Hugo By Hugo Boss Fragrance Review (1995)

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Matt’s Classic Fragrances says:

I don’t care what others say I love Hugo boss line

SerbianScents says:

This one lasted like a beast on me back in the day, my first hugo boss cologne

Sandeep Joshi says:

Dior sauvage don’t last on my skin. Do you have any other alternative?

killerdemo says:

I have the old formulation. I get heavy spearmint

Hm! says:

…you can’t get more 1990s fragrancewise than this. 1990s and early 2000s in a bottle all the way through! 🙂

waltherP99BG says:

I do own vintage 97′ 150ml bottle and boy it’s a BEAST.On my skin it lasts … and lasts … projects like crazy too.Not familiar with current formulation.I want to sample the Extreme version too.Can you get a sample of the Extreme version and do Hugo vs Hugo Extreme comparison video?
SOTD Lait de Biscuit by Chabaud Maison de Parfum

Houache Faycal says:

Ce parfum convient aux jeunes de moins de 40 ans

Lil Earl JR says:

Joy…have you tried hugo man extreme edp? If so, how do you like it?

pandiyan naidu says:

I like this fragrance.

Richard Rico says:

Good day joy, may I ask what would you recommend for a day/work rainy season frag? Thanks in advance, I love your uploads.

lessbattle says:

Aqua Di Gio, Cool Water and Hugo Boss was my scent back in the 90’s during my HS days.

Different says:

hi mr. joy … i allows watching ur video .. im about to buy rassasi shuhrah .. .. i want ask how much longest this perfume .. as u say its sweet . i have joop homme . is it performe like joop … im waiting ur answer .

Danny Kaminski says:

That one and Acqua Di Gio were the go to fragrances of my late teens and early twenties. I use to bathe in that stuff.

Sajith GT says:

New A/C

Rohit Meharwade says:

Hey bro m a beginner to the frag world I ve seen alot of videos of urs n purchased some based on ur review n I loved them if u can plz make a video on best projectors fragrances like the one smelled from a far distance and a compliment getter .. thank u in advance bro

notmybellybutton says:

Can anybody tell me if they stopped making this? I’ve shopped around for it online & it only appears on these 3rd rate bootleg fragrance websites. I found it on Macy’s website, but it states it’s “Specifically made for Macy’s” in the item description. Why show that?

Brajesh Soni says:

cool i have one . nice review bro.

Rosho Rochrates says:

Never been able to like it . Every time I had it in my collection imi hot it as a gift .this time I sold it online .. too synthetic for me

Hm! says:

Thank you very much for this review my friend! This very fragrance means a lot to me. Although I am a fragrance collector, I do have some all time favorites- like Drakkar Noir and this fragrance. It has a very memorable value in my life, a lot of school memories… my first date, I wore this on any important event during past days in my life… First time I got this fragrance was back in primary school..I was about 8 years old…yes.. a bit too young for fragrances but why not? It wasn’t the original Hugo Boss fragrance but a knock off version of the smell (it had uncountable amount of knock offs fake versions of it during its time, holly molly! I mean a lot! It still does actually). This knock off actually had a good longevity and quite decent projection for a knock off, back in those days even knock offs were quite strong and long lasting. I had a bottle of it until high school when I bought a bottle of real original Hugo. To this day we walk “hand to hand” with this fragrance, although I’m not wearing it as much as in the past, but just spray it any other day to bring back memories and go down the memory lane. I have to agree it does smell sort of synthetic, it always did smell that way, I have a bit of a vintage bottle, 2006 release, it pretty much smells identical to a modern version and it does smells as synthetic as to a vintage one. So it isn’t a modern version thing only. It’s just a smell itself is like that..I think it sort of a 1990s thing, to have this synthetic vibe. Overall to me, it’s a fresh, green fragrances with slightly aquatic, marine touch to it. I can smell a strong pine needles accord in it, that coniferous vibe all the way through (It has always made me think of snowy winter or a Christmas, New Years, festive season vibes).. which is a good thing to me, I like pine tree smell in fragrances and in nature, so it could also be a reason why I have come to like this fragrance that much. Respect to you Amin and thank you 😉

floydtm says:

i got two favirite number one dior fahrenheit and number two hugo bos hugo.

Abdullah Mehtab Baig says:

good review

Foryou Foryou says:

My first love

The Underground Method says:

Ah yes, 19 years ago my high school sweetheart picked this one out for me to wear. Those days reached an end and I would later meet my wife, who bought me a bottle not long ago. Time to place it in the rotation. Great review brother!

TheChosenOne says:

I wore that in the 90s. I was a PIMP in high school with that. Man…those were the days. I still have about 0.5oz left in a bottle but ordered a new 6.7oz bottle. Yea…this is a winner in my book. It’s a universal workhorse. Any occasion, all purpose juice.

M T says:

College scent in 2001. Good times

Ricky Payes says:

Hey Joy! Great review, been with you since 3k subs. Shout me out plz in your next video?!

Anuj Phadke says:

Hey joy..which is more potent .. longevity and sillage ? This EDT. Version or extreme EDP ? Help me to choose .. even sales person in mall suggesting EDT over EDP

Danillon Pujadas says:

I love this. It was the second bottle I ever bought. I was 18. I am now 40 and I still have a draining and it smells good. It is a fresh herbal woody scent. Very unique and great for hot weather

Going to get the edp as a keep sake.

Tommy Mills says:

I just smelled it and it stinks.

ifishares says:

That outfit man! So stilish and traditional at the same time.
I find this fragrance to be very synthetic but the women love it.

James Underwood says:

This was one of my favorite frags from back in the late 90’s. I need to get another bottle of this stuff. Thanks and best regards Jams Underwod

Tamer abd el qader says:

There fragrance also to close to this scent its from jaguar it call jaguar performance

Md. Mahfuzur Rahman says:

I have this legend too. ☺️ Very pleasant and calming scent.

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