Jo Malone House Overview | Fragrance Review / Cologne Review


In this video, my friend Carlos and I go over our thoughts on several fragrances by the brand Jo Malone! These fragrances / colognes include English Pear & Freesia, Orange Blossom, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Incense & Cedrat, and more! Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time / best womens perfume of all time or the best colognes to attract females, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

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FRAG128JJ says:

Do more house overviews!! Do montales or amouages

Adriano Bello says:

I like Jo Malone, they just dont last as everyone knows.. My two fave are the Saffron and also the Pom Noir

drewski5150 says:

Myrrh and Tonka is probably the favourite of the one I’ve tried. Lovely scent!

jent90baby526 says:

Have you guy ever heard of a drugstore called “SuperDrug”? I think they’re from UK… They launched a perfume line that bear a resemblance to Jo Malone , without the heavy price.
I might give it a shot . 😉

slickoner says:

Need help on a montale fragrance I want to buy one thats not unisex i want one that’s for men which one would you recommend I have a sample of wood and spices and smells feminine but I really like the longetivity so I want one that smells for men not feminine

Chris Park says:

Their bergamont and oud is decent. It’s a bit fresher take on oud so kind of interesting

uniquefashionista73 says:

Had to watch this video because Jo Malone is my absolute favorite line in the world! This is the line that sent me down the rabbit hole and began my obsession with fragrance. You guys mentioned that you feel the line is “light and airy”. It is because the fragrances were designed to be layered and combined with one another. It allows the wearer to create their own signature scent. I have tried almost every scent that JM has made. The Lime Basil is one of the original scents from her line and is Jo’s #1 seller. All of her fragrances are supposed to be unisex, but a lot of them are very distinguishable for female or male. My signature scent is the Nectarine Blossom & Honey. I’ve worn this for several years and have always received compliments. I love wearing the Dark Amber and Ginger Lily. It is one of my faves to wear during the fall and winter seasons. People will either adore the JM line or absolutely hate it. Rarely have I met a person that is indifferent with it. After Jo Malone sold the brand to Estee Lauder, a lot of people complained about the direction the brand went in. But, I will always be a fan. Jo started another line that went back to her true roots. The brand is called Jo Loves. Its hard to get a lot of the perfumes in the U.S. but they are just as amazing! Cheers and Happy New Year!

Alex Chu says:

Why didn’t you guys talk about Wood Sage and Sea salt?

Cee Mag says:

Try the whole line if you get a chance some of them are amazing. Pomegranate Noir is my fiancé’s signature scent and blackberry&bay is my favourite from the house.

Cornelius Hamilton says:

You should review other London lines like Floris and Miller Harris!

AGentlemansJourney says:

When did you film this video? If you guys are dressed like this then its been a while 🙂 I recently smelled Jo Malone Neroli and Basil….WOW.

•PastelCream• says:

My Mom Works At Jo Malone. I Love Orange Blossom

coolasianbro says:

Tried Sage & Sea Salt on Jo Malone store, it’s scent is mild and goes away way too fast, 30mins only. IMO Jo Malone is not worth to buy, this brand is just hype. It’s not olfactory fatigue as I can still able to smell my other perfume after 6 hours.

kaztazable says:

carlos made me buy Myrrh & Tonka!!!!

Liana says:

Love Jo Malone! My issue with it is it doesn’t last on the skin for me



MoMedi420 says:

PLEASE HELP!! I found creed silver mountain water for 4.0 oz for 200 on frangrance net. And then on creed boutique it’s 425 is there a difference? Please let me know!

William D'Alexander says:

I know jo malone fragrences are classified as unisex,,, but in your opinion, which two or three are the most masculine?? I don’t wear anything even a little feminine,,, not that some of the scents aren’t gorgeous,,, but my personality and lifestyle are very rugged,, I’m covered in tattoos and own a Harley Davidson shop,, so I’m just that guy…….

Mahmoud Charkas says:

Nice review of the house loved it Steven & Carlos 😀

aquamanluv says:

What do you think of orange bitters? I like it and I am a man. I smelt it once and bought it. But I think I need to layer it with something manly to balance it out for me.

Dread Locke says:

I love Wood Sage & Sea Salt! Bought it for my bf and was really happy! It smells sooo good! Love Dark Amber & Ginger Lily too! Those 2 are my faves! I found Blue Agava & Cacao really fizzy and sweet and powdery, pretty nice as well! But also really interested in Myrrh & Tonka, Velvet Rose & Oud, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Wild Fig & Cassis, and Blackberry & Bay. Just..not a fan of longevity..and these things fade too fast especially since I live in a humid country, it’s mostly hot and humid all year round. Love your collabs btw!

Pete TheHawk says:

The issue I’ve had with this line is that they can be fairly pricey and never seem to last very long.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I love orange blossom . It’s happy
Love Lime Basil and Mandarin . Got that one.
LbM lasts on me and projects for a bit.
Some of their others though.

ozzie burt says:

Mmmmm awesome

Homvid Mem says:

Finally! Been waiting for this for a long time!!!

tattuaje says:

Wood Sage & Sea Salt is my favorite

DD DD says:

My top favorite of Jo Malone is “Oud & Bergamot”. It is so gorgeous. It’s probably the only oud based fragrance that I can pull off.

Patty Mullin says:

I wear Myrrh and Tonka with Orange Bitters – killer gorgeous! I also wear Orange Blossom and Myrrh and Tonka because I only have one bottle of Orange Bitters left. It works too but the Orange Bitters…wow!

Kobe Rashadd84 says:

Woood sage and sea salt… from jo Malone

Bernie777 says:

Haven’t gotten to Jo Malone, yet. I like and respect Maximilian Must Know. Thanks for the introduction. Have a great day, guys!

A Scented Soul says:

I have Myrrh & Tonka, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, and Tuberose Angelica from the Intense line. They are beautiful!

Jeff Thompson says:

review the brand AERIN

Hazman Sharuddin says:

Does jo malone have gourmand fragrances?

Cine Scents says:

Myrrh and tonka is my favorite!

bello dalhat says:

I’ve always wanted to know that house “JM”. Tnx for this surprise.
Pls be writing the names of the fragrances on-screen as you present. l’m impressed with your knowledge of fragrance notes and their evolution as the day/night progresses. Keep the good work.

Exotic Scents says:

Their Rose and Oud body creme is fabulous. Amber and gingerlily too. Those who have poor performance from their colognes might like these. Great job guys.

Crazyyy rl says:

Hi can u suggest what kind of jo malone perfume for boys? Best scent

Liz Graham says:

I love Jo Malone, I just wish they had better longevity. Nectarine blossom and honey is one of my husbands favorites on me hands down. No matter how much I spend he compares everything to that ugh! I am looking for a more refined, grown up Niche scent that has the same vibe as nectarine blossom.

Kristen Capolino says:

You guys have to try English Oak & Hazelnut! I checked out a bunch of the Jo Malone’s a few months ago, and I fell in love with this one

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