PARFUMS VINTAGE EMERALD ISLE Fragrance Review | Green Irish Tweed Clone

Could this be the best Green Irish Tweed clone? Parfums Vintage have given us their Creed Aventus Clone with Pineapple Vintage Intense and their hybrid of Dior Sauvage and Aventus with X-batch, now they’re taking on Green Irish Tweed.

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69 er says:

Didn’t know that GIT was reformulated. Never heard that. But i love the current formulation. The sharpness as you said give it that extra kick of freshness. Cool Water, Chez Bond, Emerald Isle and i’m sure they are hundreds of cheap fragrances inspired by GIT/CW. I think i will stick with the Original GIT. Great Video as always.

waltherP99BG says:

No promo codes this time…i guess? They provided all the reviewers with promo codes with all the Aventus clones,but not this time… I do own over 10 years old GIT bottle but i’m using it on special occasions,so i’m interested to try both new GIT clones. SOTD Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

Mazhar Khan says:

sir wich perfume vary vary longlast

GM says:

Great review as always. I’m incredibly impressed how quickly you have grown this channel. Love love love your content

Chinensis .Official says:

Damien, the owner of Parfums Vintage, did a poll on names for a new fragrance and i won with this one- Emerald Isle. It’s weird having a new fragrance named after your own suggestion haha

wishawlad says:

How did you find this against the PP clone? I tried that for the first time today and thought it was a great scent

Fran says:

Solid review Chris!

JoeSCENTMe says:

Clever lighting choice with the green background. I would love to try this house.

The Big Camboski says:

Great review brother! I’ve had a long love affair with GIT, and the frags I’ve tried from Parfums Vintage so far have been absolutely fantastic! Clearly X Batch and Pineapple Vintage are champions that people are well aware of. I got a decant of Beyond Nior, and really disliked it at first…but about 45 mins or so, I REALLY liked it! This is a great high quality house for great prices, and quality boxing and bottling (as you pointed out in this review). DEFINITELY gonna have to get my hands on this one! Great job as always my friend!

Luis Montalvo says:

The milk comparison and the fresh cut grass smell ……makes me think of a COW…………..a classy one =)

Mazhar Khan says:

sir wich perfume vary vary longlast

soulie 52 says:

Great Video mate, I’m just up the road in Leeds. I have a few clones by Armaf but I too cannot understand clones. FGS! do your own frag instead of copying someone elses. If you cannot stand on your own two feet as a perfumer then you have zero credibility in my eyes.

Blood Lust says:

thanks so much for the video, can u please tell me if they have a royal oud clone and aventus clone?

also do these last and project well? ty

Danillon Pujadas says:

Thanks for the review. How close are they yo cool water?

ScentSense says:

My guy!!! You are blazing as a channel! So glad the masses are catching on. Good review on this one. Did you like Emerald Isle better than verbena fields? And if so why?

trollking99 says:

Nice video! Here in Canada we have skim milk, 1%, 2%, and 3.25% fat content milk. The 3.25% is generally referred to as homo (homogenized) milk!

iden123 says:

caynut fynde nowhare meyeh 2 nu

Hicham Lorenzo says:

Great review Chris thanks for sharing no doubt this fragrance must be amazing

Mazhar Khan says:

sir wich perfume vary vary longlast

Just Add Light says:

Enjoyed the video Chris. Not sure it’s legal to copy a fragrance exactly due to formula rights, but it’s always great to see a version that’s tweaked for a specific purpose or taste. I really enjoy the lemon verbena in GIT, so for me, Verbena Fields edges this one out by a hair. They’re still both great alternatives!

JohnSmith says:

Im sorry i just get grass from creed GIT lol

trollking99 says:

I’ve never smelled GIT but I had Cool Water as a teenager too LOL. A very inexpensive frag that’s considered to be in the same ‘family’ as these two is Aspen by Coty. You will get a 120mL bottle for less than $12 CAD! It’s a very fresh smelling frag if one is looking for an outdoors type of scent.

Batphink Reynolds says:

Smashin’ review Chris lots of info,enthusiasm and great channel name lol! Glad to sub and I have the samples of both coming any day now YEAH!

Tired of Fools says:

Looking quite dapper there in that blazer, Chris…. I know exactly what you are talking about in terms of getting to the lawn… My front lawn resembles the jungles of Vietnam and I’m probably better off with a machete versus a lawnmower. 🙂 This Frag sounds great. A well rounded GIT? Looks like its sample time!

Testing One Two Three says:

I really enjoy your channel Chris. On a personal note, I feel most reviewers lack a jaw dropping mouth watering background scenario for their shootings. Imagine this beautiful wooden closet stacked with thousands of bottles (lol) or something in the likes…that would be spectacular…

Danyaal Shah says:

I don’t have GIT but it has been one I have been meaning to get. This seems like a more sensible option considering when it comes to keeping my wallet full and happy haha (no wife or gf to stop me from going overboard lmao)
Unless I can find this original formulation, I may find this a better purchase.

Thanks for mentioning samples. It is a reminder for me to stop buying as many bottles. It can be a waste buying 100ml bottle and then only loving it enough to use 20ml of it.

As always, a great quality production Chris. 🙂
Now I’m off to watch the other Chris’ (Mr.Sillage) video which I missed due to travelling.

St. Jello says:

UK’S version of Steven, very well spoken and knowledge. I am glad that I subscribed to your chanel.

ahmad sameer says:

Awesome review…looking forward to this one

Paul Esp says:

Great work as always

Mazhar Khan says:

nic sir

Nicky T says:

Great video man. I blind bought this one . Do you think it’s better than Verbena fields?

Mazhar Khan says:

nic sir

sublym says:

Hey mate, really enjoying the channel but you should show some more class. They clearly have bribed all reviewers to write logos with the words ‘better than Aventus?’. Probably unsubscribe incoming. Sick of everyone being bought out by these guys for a free parfum

Mazhar Khan says:

nic sir

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it

Andie Paige says:

On my list!

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