Joop! Jump Fragrance / Cologne Review


This is my fragrance review / cologne review of Joop! Jump. Thank you for watching!

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Alberto Gonzalez says:

Steven, I can definitely notice the dissatisfaction look on your face. I actually don’t own any Joop! bottles but I have smelled the original fragrance. My brother owns it and he loves it. I got to admit he gets very good performance out of the original on his skin. I’m talking about easily 12 hours. I can only imagine how “beast” the original from 1989 projected. I also like the note of almond in fragrances. My favorite scent with almond nuance is Midnight In Paris (EDT) by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Asif Khan says:

FYI My holiday spray in Italy was Zadig & Voltaire. Got it at a great discount price in Christmas sales. Perfect for spring and Summer

120ml says:

Hey Steven. I noticed you have a bottle of pure wood and before you had a decant. Did you buy the bottle so it would look consistent with your A*Men collection? Thanks

Saad Roman says:

hey listen brother !

I suggest you should review all lomani fragrances like lomani gold, lomani orignal, lomani essentials and lomani code.
Afterwards do a comparison between all of them and figure out which is best.

midgetghost says:

Don’t buy the other flanker either, Joop Go! (the green one) I personally don’t like it.

Amir Pi says:

Another great review Steven,thx a lot P.S. i do have all JOOPs in my collection but not this one i do like Joop X best then Joop wild and then Joop Homme (but don’t use this one at all just like to have it)cheers bro

Chris says:

Hey Steve What was the fragrance house with the wax on it? On the cap or something like that

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

Great Video Steven! Have you tried Valentino Uomo Acqua yet?

TrujilloJr87 says:

Great Review Cool looking botlle I am a big fan of the original Joop Homme

Kliiux xc3 says:

You should try Joop Thrill ! The Perfomance is shit but it smells amazing for me its sweet and Gas that very sexy vibe in it

IdBuyThat4aDollar says:

Thanks for these random cheapie reviews. Makes going to TJ Maxx feel like a treasure hunt haha

BlayzedBlue says:

nice channel. Very knowledgable, and presenteed well. I assume you’re a Basenotes/Fragrantica member. I actually like this fragrance better than the oroginal Joop. It’s quite synthetic, but much more tolerable than the original. It smells remarkably similar to Salvador Dali’s Laguna pour Homme.

Nostic111 says:

I bought this a few months ago because I really like Joop! NightFlight, and some people say that the 2 smell similar. I really don’t like this one. Sprayed it once and never used it again. And it’s extremely rare for me to do something like that.

James Weil says:

stevie.. i think its about time you pour interlude man all over yourself.. you are running behind on these goal things!

mrphan09 says:

You should review Joop Go again is very diffetent and is better in my opinion than Jump

W says:

Nice review! Ok scent….but I will stick with Joop! Night Flight.

manic hispanic says:

I remember seeing these all over in all over back in the day!!! Haven’t seen it in forever!!!

Freak Boy says:

my fouvourite is joop! nightflight 😀

Griso Cabeza says:

i need the best fragrance for summer… Please!

John M says:

I got joop go that’s not to bad

Nishan King says:

Joop Jump is one you have to ware to really appreciate. This one gets lots of compliments.

Ryan Yoder says:

Joop jump to me was an ok scent but to my nose a more generic,fruity version of Mandarina Duck Black. However, I did really enjoy a Joop Splash !!! Didn’t really care for it in the beginning as the opening to me was kind of weird but as it develops on skin it could pass for being a more tropical Versace Pour Homme !

Francisco M. Luque says:

Good job! Good video!

LeafFan0016 says:

Thanks for reviewing this one Steven! Jump is a special nostalgic fragrance for me. One of my first full bottles, received it as a gift in senior year of high school. Still have about 5% of my bottle left, and it always reminds me of senior year high school.

ScentNomad says:

Hm, I don’t think this is meant to be a flanker of Joop! Homme.

Jon Komatsu says:

Fun! I appreciate your taking such “bargain bin” fragrances for serious consideration. I have always felt that all perfumes.have an audience somewhere, and a place in the market. Great, honest review, thanks!

Wiliam Shakespeare says:

will you do chrome pure?

Michael King says:

Wow, I must disagree with you, Joop! Jump isn’t a Joop! Homme flanker. They have similar sweet smelling DNA but this quite a bit different. Joop! Jump has that heliotrope almond smell to me which makes it stand out in the summertime citrus Tonka scents (namely Only the Brave and Invictus). it isn’t as sweet as Joop! Homme but still very good. a great cheap pickup for summer IMHO.

Keith Bertrand says:

Thanks for another informative video. will be passing on this one.

Jsn says:

love this scent, was one of my first and I have been using it ever since 🙂

Ryan Yoder says:

If your looking for some good cheap frags I’d highly recommend some Playboy frags… The best 1s are Malibu,Hollywood,VIP and New York

Alan Kurpejović says:

This scent works very well in hospital environment.
Got it, and in a cooler months – it fits to me pretty good.

Chi-Town 30 says:

Steve, can you do a review on Joop Sport?

brandon joyner says:

Hey Steve do you have any cheapies in your daily rotation???

Ignacio Salazar says:

Thanks Steven! Can’t wait to see what gets reviewed next.

K. R. says:

Thanks again for another review, I love your channel. Is this fragrance similar to ‘Joop Nightflight’ which I actually like. Unfortunately they discontinued it. The bottle is the same color as Nighflight.

Guinea54 says:

wow i forgot about this one, I had a bottle of this.. It actually had a very little hype train for a little bit in the community but then it died down pretty fast.. I remember it being a vanilla type scent was pretty decent.

Hicham Lorenzo says:

Any review about Joop homme ?

Alex says:

Redolessence do a review with top 5 baldessarini fragrance,..

Chuck Warren says:

I have a 6.7 oz of this and summer ticket kinda nice too i forgot I have wild too lol. I think I have an old bottle of joop homme from like 97 98 lol

A L G says:

Hi Steve I personally like this one alot and have years ago and still buy everytime find it cheap and can be better than many niche’s in my opnion even tho it have longlasting on skin. P
s:great reviews as always.

Ahad Khan says:

Nice review Steven ! Looks like an okay okay kind of a scent

D. CARTER77 says:

another great video and review. in The Bargain Bin I got theirry mugler amen pure coffee & pure wood at tj max last Friday. Both 3.4oz at 29.99 each. , I thought that was a steal for two fragrances of that caliber

StubbornDroid says:

Nice reviews. My brother wore the original all through high school

Asif Khan says:

Bought the 200ml spray a while back. It wasn’t something special but at £24.00 I shouldn’t complain.

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