Continuing the CLASSIC FRAGRANCE REVIEW (CFR) – today we’re taking a close look at one of the juggernauts of the fragrance game. Released in 1978 this one is arguably one of the all time best chypre’s ever released in the designer realm. A trendsetter scent that stood the test of time…

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Ugandan Knuckles says:

I wear this in the winter as my office scent every so often very lightly applied so it’s not offensive , but it does get beaten out most days in the winter by my spice bomb extreme by victor and rolph ( which I will not wear to work), and even has a hard time being chosen over my favourite fresh day scent Prada L’Homme (normal work scent), all this being said I think this would be a more late afternoon type of work day application when I wasn’t planning on being intimate with a woman later. Every man in my family wore this fragrance when I was growing up so it for sure has that nostalgia pull.

MrSmelly1977 says:

Great reviewof a classic fragrance thanks Max! I have the vintage and it is a an incredible beast of a fragrance. Good to see the next generation of frag reviewer coming up too!

aalbertoii09 says:

Such a beautiful video with your son, Polo is actually my father’s signature scent.
I would like to see you do CK1 next

Keith Montgomery says:

There are a few classic fragrances I would love to see reviewed. First, Pour Monsieur by Chanel. Second, Guerlain Vetiver. Third, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and finally another Chanel, Antaeus.

Rafael Oxn says:

Wow Handsome boy! Should look like her mother haha

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

You don’t look old enough to have a son that age. Awesome video and what a great hobby to share with your kid!

Jonathan Gillis says:

I like drowning myself with this stuff…. My wife complains that shes choking to death because i have way far beyond too much on….but i love it. Not really worried about anyone else. Im the guy that walks by and everybody turns away from trying to catch their breath ..lol

Jeremy Higgins says:

awesome video max!! love to see your son share the passion!!!

Josh Hoke says:

Polo is the ultimate father to son scent. I used to take my dad’s when I was a kid, my first frag I guess technically! Cool one!

Khaled Rasool says:

try the polo blue edp its sooo good!!

richard rohloff says:

This is the first fragrance I ever purchased. I will always own this and I would say this is my signature scent.

J tro says:

Nice video Max, that’s awesome your son already shares the hobby/passion. Wish I was into it at his age. Very cool.

Bigboy 75 says:

Great one Max, pass the passion on to your son, he is ur freakin twin.

Simply Put Scents says:

Great video guys…u did your thing…It was cool meeting ur son…He’s on his way to being a top frag reviewer some day…

joe Joe says:

That was my first polo fragrance and always sprayed 2 sprays only that is a beast mode fragrance. I always got compliments. You should jaguar green. But is more piney, more for cold days

sydgia01 says:

Awesome review!! Great idea #Fatherandson

kingfolston17 says:

Great review! Definitely a Masterpiece!! I personally have 6 bottles of this green bomb lol. 4 Cosmair and 2 of the Original Warner/Lauren.


edward gurango says:

Wow! And I had thought this was passé. I’ve been ignoring it. Maybe it’s time to revisit. My late father used to wear this. And yes, a great video with your son!

Guinea54 says:

Great vid.. think it was a cool idea to talk about an old time fragrance with the youth and get their opinion about the classic. you should set your son up with his own youtube channel . once he gets used to being on camera hes very well spoken for a his age.. and hes handsome like his old man so hed probably get a ton of young chicks subbing to his whatever video game/ movie review / music reviews whatever etc. channel. His channel will probably out do yours.. LoLz. youtube is ruled by young people.. I have a niece who watches these younger channels and they got like millions of subs… Its crazy.. He really reminded me of this kid i forgot his channel but hes like super famous on here.. All he would have to do is get into a popular type genre and develop a good character and personality for the channel .

vbray95 says:

Are you sure he’s your kid??? doesn’t look anything like you …. 😉

YouAreDumb says:

A kids review of Polo. Jk

Sergio Davalos says:

Absolutely an amazing review Max. Congrats to your son. This is one of the best fragances and still worth to have it.

Emeka Ibekwe says:

Great review I can’t wait until my son gets older.

Nick J says:

i never got into green but i love blue

Texan Tom says:

Man I’d love a true authentic old formula by far original polo has been my favorite scent since childhood and I’m 36 and always have been a Cologne guy is very common to be stopped in the grocery store to be told how wonderful I smell and I think it’s surprises people because to look at me I’m a big Burly biker with a beard and leather jacket and everything LOL

Nick J says:

chanel edition blanche

Jonathan Gillis says:

Max….I was wondering your opinion on Oscar de la Renta pour lui?

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

This was great, I absolutely loved it! I’m glad you told me about it at dinner tonight. Fun fact, I’ve never owned the OG Polo! See you Saturday 😀

Mountana Berry says:

what about Versace Eros and Joop are they Better than polo Green
Thanks 4 the Great video

ejtullis says:

your son is a “nature commentator” like father like son. Polo is a old school favorite … in the winter months

Jakub Józefowicz says:

My signature scent, thank you for tips, I will definitely try these similar ones. Do you know where to look for old formulation?

Pete TheHawk says:

Man, I’ve not had this one since the 80s. Should really look at grabbing a bottle. Nice one

Abhi K. says:

Cool video. the son and father collab. He’s knowledgeable to, definitely want to see more.

E R.A. says:

reformulation has killed a lot of fragrances, and those that survived have been damaged permanently; here some of good examples of those lost aftershaves/colognes of the past (warning: these fragrances are just made for retro sexual-macho-conservative alpha male who does not need to be advertised as he marks his territory every time he wears any of these colognes)
some of these great fragrances as said have been violated and destroyed by reformulation, those that survived still give great performance but the essential spirit of the original formula is not there anymore.

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