Jacques Bogart Fragrance House Talk

i have in total 8 fragrances from this house which are listed below, there are more solid ones which i am still searching for, for now lets see these 8:
-One Man Show Oud Edition
-One Man Show Ruby Edition
-One Man Show Gold Edition
-One Man Show Original
-Story Green
-Silver Scent
-Silver Scent Deep
-Bogart Pour Homme
You can find decant of any of these on my page:


Nk B says:

I have silver scent and deep and I will try men show golden edition

StangGT Fan says:

Great Video Brother


Thank you brother. Bogart is like creed for poor people like us but it is no way poor in respect of quality. Silver story & pure homme is my favorite. I always love the 80’s powerhouses instead of pussies like La Nuit d’la homme.

Vladimir Lenski says:

Excellent review, Joy Amin. Sad that Bogart (with the ink-pen on the box) is not on the list. I hope you’ll cover that one too, on another occasion. Stay awesome.

Amit Bhandari says:

Hey Bro, I got JB pour Homme and absolutely fell in love with it! Beast Mode Projection and longevity. Inspired with your review, now I’m poised to buy all the flankers…thanks Bro, really love your videos!

SynthVGguitarist says:

story green super hard to find here(USA)and if you do price is ridiculous, silver deep easy

Teriyaki Pigeon says:

can you do a review on coach for men

M S says:

Excellent reviews. You have certainly piqued my interest in this house.

Nk B says:

And I really like this review!

David A. Quiroa says:

Great job!

sadaf786ish says:

Keep up the good work I always enjoy your reviews. I’ve also bought a few blindbuys on you’re recconmadtion, not been dissapointed

Tollon says:

First 🙂

vitaliy zarubin says:

All right, Joy. But how about One Man Show Emerald Edition?

Nabeel Ahsan says:

After 30-60 minutes, i think 90% people will not be able to detect any difference between Bogart PH & Mugler PH. I sniffed it from my uncle one day just out of curiosity and i thought why would he put some Pure Havane juice in this cheapy looking bottle!!! Eventually i ended up buying it even tho i already had Pure Havane. Bogart PH lasts about 1.5 times longer on my skin, but the smell of Pure Havane is more refined. Love em both <3

Emon Rahman says:

Mashallah brother keep up the good work . You are blessing for fragrance community .

Higley says:

Show your entire collection

Sanjay Singh says:

Thnx for bringing this new house to us

XkollapsX says:

Great video mate. You just got a new subscriber. Cheers

Sunil Yohannan says:

Thank you Joy bhai for doing this house review. Had almost forgotten it.

EYE am Watching says:

so are they really good cologne to get?

jortega61924 says:

Hope u feel better joy. Always enjoy your reviews.

SPRAG says:

Keep up the great reviews !

Derek Borow says:

Does it actually get cold where you are? Cold enough for cold weather scents?

Lion Heart says:

Dude, you’re reviews are on point. You’re on the level of FragranceMatt, FragBoyStewie, GentScents, but I like your descriptions better

Sampson G says:

A discounted great quality fragrance house I’d recommend is Ferrari. The essence line especially is great.

Justin Mahaffie says:

Always love your reviews, bro.

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