Ralph Lauren – Polo Modern Reserve Fragrance Review

Rating: Excellent

Rating Explanations:

Ratings are given as a composite of scent quality, performance and versatility.

Best: Short for best in class. A leader in its genre for scent AND performance AND versatility. Not many scents will achieve this rating. Difficult to substitute or replace.

Excellent: Above average. Excellent scent with unique features. Above average performance and can be worn in many situations.

Good: Average. Run-of-the-mill offering. Likely lacking in one or more department, but has some redeeming quality. Might be only useful for collectors of the brand.

Poor: A composition that fails to offer much of any value to the collector or connoisseur.


Smells exquisite says:

hi I do prefer the original polo green… was my signature scent for 15 years … still have a bottle in my collection, people use to ask me what I’m wearing… compliments everyday excellent performance… I did try modern reserve not bad but did prefer the original thanks.

Mitchell Don Garcia says:

hi! do the old polo classic that came out in the 70s ..izt only available in 118ml ???

djvidi1976 says:

Even tho i don’t agree with many of your reviews and ratings about some fragrances, i subded and I’m watching your contend cause i think you are honest about your reviews and i really like them.Keep up the good work from a newbie in the fragrance world!!

Matthew Demonroe says:

For real! I have the old and the new the new is much better more smooth way less barraging then its older discontinued brother

dspada67 says:

Oh , man, thought you might say that lol. Just have to get both. Cheers

Vallauris 22 says:

I hate how it smells right off the bottle, it is so offensive to my nose and too strong. However I love smelling it when my boyfriend has it on so that only goes to show that we should not judge a fragrance from the bottle. Smells classy and fresh, like a freshly showered guy in a suit.

dspada67 says:

Great work mate. Should I get this or a vintage bottle of the original? Thanks for your help

bhaffar says:

I used to rock the original stuff back in the 80s as a kid – I loved it but I remembered getting tons of complaints – loud and proud!

John Troyer says:

I love this stuff! Im happy to find someone reviewing it. Good job. I’m on my second bottle, which cost me a bundle. Really wish they’d kept this one around.

Joy Amin says:

you know what makes me sad?you are such a great reviewer and you have only about 668 followers….thats just wrong.i love your work…great set up, great camera, location and reviews. thank you for all the work you do….really mean it

Mason Jar says:

I was only able to sample this when it was around, but it reminded me of Truefitt and Hill’s Trafalgar.

Dario Pensabene says:

Do you prefer the original or this new version?

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