Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Fragrance review (Green King)

one of the hidden treasures in the designer game, this green beauty is for real men, one of my favorite forrest/mountain/holiday scent, when its a little cooler, very manly, uplifting and beautiful drydown 🙂
the shoot took place in Sungai Chongkak, a beautiful place …one hour away from Kuala Lumpur city centre Malaysia…about an hour drive…..really peaceful…great place for relaxation and spending the weekend in the jungle..with the sound of running water….cabins are not so pricey, parking is cheap too. love the place…..recommended by me 🙂 Go Malaysia


lionofgod9 says:

similar to chanel platinum egoiste? same vibe? what do you think?

David Torres says:

Wow that looks freaking awesome. That stream is beautiful. Paco PH is classic and used to love when my big brother used to wear it. I also like the opening the mid is my favorite. I need to find myself a vintage bottle. Joy have tons of fun.

fragrancematt. says:

Beautiful place, beautiful fragrance, beautiful review! Bravo! Merci! ☺

Kollo Supias says:

Yes, this is a classic. I’m 46 and it fits me, not for clubbing boys.

Nuss 27 says:

you are really active these days 🙂 Keep doing your good videos I enjoy them so much 🙂

Patrick Echevarria says:

Nice place……

ataricombat says:

I got this and it is made in Spain and I don’t get the water running through the woods or mossy vibe, I just get barber shop. Actually, I just get Barbasol the old school shaving cream in a can. Did they change it?

Mark P. Leclerc says:

Pour homme will be in my rotation always. Love the scent. Beautiful Place Joy!!


Nice place!

FIL says:

Good review bud! Its good to see the landscape and beauty of your country.

DIM DT says:

I was just looking at this fragrance and looking at your review and you just sold me on this fragrance.  Thank you,
And that’s a beautiful place by the way.   wish I was there!

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