!!

Emily Schultz says:

I like to buy sample sizes from ‘Luckyscent’ and samples and smaller decants from ‘myperfumesamples’. I didn’t know about ‘fragrancenet’ before 🙂

Anna says:

I love Youth Dew, can’t wait to start wearing it as soon as this heat wave subsides! I think the key to this scent not being overpowering is to only use 1-2 sprays. I often get compliments on this scent.
I also have many of the Youth Dew bath products that I really enjoy as well.

Just Add Light says:

I would also highly recommend Zara for some great in-store budget scents, especially if someone is just starting out. Their women’s line is usually very simplistic, but sometimes nails it when it comes to cloning high-end designers. Unfortunately, their absurd annual turnover rate coupled with poor online availability sometimes makes obtaining particularly good frags difficult. Nevertheless, I can usually find something decent in-store every time, and I love that they offer travel atomizer versions of their scents for dirt cheap. Lovely video Emmy. You look as stunning as ever!

Nelly says:

Hi, can you do a video on layering, but more specifically how do you layer pink sugar? Thanks

Brigitte Geissler says:

I love all of your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of perfumes with us. I would love to hear with what fragances you layer Pink Sugar. I have the scent, but for me it is just a little bit to sweet. Would also love to watch a video about layering perfumes. Greetings from Switzerland.

Rockï Evanescent says:

I love your video. Can you do a video on perfumes women can wear all year round. I’m begging you. I purchased the EA Rose grow out of it so I gave it to my Mom. Have you tried pink sugar sensual, it’s smells almost like Fantasy.


Thanks for the places to buy budget perfumes, I would to say to try drugstores too they have many designer fragrances on sale and i have bought some there for birthday’s and during the holiday season.Also I have bought. Drew Barrymore’s flower fragrances from Walmart which are about $20.00 and Costco carries perfumes also.

Sarah Eli says:

I love Pink Sugar. It’s my all time favorite budget perfume. I’ve had a few bottles of CD Almond cookie. I love that fragrance.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Great vid Em! ♡ Yup, TJ Maxx /Marshall’s are go to for discounted. I have found some real gems there at times! Youth Dew gets a bad rap, but i once found a vintage container of Youth Dew body powder (still sealed) at an antique/consignment shop, and the smell coming through the box was INCREDIBLE. Honestly, i wish i still had it just to smell, but i gifted it to a friend. I do own the bath oil though!

Fragrancenet has never steered me wrong, and i buy one of my staple scents there. Always good product.

Been really enjoying your vids, i just gotta catch up! Haha.

manda d says:

Great vid! I would love to see a video about which perfumes you’ve bought backup bottles of.

Lara Jernegan says:

I sometimes shop at Zulily. They are not as cheap as Fragrancenet usually, but sometimes Zulily will have something Fragrancenet doesn’t carry. Hautelook is really inexpensive, but they don’t have a big a selection. Both of these sites are flash sale sites so their selection changes every few days.

Crystal Lombard says:

Try banana republic wildbloom its beautiful

Deb H says:

I wish I had better luck at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

AfricanOrchid says:

OMG I love Malachite. I bought some more recently after years of not wearing it. it is sooooo good. 🙂

O,Villanueva says:

If I’m able to get my fragrances for a lower price I will, I mean who doesn’t like to save some coins I usually try Ross ,marshals fragrancenet, or maxaroma and if they don’t have what I’m looking for I’ll just go to Sephora and get the smallest size available

Stana Billot says:

Em, you astound me with your amazing videos!! I love them and I love this one!!

Deblina Chatterjee says:

Really enjoyed ur video..I like ur voice and simplicity of ur channel…lots of love …wish u have more subscribers..u deserve it

Iga Czynienik says:

You are amazing at describing scents! I am a perfume freak and always enjoy watching this kind of videos, please carry on! 🙂 🙂

Angela Dawn says:

Free samples always will throw my order to one store over another. I tend to order over the phone directly to Guerlain in Las Vegas because they are so generous with their samples. I also like ordering from Sephora and cashing in points for minis and rollerballs.

Belynda Perry says:

I’ve been adding to my perfume collection recently so I loved your tips on where to shop. I treated myself to something I wore and loved in the 80’s .. Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion. I ALWAYS got compliments when I wore it. I am wearing it today and still like it. Seeing Youth Dew brought back memories. My mom loved that!

elaineongpp says:

Many items on FragranceX are cheaper or as cheap as on Fragrancenet, but I think the website may be more easily accessible in Asia where I am…I’m not sure.

Jamie Morris says:

Wow Emmy is just so delicious !

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