Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler Men’s Fragrance Review | The Best Soapy for Men?

MuGler Cologne By Thierry Mugler is one of the most versatile fragrances for men available today. It smells like a bar of soap allowing it to be worn during any occasion. In this fragrance review I share my opinion on this top notch soapy fragrance.

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Ben Marquez says:

just bought one blind. thanks for the review

JKG36O says:

Nice video bro.

FaithNChrist87 says:

I completely agree with your review! I can’t think of a better fragrance in my growing collection that is perfect for the Spring and Summer. I make sure to always sport this in the gym.

Fragrance Tattoo says:

Nice one! I like the way you presented it.
I also have this on the way, it will be a part of Summer Fragrances series.

MrSmelly1977 says:

Good summary of this fragrance. I’m wearing it today. It does what it is supposed to do really well. Great for this time of year. I also like spraying it on freshly washed clothes and bedsheets to enhance their freshness!!!

XIV says:

Nice video.
How many sprays do you use?

metatech says:

I really like this review. I came to this video after seeing Jeremy Fragrance use it on his Monaco trip video. I’m going to buy this blind because I understand it so well without even smelling it. I probably already smelled it on people and was not aware that they were wearing a cologne. Someone in another comment thread about another cologne derided the cologne for smelling like pine sol cleaner. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people who grew up helping their mothers clean their kitchen with one of the pine sols or helped their mother with the laundry or helped clean will have their brain fire on all cylinders when they smell soap. What makes this scent magical is that it does not “smell good” as much as it sends a message. An extremely powerful concept for those that understand it.

jrad044 says:

I see why they say it’s a fragrance for people who don’t like fragrance – it’s not like it’s trying to be any sort of actual fragrance etc. It’s basically just the smell of being clean/fresh.

It works in every situation and every weather and is extremely hard to overspray or anything.

It’s also dirt cheap, in the UK it’s £24/100ml vs £43/50ml for Angel Men.

MrJonathanwant1972 says:

I tried this today after seeing this video and it was an instant cop I shall save it for the spring

RyzFragz34 says:

Great review man!!

Timothy Mccreary says:

It might sound weird but I want some cologne that smells like detergent not that fruity detergent but that strong fresh lingering detergent


HEY. liked the video. gonna buy it after ur recommendation.

Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

Thanks E! So how would you rank the following on the best soapy scale: Mugler Cologne, Prada Infusion D’homme, Prada Amber Pour Homme, Bright Neroli? I’m looking for the best soapy to add to my spring/summer wardrobe.

Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

Mugler Cologne or Prada Infusion D’homme for best soapy scent?

Des420 says:

A couple people don’t like soap.

KillaFrags says:

Always wanted to try this one. great review man!

William D'Alexander says:

Does mugler colonge smell dated at all since it came out so long ago???

The TaylorMade Man 100 says:

Awesome review. Based on your review I can definitely use this cologne in my line up. This cologne reminds me a little bit like Polo Blue.

Jim R says:

Irish Spring in the bottle pretty much sums it up. I’m wearing it now and it is my most worn fragrance in the Spring/Summer because I carry it in my gym bag and wear after working-out and showering (P.S. wear fragrance to the gym and you deserve to be beaten and have a 110 lb. dumbbell dropped on your nut sack – LOL) whereas L’Occitane Eau des Baux is in my gym back during the Fall/Winter months.

Anyway, loved the review and I loved the Mr. Clean graphic. Surprisingly the ladies really love this scent since it screams, “I’m clean” so she’ll be more apt to venture down to your nut sack…depending on how much you’ve already spent on her, of course. LOL!

Much like Eau des Baux, this one gets a solid 10/10 for being so great smelling, versatile and inexpensive. It’s not an earth shattering fragrance, but it’s a fragrance that can be worn day-in and day-out, 365. Brilliant!

curious gee says:

Really great description. Thanks for the information. I like masculine, clean scents. Can you recommend something a bit more exotic within these parameters? Thanks!!!

Paul Shalom says:

I find this to be MUCH more “soapy” than Original Vetiver. Truth be told, O.V. has a much darker dry down and from the opening is a “dirty” vetiver. Mugler stays “bright” and clean with Monster performance and projection.. The KING of clean, green, soapy scents.

Firenaut says:

Cocaine is hell of a drug

Lanier Smith says:

I have never been able to get into Mugler fragrances. They just don’t work on my skin. Oh well. However you review works for me in all the right ways. So enjoyed it E! Cheers.

Martijn M says:

This works like a compliment monster on my skin. I understand why many people call it soapy, but to my nostrils it’s so much more than just that. Soap smells clean and that’s it. It doesn’t do anything with you emotionally. But this? Just a few days ago it was a tropical day, so I sprayed this one on. I stepped into the elevator to check my mail downstairs. In the elevator there were several women in their twenties. All of them said hi and smiled to me. Now I’m a well dressed, athletically built man, but I’m no Cristiano Ronaldo. So the effect of Mugler Cologne was definitely there. The first time I wore this, it was actually on a holiday in Budapest. Since I immediately bought it, I sprayed liberally with the tester on my wrists, hands and behind the ears. Just around the corner I immediately grabbed attention from three women. Smiling, eying and saying something Hungarian I could understand without knowing a single word. I own close to 50 fragrances, but if I would ever have to reduce my collection to 20, Mugler Cologne would definitely survive the cut. Generally acclaimed compliment monsters are nice leads for your own research, but definitely not certainties. For instance: Bvlgari Aqva Amara and Dior Sauvage don’t work that well on my skin. Nautica Voyage, Bleu de Chanel and Kiton Men on the other hand, always get me compliments. And here’s the best part of it: I didn’t like the scents of Amara and Sauvage at first smell, while I absolutely loved the scents of Voyage, BDC and Kiton Men upon first sniff. So any future buy of mine I will thoroughly smell it in a store or from an online ordered sample before buying.

dachucktaylor1 says:

Mugler cologne is a great scent. Way better buy and value instead of original vetiver or tom ford neroli. Mugler did say he created this
Scent for the person who does not like wearing fragrance. It sucks that mugler doesn’t expand the cologne scents instead of creating flankers for the pure line. To be honest the pure line is getting boring IMO. Ultra zest was great, but tonka didn’t do it for me.

SeanSavage9988 says:

For the price, you can’t go wrong with Mugler Cologne. However, I prefer Neroli Portofino or Creed Original Vetiver.

Asmat Ali says:

Man YourReviews Are Awesome Keep Them Coming

fragrancematt. says:

Great fragrance! I like It but I do prefer Sung Homme In terms of Soapy vibes. Great review man!

Hakim عبد الخالق says:

I was thinking about pulling the trigger on this as a signature work frag…. Good or bad choice?

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