MY BEST GREEN FRAGRANCES | Top 5 Green Fragrances

MY BEST GREEN FRAGRANCES | Top 5 Green Fragrances

Green isn’t often used to describe a smell, but when it comes to fragrances, we do it all the time. Fragrances that are green usually have ingredients and notes that are green in nature, whether it would be leafy, grassy, or anything else coming from nature.

Now that spring is finally here, I wanted to show you my 5 best green fragrances in my collection. What are some of yours?

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Alex98765 says:

I love Damien Rice. I saw his gig last year in Moscow. So good! About fragrances. I also love Panorama by Olfactive Studio, Vert Des Bois by Tom Ford and Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince. + GIT & BS and that’s the Green Perfect 5 for me.

Frank Katsaros says:

Zoologist for the win! Great list brah.

Abdullah Mehtab Baig says:


Stewart Clanachan says:

Where u going in my homeland…Edinburgh I bet?

waltherP99BG says:

Own 2.5 out of 5-full botlles of GIT and Bleecker Street and a small decant ot Elephant.To be honest i really don’t like Un Jardin Sur Le Nil-on my skin smells like tomatto and carrot smoothie left on the sun for too long… SOTD Gucci Pour Homme II

Hansel Senna says:

Narcisso rodriguez for him EDT is sure my no.1 green fragrance

SassyScentsTM says:


Talk N Review says:

Great choices love bleeker street it deserves more love

hassan bokhari says:

“Zooologist”! 😀
Definitely my favourite one.

Julius tims says:

Great list !!! Have em all

Alistair Thow says:

No walk in the Irish countryside for you laddie, it’l be roamin in the gloamin wae yir lassie by your side.

J M says:

Zoologist repping them canadian brands oo yeh


Going to have to try elephant now. 😀

Zach Taylor says:

The soft lawn smells like pickles to me lol

ahmad sameer says:

Wow what a list…would love to get my hands on Elephant 🙂

Alejandro Bello says:

You’re probably the only fragance reviewer who bothers reading French names correctly. What a relief to my ears. Thumbs up!

Alex Chu says:

omg. You had to throw in Boy. Shout out to Chad nice. i like Dragonfly more than Elephant.

John Borges says:

Hermès Eau de Gentiane Blanche is an incredible vegetal scent that I find quite unlike anything else.

Florian Nöhrig says:

Try Ambergreen by Oliver & Co. It’s so unconventional yet pleasing 🙂 pure greenness in all shades 🙂

Just Add Light says:

Love that intro James. More! More! More! lol Been waiting for someone to do a list like this for years. As for me, I still have half a bottle of Vintage Z-14. Old school bebe. Dusty cypress with superb performance. The new one is too heavy on the cinnamon.

Sanjay Shah says:

My green favourites are Italian Cyprus and Eau Noir

Abid khatri says:

Paco Rabanne pour Homme

Frank Tank says:


Ryan Yoder says:

I love all the fragrances you mentioned but 2 green frags I don’t hear anyone talk about but are pretty great are Calvin Klein Truth and Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

AllAboutFragrance says:

Great list man!!

Jesse B says:

This list is amazing. You may be my new favorite reviewer. Bleecker & Elephant are amazing! I have the Soft Lawn in my shopping cart!

pandora p says:

Oliver&Co Vetiverus and MOUSSE (prefer them over Ambergreen), Fiero (better version of Eau Sauvage), Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme (surprise find, foresty) and FDB Oud Vert.

TheChazas says:

Lately my favorite channel with the best quality videos based on fragrances.

TheChazas says:

Birdie by Xerjoff one of hidden gems, rare and underrated, incredible green, patchouli, aquatic scent. I do not know if it is discontinued, but wow what a fragrance.

TOMi3RADY says:

Another banger video.

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