Raghba by Lattafa Perfume Review (Bang for Buck)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/261952411300?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true Raghba by Lattafa Perfumes is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features agarwood (oud), musk, vanilla, sugar, sandalwood and incense.
Perfume rating: 4.31 out of 5 with 319 votes.


Ram Sanjeev says:

is it strong sir im from india

Vieques PR says:

I just bought this based off of this review. I think we have similar taste in frags. Peace


tiffany hall says:

another great review!!

Gloria LaRoche says:

Is it good for women??

Gents Scents says:

This is good stuff man. Couldn’t believe the first time I smelt it how close it is to 24 Gold for much less.

Jim R says:

An excellent fragrance (smells and performs fantastically) that can be purchased for a little price. An even better, more elegant, version is Arabian Oud Kalemat. Although men can rock this one, to me it is better suited for the ladies. Enjoyed the review.

devon streett says:

I’m going to buy this one. I love vanillas. Don’t forget about Montale Sweet Vanilla, it will knock your socks off orange creamsicle.

John Rudzinski says:

Looks like a DUA in disguise. hehehehe

demonwares says:

You say under $30 but Amazon resellers $100 LOL!

Altaf Mohd says:

Raghba is one of my fav middle eastern houses. Raghba for men (GIT clone) ,Wood Intense, Raghba lattafa & classic are few of their really nice offerings. With the price to performance/quality ratio it is always a win-win 🙂

Marinkovich says:

I was impressed first few time i wore this scent, but with time just like with Body Kouros i started to only get sickly sweetness from this frangrance and grown tired so fast. Its cheap and you should try it anyways. Ive heard that wood intense version is better, but havent tried it yet.

ahmad hejazi says:

Man you are the man of the perfumes game , thank you very much for this video.
You should try oud malaki from (Chopard)
nobody have reviewed it.
its amazing scent.
Try it and give me your opinion about it


Nice vid as usual! I bought that scent last week for 33$ and it came with a perfumed deodorant spray in its box. A nice gift for my step sister.

duplomacette says:

Just got this and it puts the current formulation of 24 Gold to shame for less than half the price. Spot on review.

Sheeraz Hassan says:

Vin dieseal .. colone .. you r man ..

Abhi K. says:

I really like 24 gold but this sounds really good. A smoother version sounds pretty interesting. That one is a monster on me with literally 20 plus hours on me. I can sleep, wake up and smell it. This is going to go on my list after I finish up my 24 gold.

Apex Musk says:

Been looking at a version of this one labeled Original. I hear it’s a bit darker in terms of smoke and such. Too bad my connect lists it as sold out. I hesitated what can I say. Might get this one though as a consolation price on your good word.

Rdog785 says:

Great review, my man. Switching gears, it’s gonna take me a minute to warm up to Nealan, or whoever the new “alpha male” is, on TWD. I’m thinkin the Cubs could use that dude.

Jimmy L says:

Thanks for being real. Just bought myself a bottle because if it smells like what you described and for that price, it’s blind buy worthy for me.

Peter Eichinger says:

Great Review again. I’ll try this – its dirt cheap!

Guinea54 says:

nice review.. I really like the value scents.. I haven’t tried this one. Really need to hunt down a sample of this bad boy.

Mihai Cornea says:

Congratulations for your reviews and for your chanel of course ! I think you are one of the best in this flagrance game, and i really enjoy all your videos.. I just bought Ragba today and I’m waiting the deliverry… Thank you for your effort and for the recomandations… Keep up the good work!

Sandy Vargas says:

What’s up Mr. Bottom note. Sir, I just got this based on your review. I have to say it’s definitely a bang for the buck! Thank you for the recommendation, I will enjoy this winter.

demonwares says:

I have 24 Gold and it is summer 90% of the year… I don’t even know if my 24 gold is original or reformulated version haha.

M Shlock says:

Lattafa Raghba is a Top 10/10 for me personally. I prefer it to ScentStory 24 Gold and I love 24 Gold. I don’t know if one “can buy it anywhere” though. And on presentation you missed the box — a work of art unto itself I bothered keeping.

Rudesindo Caldeiro says:

Hey Bottom. Or is it Mr. Note?

I notice that the bottle on your intro is (or resembles) Terre D’Hermes. Does that mean that’s your favorite fragrance ever?

Alexis LUCE says:

Great review! I discovered it a few weeks ago and received my bottle last week. I’m disappointed because the bottle I got is much weaker than the sample I have. Do you remember where you bought it? I’m going to buy another bottle, it’s so cheap.

Guinea54 says:

Finally got to try this one.. Its a really good scent, Another good pick. Def like it .. I found 24 a little too much..

Terrence Coleman says:

+Bottom Note Had this one for a few years, 2nd bottle. Haven’t reached for it in awhile though, spot on description. If you like this one, you may fall head over heels for Kalemat!

U5M4N _ says:

Hey! I really loved your review <3!

B Yambo says:

Anyone know of a good US source to buy this from? You can get it on Ebay from Kuwait for 27 bucks but I’d prefer not to wait weeks for the shipping.

LBKENT says:

good review I have heard about this stuff but I live in south FL so it would be hard for me to find a time to wear this maybe night only

RyzFragz34 says:

Need to grab a bottle. I hear it is a great one! Thanks for your take.

alexanderkenniethbam says:

How sweet is this?

ForeverFragrantKid says:

I always hear good things about this one. I love your shirt! 🙂

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

This is a steal for you. Thanks for the video.

motivator812 says:

This is some awesome stuff!

J Swole says:

Great review. Been eyeballing this one for a while. I have get get my nose this. I’ve heard others from this house are great as well. Looking forward to checking them out.

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