Ralph Lauren Polo Red Rush Cologne / Fragrance Review

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Here is my fragrance review / cologne review of Ralph Lauren Polo Red Rush! Thank you for watching, and please remember to subscribe for more reviews, top 10 fragrances videos, giveaways, and more!

Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time or the best womens perfume of all time, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

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Roberto de Paula do Nascimento says:

What is your favorite Polo perfume? Can you rank them? I really love the red extreme, it is unique to me. Thank you.

It's Kyuu says:

I only have polo black and big pony #3 (worst fragrance I own by far) Lol not my fav house that’s for sure.

Kenz Schueler says:

I found it to be a redundant purchase myself, because I own so many similar fragrances. However the lady at Dillard’s I always buy from, instead of giving me the free backpack, she said she would give me the next fragrance I was going to purchase, La Nuit de l’homme, for free. I would be an idiot not to do that, so I got a 3.3 oz bottle of La Nuit, and 3.4 ounce bottle of red rush for $82. Not a bad day.

As always, I really enjoy your videos! Proud subscriber as well! Always enjoy waking up to the late work day, to see I have a new video to watch!

Giovanni Tripodi says:

Couldn’t agree more buddy awesome video bro love watching as always keep up the great work dude!

Liev EDP says:

What editing software do you use Redo?

Michael DiIorgi says:

Nice review as per usual! Smelled this in Macy’s and sprayed on my wrist and I was not a fan. Also, on a side note, I’m from North Jersey as well, 25 mins from Manhattan, and was wondering what some of your favorite perfume shops are in the NYC/NJ area? Thanks!

ScentSense says:

Have fun on that cruise my friend… and I love Superman!!!

Cayman Hopper says:

Should I get this since I already have Versace Eros?

Renee Bosi says:

I love red intense and extreme. I find they get better and better as my husband wears them. Definitely my favorite in his collection

Steve Moberg says:

Red extreme is my favorite. I got a sample of red rush and got a few compliments even after I thought it was gone lol

samson Rajput says:

Good review. Thank you for the other recommendations.

Gob C says:

Wow when you said it smells like Popeye I got excited but 4-5 hours longevity? That is unacceptable especially at that expensive price…

georgegeorgiou74 says:

Enjoy that Galloway on the cruise!

Fragrance Journey says:

The wall of frangrances behind you is really impressive brother.

Marvelous major says:

Steven what’s your thoughts on red intense I get so many compliments with that one

hazel calica says:

thank u steven for this review!! enjoy on ur cruise!!❤️

Hovenchy says:

Blind bought Abercrombie and Fitch and it just came in the mail and I am in love this the only fragrance I’m wearing for the remainder of summer . Also I smelled polo red on one of my co workers and It smells good lingering in the air

Eugene Chan says:

Always appreciate your honest reviews! Thank you.

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it keep up the good work and I like this fragrance and I give it a eight out of ten

BowTie FragranceGuy says:

Good take bro!

Chris Mccullough says:

Good way to explain the resemblance…(By running it through a machine to compare)

Guinea54 says:

So many flankers… Hard to keep up.. THanks for the honest review.. I really liked the polo red intense and even the extreme.. but sounds like after a couple of good flankers many of these lines get played out a bit.. Cheers

Abel B says:

Try ZARA Scent #3. It smells great! A woody aromatic. I’d love to hear if it smells like anything else to you.

No NonScents says:

Nicely done brother!

Jeff Figueroa says:

Hey Steven, I wanted to know your thoughts on Azzaro Pour Homme Edition Noire?

AllAboutFragrance says:

Great video brother! Well done as always. I’m always amazed by your collection in the background.

Nalsra says:

Hi Steeve, Amazing content. Can u give me an advice? what do you recommand me as a fresh signature scent? ( i hate the Sauvage type of fragrance )

Serg S says:

Thank you for reviewing this fragrance Steven, and also your honest opinion on it. Is there a fragrance that you would recommend that has a good apple note?

Just Add Light says:

Great catch with that Superman similarity Steven! Super solid review.

M M says:

Not a fan of the majority of Polo. Maybe Supreme can be good!

Joy Amin says:

thank you for the review brother….i think ill get the polo red intense or extreme one for winter 🙂

Brian Smith says:

Interesting notes. Great video. What’s your favorite polo fragrance?

tilkanuts says:

Hey, just a tip, for your thumbnail, don’t border it with red because in the subscription feed I almost passed this up because videos that I’ve already watched have a red bar at the bottom which represents how much of the video I’ve seen, so It looked like a video I had already seen all the way through.

Michael Tapia says:

Im waiting for le male in the navy is good to know that you’re honest in the reviews

Dallasdiehard says:

Hey Stephen really enjoy the channel….could you recommend some great Dior colognes? I can’t remember the name but the juice was clear and bottle square and a black tube down the middle. Thanks man

Sir Ivn says:

Great review

Calous 43 says:

Have you done a vid on hugo boss soul? Its relatively old but it smells quite nice.

Wiliam Shakespeare says:

Red extreme, intense and blue intense is still the best

Anwer Abdul Rehman says:

Hi steven. I buy fragrances fragrances following your reviews. I love aquatic fragrances alot. I would love if yiu could do a video on top long lasting aquatic fragrances

Vinay Kallianpur says:

Your reviews are wonderful…my fav perfume reviewer …hope this channel reaches 100k subscribers soon.

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