Jacques Fath Green Water Review | Green Water by Jacques Fath Fragrance Review 💚💚💚

Jacques Fath Green Water Review | Green Water by Jacques Fath Fragrance Review
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Jacques Fath Green Water Review | Green Water by Jacques Fath Fragrance Review

This is a my Jacques Fath Green Water Review, Green Water by Jacques Fath Fragrance Review. Green Water is a fragrance I’ve known about for a long time as my dad wore it when I was growing up. I was so happy to have heard last year that Jacques Fath was being relaunched and Green Water was being rereleased along with 3 new fragrances Bel Ambre, Vers Le Sud and Curacao Bay for the new Fath’s Essential’s Collection. In this Jacques Fath Green Water Review I met up with Lanier Smith when he was visiting San Francisco recently and I told him would love to shoot a review for this rerelease and he agreed. So this is a review for Jacques Fath Green Water with Lanier Smith. In this video you’ll see and hear what we think of this new edition of Green Water. Please watch and participate in our 50ml bottle giveaway.

Jacques Fath Green Water from Fath’s Essential’s Collection that also includes 2016 launch fragrances: Bel Ambre, Vers Le Sud and Curacao Bay
Eau De Parfum
Cecile Zarokian
200ml $215 at Barney’s 50ml $105 at Ulta.com online only

Top Notes:
Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Lemon
Heart Notes: Heart Notes Basil, Tarragon, Clove, Caraway, Mint
Base Notes: Base Notes Ambergris, Oakmoss, Musk, Vetiver

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel https://goo.gl/xWnYzi if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Jacques Fath Green Water fragrance was given to me for this review. Even though I had a bottle prior to receiving the bottle for the review. The views and opinions for Jacques Fath Green Water are all my own. 🙂

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Jer N says:

I’ve never tried Green Water, but I’d love to try it. I’m a big fan of classic fragrances, and I love vetiver.
If I had to pick a fav classic, it would either be Grey Flannel, Monsieur de Givenchy, Aramis, or Eau Sauvage
I’m in Michigan

Robert Perricone says:

I had the green plastic covered bottle…….back in the 60s…loved it..never did replace it as i had a huge botttle..then went on to other frags..but i did love this…im not sure if its now re formulated..its fresh and herbal and very cleanly minty…love love love

Frank G says:

Hi Sebastian. Never tried this but I like the presentation. Green juice stands out. Reminiscent of a green lush landscape on a nice summer day. I like the note composition. I could see this being a nice summer collection to someone who has a couple or a few fragrances under their belt already. One of my favorite classics is Pino cologne. The tree shaped bottle is cool looking. I live in Queens New York.

Primo Songco says:

I love green scent.

Lanier Smith says:

I had so much fun! Thank you Sebastian for a wonderful time and your dear friendship.

Rey Dean says:

i havn’t smile any of Jacques Fath Fragrances thanks for the review

bhaffar says:

Great video fellas. I’d love to try Green Water, or any Jacques Fath for that matter….love mint fragrances. Hello from WI…PS…Enjoyed the Patty Duke reference Lanier

covey28 says:

I’ve heard about this fragrance but have yet to get my nose on it! NC

Kyle Kemp says:

Yall two are the absolute best!!

mike hattar says:

I’ve always heard about this forever and was always intrigued by the green juice now u guys just gave me that itch to purchase a bottle blindly but I’ll wait and see if I can win first. Love to see you guys collaborating again. One of my many favorite classics is bogart pour homme. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway

Sudi Dut says:

I have seen you featuring this one in few other videos. It must be good to get that attention from u.


Gerald Moore says:

The notes sound gorgeous and I love the fact this is a revival of a vintage. Also love that clove is a note in amongst my favourite citruses-noting that they also do a lilac scent so am definitely keen to investigate this house. I used to wear eau sauvage as one of my first fragrances. NY here

Jon Komatsu says:

Oh man, Lanier with a bit too much vino–you just know fun will ensue! Great outtake.

Green Water sounds great! Your description sounds like it’s a freshie, only with the added clove and other spices to give it a vintagey vibe, classic only updated.

And I agree with Lanier, I don’t mind fragrances that are short in the longevity department. Heck, in that case i get to enjoy another scent altogether!

Would love to score a decant. Here in Seattle. Mahalo!

Boris R. says:

“Lover of Eau Sauvage” … THAT would be ME!!! My very first perfume-love back in the day. Very interested in trying this one. I appreciate your videos a lot!

duplomacette says:

I’ve tried the vintage and love it. Really excited to try this. Great review. I’m in MN.

Sanak Pattanaik says:

I am from India and I would still love to win it

Abdelrahman shashaah says:

Hi I trust you will become 10000 subscribes you great give me please

Petersen Pohlen says:

I love Green Fragrances and feel like I haven’t smelled enough of them so I like the idea of Green Water. I have not smelled any from the house. My favorite Classic fragrance is Cherigan- Fleurs de Tabac. I’m from Missouri

George Bikopoulos says:

Great review Sebastian !!! I would love to try this classic. Also love the colour of the fragrance. My fave classics are Kouros, Jazz, etc and this looks like a great fragrance from the memory lane !!! Florida is the state I am in !!! Thanx

shehroz malik says:

lovely review! never tried this fragrance but it looks like summer in a bottle! i love the color of the juice and would love to win the 50ml bottle.

