HYPE MONSTER OR DUD? | Dunhill Icon Racing Fragrance Review

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got dat new Dunhill Icon Racing. Just a couple weeks ago there was a semi mad rush on the Facebook groups of people rushing to pick this up as quickly as possible and I followed suit so I could see if it was worth the bit of hype it was getting.

Dunhill Icon Racing shares similarities with other recent popular men’s releases including Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua and Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. If you’ve smelled this let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for watching.

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Ian Yarbrough says:

lol basic bitch fragrance

Patrick Echevarria says:

As a collector,I’d like to add this to my collection but as you mentioned,not at the price it’s going on right now. Love the Icon so I assume I’d like this too but not as much as I do with Icon.

Le PotatOverlord says:

post this video in the group lol

song luc says:

If anyone is interested in BNIB Dunhill Icon Racing. comment or PM me.

paulsjunkcars says:

Great video.

AllAboutFragrance says:

Hahaha #BasicBitch lmao I’m dead. And that sensor of the crotch of ultra male was hilarious. Great review man!

simpa256 says:

Original Icon is an amazing frag!! Different and that neroli does wonders. Spring in a bottle. The rest of Icon line… okay. just okay and there are many frags that are better. Just take Ferrari Essence line.

Fran says:

Quality review!

overcomer says:

Orig Icon Blows this away…..

aalbertoii09 says:

Basic bitch masculine fragrance lol that your wife is funny

Eugene Stephen Cerrada says:

Yes, the Icon Racing version would be good for younger men. The original Icon seems more distinct and better for me.

Henry M. says:

no one would give a crap about this flanker if it weren’t for the incredible hype on the last one. had this been released first we’d be talking about this being great and the other been a great flanker. or maybe we just hate followups…just like we do in most movies. either way, i’ve come to think best thing to do is get it, try it, and then decide. just received this in the mail a few days ago and no complains here. it was my opinion on sauvage when it came out…when everyone on videos and on fragantica was dumping on it. great video! always keeping it honest! greetings from MD…where winter doesn’t wanna’ let go so we can start wearing our spring and summer juice!

Vazcular says:

Did you ever get Gendarme? Not one YouTube reviewer has reviewed it. Don’t you want to be first?

richard rohloff says:

Got it for the bottle as much as anything else. I own and enjoy the other 3

PittsensX says:

Great video.. Thanks for your input.. I already have invictus aqua so I’ll pass

gonzaljevic says:

What a great thorough review.

Kurt Baker says:

I should have watched this video first…because I agree with your comment….average, nice, ok……but if you have Invectus Agua…..don’t buy this…and I got mine from perfume click…So that is why it took forever?…ok thanks for the awesome video!

xcaligulax says:


Danny Blaze says:

Is Purfumeclick safe and authentic stuff ?

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

LOL why is everyone’s favorite part the presentation?

badgernikes says:

I bought it in January and I never got a compliment not once the performance is average

John Wen says:

Totally agree,this just another flanker J Channels model hipe

Average joe will buy because they dream if get this will get the same league of model in their life


Tks A

Craig Hill says:

I agree with you on performance…to the point I wondered if I’d brought a fake as alot of other reviews have said it is very good…just not the case for me which is disappointing considering its stated as being EDP. Dunhill icon (original) is one of my absolute favourites and has excellent performance

Mike W says:

Great review and in total agreement. I recently tried Icon, Elite and Racing, and Icon is the clear winner for me. Enjoying your channel.

Xsoul1000 says:

That was a solid and honest review Ashton. Straight to the point. BTW, I’ve put my nose on the next Aqua di Gio Absolute. Not released yet. First impression: meh! Sweet… That trend…

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