Paco Rabanne One Million | Men’s Fragrance Review

Paco Rabanne One Million | Men’s Fragrance Review
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Hollywood Scentstory says:

i just threw up in my mouth….dammit

Elysium says:

My ex said I smelled like a woman with this cologne haha. So not really a masculine scent but it does smell really good.

Jose Luis Vega Morales says:

one million smells horrible!

tobi97dk says:

Everybody i knew was using this fragrance years back and it simply made me sick.
Just drizzle a little cinnamon on your neck and you’ll get the same smell lol

yuri silva says:

I am brazillian guy and i think you are so beautiful and your channel is very very good. Women’s opinion is better to pick a fragrance. Congratulations.

John Erwin says:

Thank you Tiff!   A very good presentation-have a good week  : )    : )

David Napoleon says:

you ghosted. where’s the invictus personal review

G Nye says:

I really love the opening. Unfortunately the synthetic leather smell towards the end kind of makes me nautious…

BrotherHoodXhERU says:

What about looking like a million bucks?….I’m sure you know all about that one!!!…

martelle richardson says:

I have one million. I’m thinking of getting Armani code Profumo… is it ok to do so or are they too similar in your opinion?

retropickups2000 says:

That intro was really headassery

Buss Down says:

you’re really really pretty!!

sportsloverism says:

No. It is not a unisex fragrance

MrJamkev says:

Been using it for a few weeks now, too early to give my final opinion but here what’s I think so far…I love the starting scent but I feel it’s goes away too easily. Or maybe it’s just that my winter coats are taking all the scent away (really wanna see the difference when I starting dressing for spring). I must say however the smell is very loud applying, kinda hit in da face scent. Gotten a few compliments at work and ok da train: I was kinda expecting it to hit all my other Perfumes out of the park but not yet I guess (channel bleu, spicebomb, bvlgari)…I take bath in channel bleu..ladies love it. Glad to have u back Tiff, nuff love ❤️

cTreezz Beatss says:

What are your thoughts on Mercedes Benz CLUB by Mercedes Benz?

goldigums says:

I just priced this on Amazon, thanks gourgeous!!!

dafsb1 says:

you got good taste,all the cologne you picked out for your top ten video was all on point,keep them coming beautiful.

Chako Adonis says:

is she niki minaj?

GOILL says:

just bought it this morning. I’m depending on you Tiff.

dexxhunt says:

Blessings Tiff,good to see you back lacing vids on the regular family!Good one as usual.Big up/Peace

JohnnyBGold says:

thanks for the review tiff . definitely going to give this one a try .

Valium & Flowers says:

I loveee my 1 Million! Next on my checklist is Chanel Boy but thats sort of like my holy grail fragrance its like $300AUD for 80ml or something but oh my God Chanel Boy smells amazingggggg!!!

blackrain7917 says:

Tiff have u ever reviewed Catalina Herrera CH or Creed Aventus

Janah says:

Dont believe the HYPE , the 1 million dollar parfume is GARBAGE , not good at all …….

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