My Best Fragrance Ever Ard Al Zaafaran Dirham

Ard Al Zaafaran is my best purchase so far hands down. So many great things to say about this fragrance. It’s the best fragrance for men in my collection (IMO).
A combination of 4 great popular fragrances: Creed Royal Oud, Amouage Reflection Man, Davidoff Cool Water and Creed Green Irish Tweed.
Watch the video and see what else does Ard Al Zaafaran has to offer.

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Composed: By Ender Güney


Mr Green eyes says:

Nice review I think I am gonna get this one as I’ve just bought oud 24 hours I’ve never tried middle eastern fragrances before being a English man but I tell you they are stunning thanks very much greetings from UK

zika khan says:

Best fragrance from ard al zaafaran is sultan al kolob .big salutation bro

Sadiq Khan says:

Good job bro.

Mix the Fix says:

Hey ifi did you see the one called Dirham Khususi? Apparently its a special version on Dirham. Any thoughts?

Andy Morales Vasquez says:

You would recommend me to buy it blindy, I would like to try it, is it worth buying it without trying? Since I can only get it online

Manu Haber says:

Hi Ifi, I need to choose between this one or raSaSi Kun Mukhtalifan. I know they are different but I need to choose only one cuz a friend in Europe only bring me one. Please help me. What you say? Which one?? Thank you so much

B G says:

How prominent is the jasmine note? I gotta say I’m not a fan of jasmin. For example Armaf Hunter for women, I can’t stand the smell. (that’s btw one of the longer lasting Armafs)

Osos Osos says:

Thanks bro for the review
I got this after this video
Its waaaawww i like it
Long longevity
Faminin touch
I use it now for layering as a base for some sharp fragrances like sung by alfred sung
Keep it up bro


I got mine today… Wow… Thanks for sharing this gem ifi. Its very nice indeed… I blend it with molecule 01. Amazing

manoj Mahale says:

I like and appreciate this channel so much,i have subscribed to few other but you are one of few channels who reviews for masses and lower budgets. Keep doing good job.

Robert Tulvan says:

Any tobacco base scent in te arab cheapie line? I love so much Burberry London, Remy cigar. I want to buy same tobacco scent in arab line. Is there same scent?

Invest Watch says:

Dear Ifi, thanks for the nice review. I bought me a bottle recently (blindly) just to check this out.
Amouage reflecton is my signature scent for years and I cant describe how much I love it. The big drawback is the price! Dirham is nice to, but I have to admit it is’nt as nice as reflection, not even close. The structure is simple but the drydown is warm a bit woody and powdery. For the price maybe it is the best in its own league. I love it for now and it is a nice present to buy for friends and familie. Thanks.

arki ninja says:

I got one recently, it is fresh, beautiful and elegant.

DirtyHoody says:

Alright I finally got a hold of this one. I get faint florals and a boatload of ambrox. Similar vibe to armaf hunter intense. I don’t get any similarities to amouage reflection at all. Not a bad cheapie but nothing groundbreaking.

Young Lee says:

Hi ifi. I blind bought this because of you and i am about to wear this to work tomorrow. Do you think this can be a signature scent all season?

Ibliss says:

It smells nice but it doesn’t last long at all. I also have Dirham Gold which doesn’t smell as nice but lasts for days. Had to wash my skin 4 times with soap and water to get it off.

E V says:

Is this suitable for a 19 yr old guy?

Hot Since 88 says:

Dirham = Citrus Abercrombie&Fitch Fierce

Khalid Ahmed says:

Hi ifi. Nice review bro
Am quit familiar with this company as all my local perfume store sell it so i tried a lot of them. And i recommend u to try.
1: Ameer Alquloob ( means prince of heart ).
2: dar Alshabab ( means youth hostel )
3: oudy (this is oud based fragrance )
4: dar Alhub

Γιάννης Λουκίδης says:

hello Ifi!John from Greece here! you said its a combination of 4 perfumes. Which one plays the main role?i mean when it starts to drydown which scent is the most prominent?

John Obasa says:

No alcohol?
Please explain what 80%vol means
It’s printed on the label at the base of the bottle

ROursamajor says:

Hi! Some say it ressembles with Amouage Reflection Man. Also Al Haramain Mystique. If you own Mystique too, can you compare Dirham with it from performances point of view? Thanks in advance.
EDIT> already found it in your videos. 🙂

Zdravko Baev says:

Hi ifishares, thank you for that review! I have Ard Al Zaafaran Dirham for more than 3 years and I love it! I thought I would never see a quality review of this unknown gem! So, BIG thank you!
I agree with your words! Everything you say here is true – Dirham is AMAZING scent! It’s hard to believe it when you see the price, but this is shockingly good fragrance! On my skin it got many faces – sometimes I fee it as a formal and sophisticated, sometimes I feel it as a fresh and energizing scent, sometimes I feel more woods and vetiver… Great performance and not overwhelming as well.
About the compliments – this is compliment getter for sure! At work I was always asked by a female co-worker – “what do you wearing?” And you won’t believe me, but she gone crazy and at the end she bought it for herself 🙂
So final words – Ard Al Zaafaran Dirham is true value for money! Great composition, versatile, excellent performance! I wish more fragrances like this one and the most important thing – this is not a copy of any big hit scent, not a typical faceless fragrance at your MALL…Highly recommended!

Fendy1 says:

I ordered the oil roll-on just now – was hesitant, but continuing to watch the video persuaded me. OMG What have I done!???

Alanovich says:

I bought it and it arrived yesterday, I regret buying regular colognes the rest of my life.
I just got into Arab perfumes, I will never go back to Cooognes from here

gerald kokra says:

Man !!! A guy wore this to work and I have been fucking hypnotized he was cool enough to tell me what it was it project and leaves a scent trail out of this world crazy good stuff right here going to buy one bottle

Abdeaamed Lak says:

Is it a summer time perfume?

Chris Whitty says:

I just received this today and it reminded me of an airier version of ysl lhomme..

Veritas Vincit says:

Arrived today.
I had the roll on version previously which was pleasant but nothing special.
The edp spray is fantastic.
Really surprised how good this stuff is. Much better than I was hoping for.
Quality juice for less than £10. Crazy!
I’d recommend this stuff to anyone. I rarely get complements about my fragrances but I’ve had two today when out at the police station and shopping. I wish my Chanel Bleu did that!!
Thanks for the recommendation, Ifi.

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