Marc Jacobs Decadence Fragrance / Perfume Review!


Here is a fragrance / cologne review of Marc Jacobs Decadence! Thank you for watching!

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Hannah says:

Hi ! What perfume can you recommend for 40 and above women living in tropical countries? Thank you!

Mansoor Wahab says:

I smelled this at Macy’s and really loved it. Would definitely recommend it for ladies.

/ says:

I got it today, a christmas present. I want to like it, but i dont, yet, anyway. Powdery and just unpleasing. Im going to wear it and give it a chance.

Hayuhi says:

my top fav. from Mark Jacobs, i have the the gold 24 K limited edition from this designer 🙂

Rachel Magowan says:

the first time I smelled this perfume I thought I kind of hated it lol but as the day went on and I kept getting whiffs of it on my wrist I ended up falling in love. I normally despise spiced perfumes but this one is very subtle with the spice. There’s something so addictive. It’s incredibly unique and doesn’t have that same sweet/fruity smell as most women’s scents. There’s a creamy, slightly spiced, bright scent that I can’t stop smelling on myself! I find myself sniffing my wrists all day! It lasts a long time and can be very strong. I live in AZ where it’s warm almost year round so I try to limit how much I wear. I like to spray the air and walk through the mist cloud on hot days to avoid wearing too much. It’s unlike any other perfume I own and I get complements on it all the time

Bear almighty Flash says:

One year anniversary coming up… seems like a must buy im going to stop by Macy’s to smell

Zienab Abdelrahman says:

Wow! very informative. Pretty much everything we need to know about it :)! Keep it up

Soliquinakedus_Snake says:

I LOVE THIS SCENT. It took me a while to get my Wife to wear it because she almost hated the opening, but eventually (on my insistence) she wore it out on a date and she fell in love with it as well. I personally prefer this one over Divine Decadence, but my Wife is torn between the two.

Thanks for the review!

12 Pretty Things says:

Thank you so much for this terrific review! Looking forward to your next women’s genre scent review. You do an amazing job . So professional

Joseph Sanchez says:

Is it close to viva la juicy sucre or better?

TheCriticalVirgo says:

I really enjoyed your review on this one! I tried this out and I agree the plum is gorgeous <3.

Amir Pi says:

Great review like always,cheers mate

jack feifer says:

The Miami tshirt

Christine Madrazo says:

Bravo Steven. I would love for you to do a review of Tom Ford’s Niroli Portofino.

Jeremy Sharpe says:

Do you have a top 5-10 favorite/least favorite notes video?

Justin Soong says:

This is one of my favorite female fragrances! Divine Decadence is great too 🙂

MaverickIQ says:

I heard that there is a flanker with golden bottle. But people say it’s the same juice. Is that true?

Bogdan Kkolah says:

Nice review, can I find this online with shipping in EU?

Fafima El Koua says:

I might try this one keep up the good reviews:).

Black Lily says:

Very nice review. I tested Decadence a couple of months back and it smelled quite bubblegummy and rosy to me, very strong indeed, I put it on at the airport and took a 4 hours flight literally chocking on the fragrance hahaha. But I loved it, in that cool weather it was divine.

Dayana Balayants says:

You should try gergio armani code SATIN. Its a female fragrance i think u will love it even on urself

Cristian International Trade says:

In my opinion. This is pure seduction and class, this fragrance seduces me, if I smell a woman wearing this fragrance, I would feel that she has class but she is sexy too. This is Niche quality. Great for a high class but sexy woman. I would say it is perfect for professional ladies over 30 year old. For younger girls I would say Divine Decadence anyways both are seductive but I prefer Decadence on a lady♡

elivesincolor says:

Love the fragrance, hate the bottle!

Rahul Sharma says:

Excellent review
Nice tie by the way

Fafima El Koua says:

never smelled this one because I am afraid it’s to strong.

razscott says:

One of my partner’s faves, i got her the 100ml last year, very nice juice, i do find it quite unisex and have used it myself a few times, i struggle with fragrances lasting but this stuff is potent, lasts all day and night on my partner with huge sillage.

Gianluca Bassignani says:

A really appreciate these women fragrances reviews, it’s really hard to find something like that in YouTube and sometimes when you want to make a gift things like that are really helpful. Keep it up man!

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