Spicebomb Cologne Review | Explosive & Seductive Men’s Fragrance | Perfume Collection Essential

Spicebomb Cologne Review | Explosive & Seductive Men’s Fragrance | Perfume Collection Essential

Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Versace Eros

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In 2005, Viktor&Rolf launched its first bomb: a profusion of flowers in a feminine perfume, sensual to the point of excess—Flowerbomb. Today, it is the turn of the masculine codes of perfumery to be dynamited: Spicebomb offers us the promise of a concentrate with an explosive personality. Deliberately powerful, exaggeratedly sensual, decidedly audacious. The bottle, a reworked custom-built grenade for a perfume made up of explosive scents, is encircled by a black band that cannot contain the force of the fragrance. An olfactory explosion is ineluctable. An explosive encounter between two accords with detonating tones: the first, explosive, fuses zesty, fresh notes while the cold spices leave their icy bite. The second, addictive, combines a middle note of incandescent spices with a wholly masculine combination of leather and tobacco as well as the brute force of vetiver. Notes:Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Leaf, Pink Pepper, Lavandin, Chilli, Saffron, Elemi, Vetiver, Balsam Fir, Tobacco Accord, White Leather Accord. Style:Explosive. Addictive. Seductive.

Chilli, Saffron, Pink Pepper, vetiver and leather

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yas7519 says:

Love your review ! So cool !
Greeting from Paris !

Mike Boucher says:

That bottle is crazy dude! Love it bbb

Олег Федосеев says:

what is name of music?

Rorshach1004 says:

Top juice, fruity and spicy, w an awesome bottle, it’s a must have for anybody into fragrance.

JF Brown says:

the discount code doesn’t work anymore

Mr.C. Mr.W. says:

Yo BBB Do A Review on YSL L’Homme Intense For Men, And Dior Homme Eau For Men. Thanks for The Review!

William D'Alexander says:

Hey beard,,,,, so, I’m just getting in the game and I noticed that a lot of men’s fragrences have vanilla,,, while I like some of those, I don’t want any one fragrence to smell like any other I have,,,,, I want all of my fragrences to smell completely different,,,,, so far I only own two,, bvgari man in black and Versace eros………… can you recommend three or four men’s fragrences that are all their own scent…… please keep in mind I’m not 25, I’m a grown man of 46….. thanks for your opinion………


Whats Up? Glad u do a review on this cologne and IDK, I should get this one or MIB??! Can do a review a some clubbing colognes? &
What u think of Bentley For Men Intense?!

Kologne says:

On it. Spice bomb is nice try the extreme version it has more depth.

miggs80 says:

Bro if you love Spicebomb then you’d be completely safe blind buying a bottle of CoSTUME National Homme. Imagine a niche version of Spicebomb on steroids where every note is enhanced. Beast performance too. Great review by the way.

Jarron Frost says:

So if you have Bvlgari Men in black is it a reason 2 get Spicebomb..

marlonious76 says:

Got the intense. Four sprays and its like a nuclear bomb just went off in the air.

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

What makes this better than extreme in your opinion?

Biz Kindred says:

Great review Man! How do you like Bvlgari Man in Black or All Black Edition? I like those a notch above Spicebomb but I definitely love Spicebomb.

MrFalkaro says:

great review man i got this bomb, one of my fav girls love it

Ride Share Chi says:

Lol “itemizer” atomizer

Big Daddy says:

Just like I said on the Eros video, Spicebomb has been reformulated and is much weaker now. Might wanna pickup a new bottle and compare it to your older bottle before it runs out

Braxton Ladner says:

Can you review invictus? Great review homie


A solid designer fragrance indeed. A niche version of that scent would be 1899 Hemingway by Histoires de Parfums.

carlos ortiz says:

Idk but I did not like it but that bottle tho

Moe Fadel says:

hahaha great video mate

You gotta stay relaxed says:

I purchased the extreme version of this from Amazon. original price was $120, however, I got it at a discount that cost me a total of $102 after shipping and handling . shipped all the way from Germany.

P.CapesTV says:

Quick question would you pick this over Invictus?

You gotta stay relaxed says:

That “fuck yeah” at 2:33 hahaha!

Jesse Martinez says:

I barely got this one last winter and I held out because people where saying it smells more for a younger person but saw it at a discount price online blind bought it and damn!!! perfect for holiday season ( thanksgiving, Christmas) the smell puts you in the mood and I live in Minnesota so it’s perfect for the cold can’t wait till the end of October to start wearing this again

Vauxhall 2theBay says:

Do you have any English Laundry fragrances and if so which ones are good?

dale eudy says:

Have you put your nose on Spicebomb extreme… it’s my favorite in my collection

A Scented Soul says:

Not a trendy female and as much as I love the Niche fragrance market, this is a must have from the Designer side of fragrance. Excellent scent! Thanks for sharing

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Great review. I like spicebomb extreme too. Bvlg man in black is spice bomb on steroids. Armani code profumo reminds me of a grown man’s spice bomb as well

Kenny Harmon says:

Can you review YSL’s LeHomme? And also maybe bond no.9 if possible..

WhatsHappening783402 says:

been using Spice Bomb Fresh. Have you tried Aqua Di Parma centre (or Cedre) something like that. its from their Medeteranian collection. Amazing smell to me, lime, with ocean waves, and sand, like your on an island, I got tons of compliment on this. Its new

Famous Benz says:

When I first bought it and sprayed it, It made me think of what a wealthy middle eastern would smell like.

Michael V says:

can anyone give me a link where to buy it online for around 60-70 bucks please

kwaaddo says:

Great succinct review. This frag Makes me nauseous. Don’t know why. I also think MIB is a more refined spicebomb and not the other way round.

Tyrone E says:

One of the best bottles ever.

Not feeling the fragrance.

survivaltactics says:

Thanks for the review BBB!

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