California, USA

Jakub Józefowicz says:

I haven’t try any Jacques Fath’s perfumes, My favourite real classic scent is Pour Un Homme de Caron from 1934. Huston, TX

Eric Diedrichson says:

Great video guys, I’m in new Jersey. I love the story of your dad having it and your memory. I’m hoping to have my son feel that with me. Thank you for the chance to win

Gina Tabasso says:

Ahhh, a summery freshie! I have a few Jacques Fath women’s scents but never heard of this one. I am in Ohio. My fave classics are the entire Caron line. I have tried JF Irissime and Fath de Fath. I like the wine outtake! Nice job.

Mack Elwood says:

Great review! Never tried it but sounds amazing. Mint and orange and I’m sold. Eau Savage is classic. Missouri

lj6583 says:

Always love seeing you two, together. Thank you both for a wonderful review!

Tom Schroeder says:

Very nice review, and I am happy to see Lanier in your video. I like the idea of a classic scent being revived and refreshed, and the new Green Water seems particularly well liked since its original lineage, being herbal, minty, and green with neroli and vetiver. Nice creative direction for Jacques Fath. As far as classics go, if I think back from my childhood, my grandfather wore the original Old Spice in the ’60’s and ’70’s. My Dad wore Aqua Velva, and I also have pleasant barbershop Rive Gauche memories. My first fragrance, given to as a gift when I was a kid, was Hai Karate. We all start somewhere, grasshopper. (San Jose, California, US)

mdt2010 says:

Thank you both for reviewing Green Water. Interested in getting some green juice. Ohio

cejII says:

A wealth of information given. My favorite classics are Tabu and Aramis. The new concoctions of these fragrances don’t smell like the ones my grandparents wore. In CA

Taffy J says:

Can I give a 100 “thumbs up”? So happy to see Lanier! I haven’t tried Green Water, but am intrigued because Cecile Zarokian is the nose. Interesting that Lanier found a gourmand aspect to this scent, which makes me want to spray it right this minute! Enjoyed this video. Well done, Gentlemen! Adore you both. Illinois here.

edward gurango says:

Had a bottle in the early 90s. And of course I’d’ like to–what else–hit the Jacques Fath! L.A., CA

Can 1996 says:

never tried it before but aslong as I heard Laniers description it sound similar to Dior Eau Sauvage…

Josh Hoke says:

Would love to try it as have never tried any Jaque Fath. I always love Lanier and agree 100 w him about longevity. People will actually pass on buying a great smelling frag they love just because it doesn’t last 8 hours. On the other hand if I spend $400 like for a Tom Ford and it barely lasts an hour, that’s also a disappointment, so there is def a grey area here. What’s acceptable when it comes to longevity? How does price tie in? (Indiana)

MRah says:

Have you tried Jacques Fath Pour L’Homme? Underrated gem, rather sweet, great for special occasions in colder weather.

Sean r says:

Versace pour homme is great fragrance for me . Florida

Joshua says:

Looks like a great release that has withstood the test of time. Gotta say my favorite classic fragrance is Amarige! Cheers from VA!

Jaime Jimenez says:

I really enjoy Jacques Fath Pour L’homme, the quality juice that you get for what you pay is incredible. It projects and lasts on my skin over 8 plus hours, just a great scent. I imagine the quality of Green Water is equal to Pour L’homme Have you tried Pour L’homme?

richard rohloff says:

Love jacques fath pour homme, will try to find a sample or a decant of this. Great review.

Bad Kid says:

I love this Fragrance.. very beautiful smell.. i need this

INTJ Jen says:

I hope it lasts and has a bit of projection. I like to leave a trail. Lol. Houston, Tx.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

It’s always a great day when Lanier is involved! ♡

Thank you for your thoughts and review guys! 🙂

Fazal Cheema says:

Sebastian, just like you my father didnt get me into fragrances but I did get because of him. The first perfume that impressed me was his vintage Givenchy Gentleman in late 1990s and I also got to know Eau Sauvage Extreme, Giorgio Armani Pour Homme, and Valentino Vendetta Uomo through him in 1990s. I also first heard about Paco Rabanne Pour Homme when he once answered my question about his fav. perfume and he named Paco Rabanne Pour Homme though I never saw him with the bottle. He might have used it before I was born, in early 80s or before that. I have not tried latest Fath Green Water but I do have it in different vintage iterations. I have seen 2-3 different minis of it and even the juice color has changed. I believe the originals were yellowish and then the color turned green sometime later. I am in NY.

Daniel Iger says:

I’m with Lanier on the longevity issue. I just watched another reviewers channel in which 2 guys spent 90% of a 15 minute review deriding a fragrance for poor longevity. That’s pretty much all they had to say. There is so much more to experiencing perfume than just keeping an eye on the clock.

R Troyer says:

Thanks guys! I’m happy to see a quality reinterpretation of a classic, I’d love to try it! What a fun review, I hope the two of you will do more reviews together soon!

Vincent Denich says:

Love scents with mint. Sounds like a beautiful creation. Live in New York.

Va Do says:

Thank you for beautyful review about this great perfume. I’ve tried old version- wonderful. I love it, although us usually I do NOT like green perfumes! I hope new version is as beautiyful as old one.

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