Silver Mountain Water Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

Silver Mountain Water Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Creed’s Silver Mountain Water.

The adventurous Silver Mountain Water evokes sparkling streams coursing through the snow-capped Swiss Alps, a bracing landscape in which Olivier Creed, a championship skier, finds relaxation and renewal. A bestseller since its launch, this modern scent captures the purity of the mountains-soft, milky-sweet blackcurrants mixed with green tea, the richness of bergamot, and sandalwood. Its opaque white bottle hints at icy snow banks topped with a glistening cap like a glacial silver stream.

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Tyler Jones says:

Silver Mountain Water will always be underrated. Such an amazing frag. Great vid.

Danny Policelli says:

SMW was my first Niche fragrance. Started my journey. Still the GOAT in my opinion.

verge5384 says:


Agent. K. says:

If this helps you steal someone’s wife, your wife would throw it before you get to use it…

sdparks357 says:

Fucking with you and this channel I have to buy 2 Creed fragrances now, this one and Aventus

Cadillac Mack says:

Great video! Gift me that bottle big homie!!

Gros Loup says:

this scent smell to me BUSINESS AND MONEY

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

Big beard have you smelled the “clones” of SMW? I got a few, Armaf Club Derby Blanche and Al Harramain Blanche

xHibachi24x says:

Both you and Kevin Samuels have impeccable class brother. I’d like to thank you for broadening the diversity in this fragrance game. Keep up the great work!

Redolessence says:

Great review! I also agree that it’s one of the most unique Creeds!


Nice vid! One of my fav from Creed.

NouRdiinNe says:

Pff i really need to get my nose on this one, i love the notes but the price is just keep holding me back i think im gonna get sample of it

dachucktaylor1 says:

Silver mountain water is a nice for sure.

Ozzy Meck says:

All hail the big beard!SMW goes a bit Eric Benet ,when he lost Halle Berry. The real ladykiller in the creed line for me is Millesime Imperial – never fails to garner positive compliments from the opposite sex.

J Butler says:

I call SMW, GIT, Aventus & MI the 4 horsemen of the Creed house.

Keith Montgomery says:

You have been doing some top notch videos. I’ve noticed that your subscriber base has been going up quickly and you deserve the success.

Mark Ayres says:

Great video! Funny and nice review!

Imagine Scent says:

My favorite Creed!!! Awesome review man!

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

Absolute gem of a fragrance. The one my wife adores and only one she basically lets me wear around her on the weekends. Last really well too

Sgt R says:

To me this jawn smells like a bunch of metal and ink. The shit gave me a headache so I sold it.

Shafir Iqbal says:

is this better than original creed

Eric Silva says:

Where do you usually buy your creeds at? I know you said a few places but wondering where you actually get yours. Thx and keep pumping out great content!

Noel Dean says:

Love this buy this from notino save you $300. I got my bottle for $140 shipped. I luv it.

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Great review silver mountain water is a sleeper. Had a sample of it awhile back, It does a great job as for the compliment factor. It is clean, musky, lemonie & metallic

Mike Boucher says:

Yo, a CK store employee PRESSED me for a scent called Eternity Now, don’t know how i feel about that one

johnnie taylor says:

Try Al-Rehab Silver, and thank me later

Official LXRY says:

It drove my old chick crazy, it’s my girlfriends second favourite scent on me (Aventus being her first), and my mom wears it time to time. It’s so mass appealing but in a good way not generic. If I wasn’t a collector this would be my year round signature scent. It’s flawless in all ways! ❤️

greg santos says:

hey big Beard question on this creed silver mountain water how many spray


Whats Up? nices vid!

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