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Musty Crotch says:

I had no idea that Banana Republic has a fragrance line like Zara.

Dee Kuz says:

Great review as always fam! I need to get over my local Banana Republic and see what they are working with.

John Velazquez says:

lol what was that sound?

Jose Salazar says:

My favorite is Pure White

Travis L says:

I like Carlos. One of the best

danni girl says:

So I got black walnut as a blind buy for my boyfriend. Was it a good choice? Anyone has it to tell me about it?

Freddy Ledee says:

Hi carlos can you told me what is you favorite fragrance for summer…designer… thank youu

ramboram03 says:

Oud Mosaic is very similar scent wise to Oud Palao/ Oud Ispahan , not as strong but pretty much a similar scent profile

Alex Nino says:

Absolutely loved 83 leather (so simple it’s great)…but very weak! Wish they had a parfum version

robert stanley says:

When you mention the numbers represent the years I automatically thought of CK 1 for 90 Pure White. Such a nostalgic smell especially since you don’t smell it as often as other popular designer scents. I’ve been a big fan of Slate by Banana Republic so I’m hoping 90 Pure White is similar!? Will find out! Thank you for the detailed review ☺️

Keith Bertrand says:

interesting when a clothing line comes out with fragrances. thanks guys. another great review. might pick up one of these.

D. CARTER77 says:

great video guys was considering buying Banana Republic classic from TJ Maxx still unsure

Roger Rios says:

i actually have done them. but i smoked them with butter and parmesan cheese. and some other seasonings

ichiban1081 says:

Now I need Stephen and Carlos cooking collab videos.

SassyScentsTM says:

I bought a bottle of Vinage Green earlier today. It kind of reminds me of Bergamot 22.

Pure White was my 2nd favorite.

By the way, have you guys tried the Sea Salt & Fig from Old Navy? It’s very refreshing and only $12 for 30ml of EDP concentration juice. Lasted all day on my skin.

Thanks for the review, guys.

Keith Montgomery says:

I don’t find the longevity to be great, but not bad either. My favorite is 90 Pure White, then 78 Vintage Green followed by 17 Oud Mosaic. I think 06 Black Platinum is OK and I don’t like 83 Leather Reserve. It smells like a glue from my past and it is not a pleasant smell to me at all.

Tru Dat says:

Another outstanding video. I really enjoy 78 and Black Platinum. You guys are a great team. Peace

Diego Feliper says:

Great video guys.

Pietro Sessa says:

hey you two ! I jusy saw on internet the new release from Orto Parisi called TERRONI. I want to help you with this strange name In case you ‘re going to review this one. Terroni is a racist word that italians from north use to call italians from south. it means litterally something like ” big pieces of ground or ground people ” it means people who are attached to their land and who works with the ground making themselves dirty by it. You introduce it this way you will get all italians impressed 😉

gunmetal24 says:

I am pleased that they are producing unisex scents. Will go have a sniff this weekend.

John Velazquez says:

Thanks for the review. You guys are great. Keep it coming.

manny44 says:

I love these videos of both of you shooting the shit. Like Siskel and Ebert for frag heads.

Tony Q says:

Didnt even know banana had fragrances! I can use my gap employee discount there too!

typejlb says:

Hey Carlos! I was just curious and I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked this question before. How far do you and Steven live from each other? P.S. Keep up the good work.

Ignacio Salazar says:

I have to agree with you Carlos, price plays a very big factor on if I’m going to commit on a full bottle. Especially if longevity is an issue.

Joseph Azzato says:

I was born in 78

That Cologne Guy says:

We want bloopers!!!

Imagine Scent says:

Great review guys!
I just bought Pure White and Leather Reserve today. Got it on a 50% off sale for $24 each lol. I love how subtle they are. Nice, clean, urban, and modern. Goes great with a clean casual outfit 🙂

Timothy Norling says:

Absolutely love 83 Leather Reserve & 90 Pure White.

Imagine Scent says:

Great review guys!
I just bought Pure White and Leather Reserve today. Got it on a 50% off sale for $24 each lol. I love how subtle they are. Nice, clean, urban, and modern. Goes great with a clean casual outfit 🙂

Daniel Iger says:

I used to work at a Banana Republic, from which I swiped a tester bottle of Republic of Men. It is one of the most potent scents I have, but I can’t wear it because it smells like a dank, mildewy, dish rag.

Thomas Thurbanno says:

Never tried banana republic.

enoc guadalupe says:

Now I gotta go to Banana Republic.

Redolessence says:


Trent Danner says:

New subby here. I have some of the Abercrombie,AE,and Diesel. I may have to check these out thanks for the fantastic review Carlos and Redolessence!

Kurt Christian Penafort says:

Can you please do a video on which is better : Acqua di Gio Perfumo or Macera Cedrat Boise

Kenny Ingram says:

Strange, I’m surprised that I agreed with Steven more! I usually love the more “compliment getter” scents, but fell in love with the Oud Mosiac a couple weeks ago. Really, really nice. The other ones are just okay for me. But I’m glad I have the oud in my collection now!

arthur phillips says:

Stephen I hope you do a full review of Vintage Green. it has fig in it and is very similar to Fico Di Amalfi by Acqua Di Parma.

Alex Nino says:

Absolutely loved 83 leather (so simple it’s great)…but very weak! Wish they had a parfum version

landshark321 says:

Great video! I enjoyed trying these as well, last week in my case. A healthy variety in only five options, and likely something for everyone. Vintage Green was my favorite but I agree with Steven that the name is a bit misleading, as it’s a fresh option that doesn’t seem to hearken back to an older concept.

As for the others, Pure White came off a little sweet and feminine, not purely fresh. Leather Reserve reminded me a lot of Black Walnut, and was similarly safe but a bit uninspiring. Black Platinum was, for me, the toughest to decipher, as I like some its boldness but not all of it. And Oud Mosaic is a pleasant rose/oud blend for the price, though certainly not among the best I’ve smelled.

All in all, a nice varied quintet for the money, and definitely a step up for BR in the fragrance game.

Armando Molina says:

yo carlos whats ur opinion on mercedes benz man cologne?

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