The Best Green Fragrances

Hey guys! Yes, these can absolutely be worn in cooler weather as well. Enjoy! 😀
Ones I forgot to mention:
Christian Dior – Diorissimo
Xerjoff Join the Club – Birdie
Olfactive Studio – Panorama
PG Crossiere Collection – Jangala



try Bond 9 Highland Park very very green

Kevin Mccoy says:

I love fresh/green as well, my faves are Knize Two and Eau de Cartier. Great for spring and summer. By far I prefer Knize, much stronger and more complex.

O,Villanueva says:

florabotanica is a perfect floral green

Giggra says:

Yippy Smelly Jar. lol
I need to check this Andrew out.

Bibi. says:

Yay! Always love a vid from you! 🙂

TheGreatDiscerner says:

Philosykos, Sycomore, and Memoir Man are my current top 3 green fragrances. All 3 very different fragrances that elicit green to me in their own unique way. Just wish that Philosykos lasted longer. Newer green discovery that I am really enjoying but haven’t bought a bottle of yet is The Soft Lawn from Imaginary Authors.


I where creed original vetiver or dior vetiver all year round

емилио says:

And the greenest of them all…. Chanel No.19 parfum.

Loner says:

colored lens?


sorry D D,

I meant Amouage’s VII. : > )

Best. A2 !

Tatiana Rep says:


Lanier Smith says:

I love Greenies too!! My favorite is Chanel No.19 and Cristalle. Love them. No.19 reminds me of lying in the grass on a summer day when I was a kid and just watching the clouds roll overhead. Cristalle reminds me of a spring walk through the Borghese Gardens in Rome. This was so much fun to watch! Loved your choices. Cheers luv.

Fatty Boombalatty says:

Calyx is an old favorite, it’s very sharp, grassy and a bit tart/citrusy. I haven’t smelled it since it’s move to Clinique though, it used to be owned by Prescriptives. Maybe I need to cop a bottle for old times sake, it is truly unique. Katie Puckrik has reviewed it here on YouTube. I just love her!


my scent of the the day is Creed royal water


Hello D D,

I subscribed to your channel sometime ago, as I found your fragrance reviews very enjoyable. : > )

As for green themed fragrances, I think opus IIV by Amouage is a nice one, and creeds Green Valley. it’s one they’ve discontinued & vaulted. very fresh & green . I also think original Vetiver by creed is a nice one as well. simple and nice.

Best. A2 !

Nutter says:

We miss you too!! More videos!!

Scriptadiaboly says:

Amazingreen CdG!

bibit says:

Chanel no.19 edp! And Vent vert from Balmain ☺

Nestor Gillespie says:

What About Adam Joop!

ScentNomad says:

True, green scents are quite a bit under the radar.

Check these out when you find them:

„Panda“ by Zoologist, a very unique, animalic kind of green (without typical animalic notes), actually very „zooish“ and weird, yet fresh and soothing.

„Infusion de Vétiver“ by Prada, frozen grass sprinkled with grapefruitjuice.

„The Smell of Weather Turning“ by Lush, a very intense and smoky mint with some wet wood and beeswax.

Genesis Barnes says:

Great review!

Kocc Barma says:

Original Vetiver Creed, French Lover Frederic Malle, GIT Creed and Opus VII Amouage.

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