Polo Green fragrance review

Men’s fragrance/cologne for the “thinking man”.

What it’s got: pine, green notes, seriousness, old-world masculinity.

What it doesn’t have: sweetness, subtlety, mass appeal.

What smells similar: Tom Ford Italian Cypress, Bottega Venetta Pour Homme.


David Torres says:

Polo is a MASTERPIECE. I have been wearing this fragrance since I was 10 years old. I am know 35 and still rock it.My big brother wore this in the late 80’s the memories this fragrance brings back priceless. Clean shaven wearing a Ralph Lauren white polo just makes this scent pop. Yes it has changed a bit smoother and muskier back in the day. Nice Review Kris.

denny thedtrain says:

Love Polo Green! Great review!

dspada67 says:

Just subscribed to you. Love this juice too, I am looking for the older formulation at the moment. Cheers and keep up the good work.

DerTodKommtImmer says:

Good video. Gonna wear this next week at work. I will be able to pull it off, im pretty sure

beavisbonce says:

I enjoyed this review

Joy Amin says:

great take…i just got mine yesterday…will be sharing my initial impressions soon, subscribed to your channel 🙂

Christopher Fairfield says:

It is old world masculinity… I love this smell… it reminds me of my father…..

buddrumz says:

I enjoyed your review. My favorite aspect of this cologne is how it settles down and the leather, tobacco scent really comes through. I don’t think of ashtray but definitely fresh tobacco from an unlit cigar or some fresh pipe tobacco along with the leather gives a little sweetness to it imo.

Milos Momcilovic says:

that was great review. I am thinking about this scent exactly the same! it is great, but too bad people generally dislike it, especially women! It does smell fresh, clean, muscular, serious, green, pine, forest, minty… not a single sweet note to it.

Akupara says:

Dude a bit of constructive criticism, next time use a good background ,set the room up, dress sharp, ambience dark and you’ll get great reviews, right now you look like a bum talking about a rolex.

tanbir rahman says:

lol i actually found an old bottle of this in my home, i believe it belongs to father but he doesnt want it anymore. I am too afraid to wear it as I dont think I would be able to pull it off

Celeste Urcelay says:

A masterpiece … so refined and classy…

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