Hugo by Hugo Boss | Fragrance Review

Notes: 01:46 Rating: 04:36


House of Banelord. says:

I never own the real one because when I started I had no money….the clones are crap tho.

Mac Dufresne says:

A classic fragrance. The ultimate ‘first fragrance’ lol

Felix_233 says:

Thanks for another great video bro.

Rochaak Sandall says:

Totally agree with you. I am on my second bottle . Both of them were gifted to me . I used it first in 2010 now after 7 years someone gifted to me and I am actuallywearing it right now . I have never liked this fragnance. It gives me headache and I guess I don’t like apple ( red and green ). It’s too synthetic and smells really old fashioned. I don’t know ow why I wore it today at work maybe because I am wearing a green shirt . Performance amazing though .

LucidCode says:

There will always be space in my collection for this juice!

Gerry Adams says:

Really enjoy your videos

boogie27896 says:

great work horse ,i get 10 , 12 hrs

AGentlemansJourney says:

This is certainly a classic. I spray the latest flanker of this today. I don’t know what its called but its a new release of this year.

Mountain Man says:

It has been quite few years since I last bought this fragrance. Could you review *Y by YSL* blown away by the scent, absolutely love it


Great throwback scent!

farouk krendi says:

5years ago i used to use this and i love it but after a year I found it too strong

Scent Mack says:

I hate when people thumb down a video. Reviewing isn’t easy and it take a time. If you don’t like a vid or the scent, then comment about it. Don’t thumb it down.

markawestern says:

This stuff is the shit

Chris says:

I have an Original from back then a nice Vintage one and till this day still smells Fantastic

GunsAndGloves says:

I had this one back in the late 90’s. From what I remember, this was reminiscent of two other frags I had at the time, Tommy, & Polo Sport. Tommy being the weakest, this being in the middle, and Polo Sport being the best of the 3. That being said, I never bought another bottle after the juice was finished. Not surprised by your rating. Seems accurate for what I remember this fragrance being.

yair1010 says:

For me, it’s the one that Kickstarted my collection and it’s one of my faves and almost became my signature scent.

Mees Janssen says:

Thank you: again a very great review! Hugo is my signature scent for years now. Only now I switched to the EdP version: I think this is a little bit richer and less harsh than the EdT version.

markawestern says:

No compliments?? Fr?? I’ve been wearing this for 20 years and ALWAYS get compliments when I meet people. And I’m not making this up, I got laid strictly because of this cologne once. Like ’98, in the club, a girl came up to me and was all over me. Would not stop talking about the way I smelled. Granted, she was quite drunk. But she was totally hot and she left with me that night and I know the cologne played a part. I’m sure it helped me other times, but there’s no doubt about that night.

xlnt_17 says:

I love this fragrance! I have the edt and edp. It reminds me of my high school days. I still wear it. Memories in a bottle.

Gregory Whelan says:

I’m actually wearing this one today!!

maywthrfan says:

This shares a similar vibe to the original Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. agree or disagree?

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