STASH by Sarah Jessica Parker | PERFUME REVIEW ”Hidden Gem” 🌟

Hello Frag lovers. Continuing our ”Hidden Gem” Fragrance series. Today we’re taking a close look at STASH. A Celebrity type fragrance that totally blew my socks off. This is a fantastic scent, that smells like an expensive NICHE scent and performs amazingly – DO NOT sleep on this one…


WHAT are your TOP 3 favorite CELEBRITY scents!? Drop your comments below and let’s start a little conversation…

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Frank G says:

Awesome review Max, like always. Love the presentation of the bottle. Does exude that niche quality just by the looks alone. The notes are pretty unique and interesting. It seems like one that would befit me.

N H says:

I smelled this about 2 months ago in ulta I loved it my wife hated it I’m still thinking about picking it up

Erica W says:

This is by far my fav celebrity frag

sorryremix says:

you seem excited about this one & i will definitely visit ulta to smell it . Thank you max !

Michael King says:

I’ve smelt Stash SJP but didn’t like it because it smelt like a bad niche Stetson. I got Stetson, I don’t need another. Especially for the price. If it hits say Burlington, maybe I’ll blind buy it…

My favorite celebrity scents are: Jay Z Gold, another niche like scent but is a blueberry citrus sweet barbershop scent.
Rihanna Rogue Man, a youthful D&G The One but with some Polo Black thrown in the mix.
Antonio Banderas King of Seduction, a little bit Invictus Aqua with a little bit Usher He

michael oles says:

Check out a perfume from actress Sophia Vergara called Sofia. It is a melange of blackberry, plum and orchids some from Colombia. IT is priced incredibly cheap for such a high praised item on Fragrantica

Scott Wilbur says:

I’ve had my eye on the “Stash Bag” for a few months. I’m wanting this but just having a difficult time trusting a celebrity frag. I realize SJP had a real battle on her hands bringing this gem to market because it was so unique. Thanks for reviewing this one Max!

Serg S says:

Unexpected, but it has vetiver so I have to give it a chance.

Big Daddy says:

Hey bro, did you ever get your nose on the new Boss The Scent Intense?

jOHN t says:

When my wife bought her bottle at Ulta, she received a bottle of the oil free.

bhaffar says:

Smells good – might get a small bottle. Thanks for the SJP link suggestion – better price!

Jhonatan Sanchez says:

Hey Max,
Could you review the men’s cologne Diesel Bad?The ladies love it but no one from the fragrance community has done a review on it and it was released in 2016

J-ROYL says:

Based on the title, I expected a moustache. Lol great vid Max.

J Copeland says:

Great review!! I’m interested…

The Broadwalk says:

Adam Levine’s fragrance for her is pretty good too. Smooth Sandalwood!

molly44 says:

This is the only celebrity scent in my collection. I have the EDP and the perfume oil, and I might even like the oil better than the EDP. Love this one for cold weather in the evening.

SONICE69 says:

Thanks for another tremendous introduction …. I generally shy away from celebrity frags……. I’ve had very very little success Max! For me though, I did find 3 that I consider to be wt#%#% head-turners: Sean John Unforgiveable [Actually gives me MORE THAN my 2010 4oz bottle of M.I- I really do enjoy it more], Scentstory 24 Ice Gold, David Beckham Intimately & H.M to Prince’s “3121”…….

The Bopper says:

I was at Ulta a few weeks back sniffing out a few designer offerings and came across this. I remembered reading some buzz on the net regarding it so I was glad to try it. Wow!!! I immediately thought it was incredible (though of course my wife hated it lol). Needless to say…I bought it! lol Kinda reminds me of 4160 Tuesday’s Maxed out. Doesnt smell exactly like it, but that juice came to mind upon application. Thanks for the vid brother.

preskidd says:

Thanks max, its now on my radar.

Jimmy V says:

Too femmy. For thong wearers

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